My desire update Sunday 12 February 2023

My desire 12 February 2023: Venky panics after seeing Mishka’s photo in Preesha’s mobile. Vasu and GPS fail to control him. Dr. Iyer gives him sedative injection and makes him sleep. GPS tells Vasu that he was calm and suddenly why he got aggressive. Preesha reaches hotel, meets Rudra, and they both notice Param and Mishka continuing their argument and leaving hotel yelling that Mr Sadana ditched them. Rudra thinks how to stop them from leaving and punctures their cars. They both walk out and argue seeing their car tyres flat. A cab driver stops and offers to drop them both to their home. They get into cab continuing their nok jhok. Cab driver plays a romantic song. They both at once shout to stop it.

Cab driver stops car and says he got it repaired in the morning and it broke down again. They ask what will they do now. He says mechanic shop is nearby and walks away to bring mechanic. Rudra with Preesha follows their car and remembers puncturing their car tyres and involving cab driver in his plan. Mishka and Param’s nok jhok continues, and she gets out of car. Rudra says he will go and handle situation now. Preesha stops him.GPS drops Radha home in his car and discusses that he never saw Venky’s violent outburst in 10 years. Radha says Venky went through a sudden change in these 2 days, so it must be an outcome of it. GPS says he felt something happened today because of which Venky got violent. Radha says they should go and check Venky’s room and asks him to drive back to hospital.

GPS thanks her. They reach hospital and Radha questions nurse who says they can check CCTV footage and find out what Venky saw. They check CCTV footage and find Venky panicking looking at Preesha’s phone.Preesha asks Rudra to create a lion sound and frighten Mishka. He fails to produce a tiger roar and plays tiger roar on his mobile. She asks him to go near their car and play it. He does. Mishka gets afraid hearing that. Preesha calls her and asks where is she. She says her cab broke down near a national park and she is hearing a tiger roar. Preesha frightens her. Rudra returns and gets romantic with Preesha. Preesha stops him, and they get into car and watch Mishka and Param’s reaction. Mishka shivers in fear. Param walks out and asks her to get into car. She shivers more seeing a snake near her feet.

Param jumps on bonnet seeing snake and panics. Mishka hugs him in fear. Snake crawls away. Param comforts Mishka. Rudra says their plan is successful and its a happy ending. Preesha says its a happy beginning. Mishha says she can’t walk. Param lifts her and getting her into car massages her feet. Jo Tumna Ho.. song plays in the background. Rudra gets happy seeing that and gets romantic with Preesha again.Param massages Mishka’s feet and asks if she is feeling better. She nods yes and thanks him. He says she is behaving normally for the first time. She says even he is. He says he does good with good people and bad with bad people. She asks what wrong did she do. He says she behaves superior and degrades everyone. Rudra and Preesha hear their conversation.

Mishka says she is lonely, has a sister who is in jail, her father is dead, all her friends are married long ago and have kids, she would have been in trouble if Rudra had not helped her. He says even he is lonely, his life revolved around his brother and SIL and since their death, he feels depressed and lonely. Mishka consoles him and says they can be each other’s support. Rudra gets happy hearing their conversation and takes credit for uniting them. Preesha says it was her idea. Their nok jhok starts.GPS calls Preesha and informs her about Venky panicking seeing her mobile and asks her to come to mental health clinic to check what Venky saw in her mobile. She with Rudra reaches clinic and shows her family pics to Venky while feeding him snacks.

He watches smilingly. GPS asks Radha why Venky didn’t react seeing Preesha’s phone. Radha says maybe he panicked remembering old memories and excuses herself. Preesha asks GPS about Vasu. Vasu says she went to Chennai as her sister incurred a leg fracture. Preesha says he need not worry as they both will take care of Venky.Mishka and Param get well along and romance brews between them. Venky’s condition also improves. He befriends Rudra and behaves normally. Love you zindagi.. song plays in the background. Doctor discharges Venky. Param proposes Mishka for marriage with a ring. She excitedly accept it and informs Preesha about it.

Preesha gets happy for her. Mishka says she wants to meet her personally and share her happiness. Preesha asks her to come over to her parent’s house as she is taking care of her brother in her mother’s absence. Mishka reaches there and shows her ring to Preesha. Preesha says its very beautiful. Venky collapses seeing Mishka. Preesha rushes to him concerned and calls GPS. They both make him lie on bed. Mishka gets tensed seeing Venky is the same boy whom she wrongly alleged years ago and tries to leave. Preesha stops her and goes to drop her out. Mishka asks about Venky. Preesha describes whole story about Venky being wrongly alleged by a girl, after which he tried commit suicide, and rest of the story. Mishka asks if he will be fine. Preesha hopes so and says she wants to catch that girl and punish her.

Mishka asks if she knows that girl. Preesha says no, but she wishes she finds and punish her as whole family suffered because of her. Mishka says maybe that girl did it under pressure. Preesha says that girl wrongly alleged molestation case against Venky and continues cursing that girl. Mishka stops her. Preesha says her anger will not come down and sends her away. Mishka drives car remembering alleging Venky and meets with an accident.

Rudra visits Preesha and discusses about Venky’s condition when Param calls and informs him about Mishka’s accident. Rudra rushes to hospital and asks Param about Mishka. Param says even he doesn’t know. Mishka comes out after bandaging her forehead injury. Nurse says she incurred a minor injury and is fine. Rudra says Preesha wanted to come here, but stayed back to take care of Venky. Mishka nervously asks if Venky informed who the girl was. Rudra says no and returns to Preesha. He gets romantic seeing her and gets intimate with her. A romantic song plays in the background. Mishka rushes home and looks at her college’s FB book. She thinks people tell right that one has to pay for sins here itself, she didn’t know her past will haunt her, she wrongly alleged Venky of molestation and ruined his life.

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