Imlie starlife update Sunday 14 January 2024

Imlie 14 January 2024: Imlie over phone tells Devika how she is unable to take proper care of Kairi and how Kairi is missing Atharva. Devika says just like Atharva couldn’t give a motherly love to Kairi, Imlie can’t give fatherly love. Shivani says let her speak to her daughter Imlie and says she is confident that Imlie will handle Kairi. Imlie says she used to get along with Kairi before. Shivani says then she was Kairi’s princess mamma and now her real mamma.

Devika says mother-daughter’s relationship is filled with sweet and sour memories, she is confident that Imlie will follow her responsibility diligently. Imlie says she feels confident talking to them. Shivani asks what happened to today’s job interview. Imlie says usual gender bias issue, interviewer felt a single mother can’t handle her child and job together properly. Devika says interview is just acting as per society’s thoughts. Iml ie says she will change these old and baseless thoughts and rules.

Imlie attends interview as with the same interviewer disguised as Imlinder Singh and gives interview. Interviewer says yesterday, there was a female candidate with simil ar qualification and experience. Imlinder asks then why didn’t he give her a job then. Interviewer says she had a 5-year-old kid and wouldn’t have been able to handle both job and child. Imlinder says then he is also unfit for the job as he has a 5-year-old kid. Interviewer says he can join and they will decide later based on his dedication. Imlie reveals her identity and tongue lashes him for his gender bias and gives a long speech on women power. Interviewer stands with a bent head feeling guilty for his wrong thinking.

Imlie then returns to society to participate in father’s day drag race. Kairi says she is sure her mamma will win. Neighbor aunties taunt that Imlie is trying to act as Kairi’s father, but can never be one and can never win a race. Imlie determines to win the race to shut their mouth and teach them a lesson. Race starts. Imlie lags behind. Atharva joins Kairi. Kairi feels sad. Atharva asks her to cheer up Imlie. They both cheer up Imlie. Imlie feels confident but falls down. She imagines her father encouraging her mother always whenever she was in such situation and wins the race at the end moment. Kairi feels happy.

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