My desire update Saturday 23 December 2023

My desire 23 December 2023: A host requests Samrat to come on stage and announce winner’s name. Samrat walks on stage and says the winner is… Mahima thinks why didn’t Pradyuman come yet. Nayan identifies his voice and runs towards stage bumping on people and destroying their stuff in between. She notices someone else annoucing winner’s name and thinks it was her imagination. Pradmyuman reaches just before Samrat takes winner’s name and takes over.

He announces Jena Garment’s name, disappointing Nayan’s family. Pradyuman leaves. Mob follows him. Mahima tries to speak to him and her phone falls down. She keeps her hand over it to stop people from walking over it. Arjun protects her hand. Chahatein.. music plays in the background revealing Arjun loves Mahima and not Kashvi. Kashvi joins them. Once mob disperses, Mahima leaves. Arjun runs behind her.

Back home, Daadi says they suffered 50000 rs loss for the exhibition and didn’t even get a shop. Romila blames Nayan for the loss and demands 50% share of 25000 rs back and says they will divide their kitchen and expenses from hereon. Daadi asks if she has gone mad. Nayan asks Romila why is she trying to divide the family. Romila continues to verbally abuse Nayan. Kashvi comes to Nayan’s rescue and says Romila never said that when Nayan got profit in business, profit and loss is part of business, and reveals Jena Garment’s win was alrady fixed as she heard its owner discussing that he knows mall owner and everything is fixed and competition is just an eye wash.

She leaves home and reaches Samrat’s hotel drenched in rain and confronts him for giving the shop to his favorite. Samrat refuses allegations. Kashvi reveals what she heard and says he hurt her mother today and ruined her hard work. She continues to tongue lash him and sneeze after catching gold. Samrat offers her tablets and assures to investigate the issue tomorrow and give shop to her mother if she deserve it.

Mahima notices Nayantara counting money and thinks she can emotionally blackmail her and get a new phone. Nayan thinks she saved money for Kashvi’s coaching classes. Mahima walks to her crying and emotionally blackmails her that she cannot continue her fashion classes due to her broken mobile. Daadi walks in with a new sari for Nayan and insists her to accept it. She describes Nayan’s sacrifice for the family. Nayan thinks if Mahima’s father hadn’t gave shelter to her and a father’s name to Kashvi, they wouldn’t have survived; she decides to buy a new mobile for Mahima instead of paying Kashvi’s tuition fees.

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