My desire update Sunday 24 December 2023

My desire 24 December 2023: Mahima emotionally blackmails Nayantara with her fake tears to fund her new phone. Nayantara offers her money for a new phone. Mahima hugs and thanks her and leaves happily. Nayan thinks how will she pay Kashvi’s coaching fees now. Samrat shares liquor with Pradyuman and says he lost his lady love on this day years ago. Pradyuman says sorry to hear that. Sam asks why is he saying sorry, he is celebrating instead like he always celebrates life and always tries to do things right.

He asks Pradyuman why did he do wrong by giving mall shop to Jena garments instead of the deserving one. Pradyuman says they bought mall land from Jena garments’ owners and tried to avoid any legal issues later. Sam says they have bought the land and can face any legal cases, but he will never tolerate any injustice and wants Pradyuman also to be loyal.

Nayan cries thinking how will she pay Kashvi’s fees now. Kashvi walks to her and describes how she meet mall’s owner and revealed him whole story and how he promised to investigate, she is sure they will get the shop. She notices Nayan crying and asks reason. Nayan reveals she gave her coaching fees to Mahima and now can’t give her money. Kashvi comforts her and says its okay if she can’t pay fees. She returns to her room and looks at Arjun’s photo hidden in her book and hopes he proposes her soon. Arjun looks at Mahima’s photo and thinks when will he propose her. He thinks he visits her house to see her in lieu of visiting Kashvi.

Next day, Mahima goes to buy mobile at a mall and scratches a costly mobile to get it for cheap. Owner notices her act on CCTV camera and confronts her. She starts an emotional drama. Pradyuman comes to her rescue and scolds shop owner instead for insulting a girl. He walks out of mall holding Mahima’s hand and asks her where to drop her. She thinks she can’t tell him her real address and gives him a false address.

Arjun eagerly waits for Kashvi at the coaching center. Kashvi walks to him and informs that she doesn’t have money to pay fees. Arjun asks how will he study and visit her house to meet Mahima, then says to meet Nayan. He suggests her to request management to accept her fees later with late fees. Kashvi thinks he loves her so much and goes to seek permission. Arjun notices Mahima in a car and feels good. Kashvi returns and informs him taht she got a permission and now can study with him.

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