My Desire update Monday 15 January 2024

My desire 15 January 2024: Samrat succeeds in starting Kashvi’s scooter and tells Nayan that a person’s ability should be judge by his nature and not looks. Kashvi says sir is absolutely right. He takes them on scooter for a kulfi party. Nayan feels anxious. Sam repeatedly applies brakes and asks Nayan to hold him tightly. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Mahima calls Pradyuman home and says she found an idea to cancel her wedding with Arjun and says if Nayan sees them sharing a bed, she will cancel her and Arjun’s wedding and will agree for their wedding. Pradyuman asks doesn’t she think its a weird idea. Mahima says she will be sharing bed with him after marriage anyways, so there is nothing wrong in it. Pradyuman agrees and gets intimate with her.

Nayan packs kulfis for them and Mahima. Sam insists to enjoy a kulfi right there and asks Kashvi if she is agrees. Kashvi says he is right. Nayan hesitantly agrees. Sam orders 3 kesar pista kulfis. Kashvi asks how does he knows that its maa’s favorite. Sam says its everyone’s favorite and orders 3 kesar pista kulfis. He challenges Kashvi for a bite from her kulfi and shares his kulfi wiht Nayan. Kashvi goes to get another ice cream. Sam feeds kulfi to Nayan and wipes her face. She feels nervous. They all 3 then reach home.

Nayan walks towards Mahima’s room to give her kulfi. Mahima changes into a skimpy nightie and gets intimate on bed with Pradyuman. Daadi enters Mahima’s room instead and is shocked to see that. Mahima asks what is she doing here. Daadi pulls her out of bed and slaps her. She cusses her for her shameless act and walks away. Mahima thinks how did Daadi come in instead of Nayan. Daadi recalls Nayan walking towards Mahima’s room when Kashvi takes the packet from her and asks Daadi to hand it over to Mahima. Pradyuman asks Mahima what will she do now. Mahima says Daadi will create more drama than Nayan. Daadi brings a broom and beats Pradyuman accusing him of doing wrong with Mahima.

Pradyuman says he loves Mahima. Daadi questions his upbringing and shoos him out of the room. She then slaps Mahima again and says her shameless act will bring shame to their family. She asks her not to inform anyone whatever happened in this room or else Nayan’s sacrifice will go in vain. She says Mahima will marry Arjun at any cost and says she will stay in this room with her and guard her. Mahima thinks her plan backfired, Daadi will not inform Nayan and will not cancel the wedding. She thinks she would have blackmailed Nayan and Kashvi, but can’t now; how will she cancel the wedding now.

Daadi walks to Samrat and says she wants to talk to him. Sam thinks if she is talking about him and Nayan. Daadi warns him to end whatever happened today and says she saw Pradyuman and Mahima together sharing bed and asks him to make sure Pradyuman is not seen near Mahima again or else she doesn’t know what she will do. Sam says he will speak to Pradyuman. Daadi says Nayan’s upbringing will be questioned and she will die out of shame. Sam promises to keep Pradyuman away from Mahima until her wedding completes. He visits Pradyuman and slaps him and confronts him for being in bed with Mahima. He says he warned him to stay away from Mahima as she is just using him for money. Pradyuman says Mahima is not like that. Sam says Mahima herself wants to marry Arjun and is double crossing them both. Pradyuman warns him to stop badmouthing about Mahima and lecturing him as he is not his father. Sam says he considered him more than his son and thanks him for making him realize that. He says he is worried for his father and will not let him break his father’s heart, locks the door from outside saying he will not go near Mahima till her wedding.


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