My desire update Monday 25 December 2023

My desire 26 December 2023: Arjun asks Nayantara if she is hurt, he was worried for her. Kashvi asks what happened to Nayan. Arjun says a car owner rammed her down. Kashvi gets worried for Nayan and asks if she is hurt, they should visit hospital immediately. Nayan says she is fine. Kashvi says she will find car owner and get him punished. Nayan says there is no need for that. Kashvi says she will go and return mall owner’s coat which he left here and asks Arjun to drop her. Arjun follows her. Nayan thinks its good that Samrat and Kashvi will never meet.

Samrat’s servant walks to him and informs that there is a good news for him. Sam says there can’t be any good news in his life. Servant says the flower plant which he got from Delhi bloomed flower. Samrat excitedly walks to plant and finds flower in it. He recalls Nayan planting it with him saying it blooms flowers only if lovers plant it and unite. He thinks if not them, someone else would have united. He recalls Kashvi and thinks she is a shadow of Nayan who fights for justice and does only right. He waters the plant and walks away.

Mahima reaches Pradyuman’s house and tries to get in. Watchman stops her. Mahima orders him to inform that Mahima has come, he himself will come and take her in. Watchman says Pradyuman is not at home and shoos her away. Mahima climb a compound wall and jumps in on a flower plant and spoils it. Sam walks to her with a dirt on his face and gets angry. Mahima thinking him as a servant humiliates him and asks him not to overreact for a mere 20 rs flower and threatens to get him out of the job. Sam asks who is she. She says she is Pradyuman’s girlfriend. Sam says Pradyuman can’t have such an arrogant and insensitive girl. Watchman rushes in and takes Mahima away. Sam thinks a girl who can’t respect plant and flowers and be so rude can’t be good.

Kashvi walks in next and informs watchman that she came to return mall owner’s coat. Watchman calls Sam and lets Kashvi in. Kashvi notices spoilt plant and fixes it. Sam walks to her and gets impressed. She says its a rare flower and he should protect it. Sam says he will and had lost hope to revive it. Kashvi says her mom says hope is the biggest power in life, so he shouldn’t lose hope. She continues to share her mother’s gyaan. Sam informs that he decided to transfer shop in her mother’s name. She gets happy. He says he is doing this after hearing about her mother’s hard work.

He informs that he had gone to her mother’s shop where her aunt told shop belongs to her and Kashvi’s mother is an employee. Kashvi explains her the whole situation. Sam transfers shop in Kashvi’s name thinking he can’t trust Kashvi’s uncle and aunt andis securing Kashvi’s future instead.

Kashvi returns home. Nitya meets her and informs that Arjun has gone in to rquest Nayan to prepare his birthday cake like every year. Kashvi walks in and finds Arjun there. She informs Nayan about getting shop in her name and shows her papers. Nayan congratulates her. Arjun looks for Mahima. Kashvi leaves shop papers on table and goes to bake cake with Nayan.

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