The Evil Eye Starlife update Monday 20 May 2024

The evil eye 20 may 2024: Scene 1Ansh and Piya are in Karan’s room. Ansh sees boxes there and find keys there. Piya says I think this is not right. Ansh says maybe we can check this.. Adi crawls and goes in boxes. Karan comes there and takes keys from Ansh, he says you both were checking my things.

Piya says no, Adi went inside boxes. Karan says if he can go inside then he can come out, he will know its bad manners. Piya says he can suffocate, please open this box. Karan says no. Ansh says my son is inside, please open it. Karan says no. Piya pleads for Adi to come out. She asks Karan to open box. Adi comes out of box and goes to Karan. Karan holds him and says dont touch my things again.. he hugs him and looks away. Ansh takes Adi. Karan leaves from there.

Saanvi, Sanam and Naman see horse marks on floor. Saanvi closes door before foot marks can go out.. Foot marks vanish. Saanvi says Panna ranaway. Naman says what is this? She is a horse and can vanish too? Saanvi says I know a way.

Piya says Karan got emotional when he hugged Adi, he is hiding something, he has some pain inside him. Piya sees Adi holding a chain. Ansh takes it from him and says it must be of Maa. Piya says nobody wears chain like this here. Ansh opens locket to find Karan’s picture with a girl and boy. Ansh says they must be his wife and son.

Saanvi takes glass from secret room and hears some horse running. She comes in room and sees Naman making horse like noises. She asks him to shut up and asks him to turn off lights. Naman says why? Saanvi says I am your senior. He turns off lights.Ansh and Piya comes to Karan’s room. Piya says Karan wont tell us about his pain so we have to find out truth and help him. Ansh says I know a way to open these boxes.

Saanvi says we can use this glass to see if there is any creature here. She holds it in air, it turns green but Sanam’s bite mark burns and she throws glass away, she says I am sorry.Ansh and Piya opens boxes and finds gold bodies of Karan’s wife and son, they are stunned.

Saanvi says to Naman that she deliberately broke glass. Naman says she is very innocent. Saanvi wears glasses and says we can see her using green glasses.Karan comes to his room and recalls his moments with his family. Mohana comes there and says I know your pain, I lost my kids 20 years back. Karan says I saw my son and wife dying infront of me. Flashback shows how Divya stoned his wife and son 3 years back when she attacked Karan. Mohana says I killed Divya. Karan says I want revenge from her mother and grand son, I will make them stone so my wife and son will be free. I threw this sand on Piya’s car but they didnt become of stone. Mohana says Divya was a witch hunter and only a witch hunter can tell us how to break her spell.

Naman and Saanvi are wearing glasses. They see Panna standing there. Saanvi pretends to not see her and says lets go, she is not here. Panna follows them and suddenly gets stuck on floor as Saanvi had threw garlic water on her to freeze her. She uses powder to end invisible power of Panna.

Nishant meets Karan and asks him to come inside thinking he is Ansh. Karan hides his stick and comes in his room. Nishant asks why he is wearing glasses? Karan says I got eye infection. I came here to know about a curse.Naman and Saanvi comes to witch room, they lock Panna there and leave.

Nishant says to Karan that using golden sand, anyone can become of stone. Karan shows him golden sand and says this? Nishant says how did you get it? only Divya had it and used once on an evil power. Karan says how can we get rid of this curse? I heard we can throw sand on person who cursed or someone related to them to end curse. Nishant says yes but you have to use sand infront of person who has been cursed. Ansh says can we use it after 3 years? Nishant says I dont know. Nishant turns to leave but Karan stops him and shows his stick, Nishant says I got a doubt on you in start only.

Sanam comes to Naman and Saanvi, Saanvi tells her that they caught Panna. Sanam says I had to go home as my marriage got fixed, she gives card to Naman. Naman is heart broken but congratulates her.

Nishant points arrow at Karan and asks who are you? You are not Ansh. Karan says find it yourself. Nishant hits him with arrow. Karan says I am Ansh’s brother and Davansh, your wife made my wife and son of stone 3 years, you helped me finding way around that curse. Nishant says dont you dare hurt my Piya. Karan says Adi and Piya are in danger now. Nishant says if Divya made them of stone then they must have done something. Karan grabs him and says dont you dare say that.

Scene 2Sanam sees her bat bite marking becoming big and purple. She hides it with necklace.Naman and Saanvi comes to Sanam’s wedding. Saanvi asks if he is not happy? He says nothing like that. Sanam comes to mandap as bride.

Nishant ties Karan with his rope and creates patal liquid circle around him.Groom’s mother sees bite mark on Sanam and asks what is this? She says nothing. Saanvi recalls how she was bitten by a bat.Karan uses his powers to break his spell, Karan says I am a davansh but I have patal liquid in his blood-stream. Nishant is stunned.

Groom’s mother says we cant marry Sanam with our son, lets leave. Naman says as if your son is a prince, dont insult Sanam, leave from here. Groom’s family leaves. Sanam’s mother says that why did you do it? we have to bow down to groom’s family, who will marry Sanam now? Naman says I will marry her? She is a good person and I am ready to marry her. Saanvi takes him aside and says you cant decide for marriage suddenly, you cant marry her like this. Naman says why not? you are not my mother so you have no right to decide for me, she is innocent and good looking, she is lucky to marry me. Are you jealous that you are losing me? Saanvi says no, you dont know her well. Naman says she is innocent, beautiful and good person.

Sanam sees her eyes turning purple and is stunned. She sees her feet turning like a creature. She takes chudail avatar. She says I waited in that tree and I got body of Sanam whose face is like my earlier one only.Saanvi says to Naman that you are hastily taking this decision. Naman says this is my personal life so you have no right to say anything, he leaves.

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