My desire update Monday 13 February 2023


My desire 13 February 2023: Preesha gets her hospital’s dean’s call while Rudra is busy romancing him. She pushes Rudra away and picks dean’s call who requests her to return back to work as a few doctors have gone on strike. She informs same to Rudra who insists not to join so soon as he wants to spend time with her. She denies. He says he needs her help in song recording and other chores. She says she helped him in need and now she wants to help hospital in need. He says he will become her patient to spend time with her. She ignores his romantic moves, kisses his cheek, and goes to sleep.

Mishka feels guilty for wrongly pressing molestation charges on Venky and ruining his life. She goes into flashback where she with her college friends plays truth or dare game in boy’s hostel room, dancing with them on loud music. She hears door knock and alerts her friend Rakesh that warden must have come, who hides all the girls and opens door to see Venky who confronts friend to stop his party during exam time or else he will complain against him to principal. Rakesh pleads not to. Venky leaves. Rakesh panics that Venky will definitely inform principal. Mishka says she will stop Venky and get him trapped instead and walks towards his room.

Rakesh says he will take revenge from Venky. Another friend says Mishka will be in trouble. Rakesh says Mishka’s rich dad will save her. Mishka walks to Venky’s room and says its good he stopped party as even she doesn’t like partying during exams. Venky falls for her trap. She then forces herself on him. He tries to stop her and requests to leave. Mishka’s dress tears during tussle. Rakesh complains principal that Venky brought girls in hostel and is partying. Principal doesn’t believe him and walks to Venky’s room to check. Mishka acts and lies that Venky was trying to molest her. Venky denies and says she forcefully entered his room. Principal asks Mishka what was she doing in boy’s hostel.

Mishka lies that she came to wish happy birthday to her friend and wanted to use washroom when Venky in lieu of showing her washroom brought her to his room and tried to molest her. Venky continues denying her allegations. Mishka’s father Singhania’s assistant meets principal and bribes her with huge money to clear Mishka’s name from the issue and blame Venky instead. He then takes Mishka to London from there. Out of flashback, Mishka fears that Param will leave her if he finds out truth and hopes Venky doesn’t get well.

Next morning, Preesha gets out of bathroom and sees Rudra awake. Rudra says he wants to help his wife get ready when she is going for work after a long time like she helps him during his concert. She agrees. He then serves her south Indian breakfast. She says its very tasty. He tastes idli and says its not good as he made it for the first time. She says its okay as his love is mixed in it. She takes tiffin for GPS and Venky. Mishka notices her leaving and thinks of meeting Venky. Preesha stops at GPS’ house on the way and gives him tiffin. Once she leaves, Mishka walks in. GPS asks what is she doing at this time. She says she came to meet Preesha. He says she went to hospital. She says she will leave then, he can call her if he needs any help.

He requests her to stay with Venky till he brings Venky’s medicines and goes out. She enters Venky’s room while he is asleep and tells him that its not right to say anything at this time and apologizes him pressing molestation charges on him wrongly, explains that she got offended when he rejected her and due to her ego, she ruined his life. He opens his eyes and looks at her. She says how much ever they hide their past, it returns, fate brought them in front of each other again; and she pleads him not to inform about it to anyone. Rudra enters and seeing Mishka asks what is she doing here. She gets tensed and thinks if Rudra heard their conversation.

Mishka pleads Venky to forgive him. Rudra enters Venky’s room and is surprised to see her there. Venky acts as sleeping again. Mishka gets tensed thinking Rudra listened her conversation. Rudra asks why she is pleading Venky. She relaxes and says she thought she disturbed Venky. Rudra drapes blanket over Venky and notices a wrist band. GPS returns from pharmacy and says he brought Venky’s medicine. Mishka says she will leave now and walks away. GPS says he will speak to Preesha as he didn’t since she went to hospital today. Rudra returns to Venky’s room and gets confused noticing wrist band in Venky’s hand which he saw on bed.


He thinks of discussing it with Preesha and reaches her hospital to see a man misbehaving with Preesha to redo his wife’s pregnancy test while she says she performed tests repeatedly and his wife is not pregnant. Man is about to hit Preesha when Rudra holding his neck warns him to behave with his wife. Man says he should keep his wife home as she doesn’t know anything. Rudra says any doctor would say same. Man continues shouting. Rudra tapes his mouth shut and asks his wife to speak or else her husband will continue misbehaving with women. Lady drags her husband from there.

Sharda calls pandit home to find out Mishka and Param’s wedding muhurath. Preesha’s assistant takes leave, so she asks Rudra to be her assistant today. He happily agrees. Women patients get happy seeing rockstar Rudra and flirt with him while Preesha checks them. Serial’s title track plays in the background. He feeds food to Preesha and massages her while she is busy in her work. After her duty hours, she thanks him for being her assistant. They head to GPS’ house to meet Venky.

Preesha shows family photos to Venky. Venky asks her about her and Rudra’s love story. Rudra signals her to go ahead. She says their love story is too long, she will describe it later, they had many hurdles, but are together due to destiny. Rudra says same. Venky says it doesn’t take time to change destiny by others. He asks about her family members. She says she has a cute son and a MIL. He insists to see their pics. She shows it. He sees Mishka asks asks who is she. She says she is Mishka who like a family member and even she got a very good life partner Param, is engaged.

Pandit finds Mishka and Param’s wedding muhurat after 1 week. They both get happy. Mishka tells Sharda that she will give this good news to Rudra. She calls Rudra and informs him same. He informs Preesha that Param and Mishka are marrying in a week. Preesha says its good their wish is fulfilling so soon. Venky hopes to attend their wedding. Mishka thanks god that her wedding is fixed soon and remembers bringing panditji to fix her wedding muhurath after a week. She thinks Venky can get well soon and may pose a threat to her, she will lose a good life partner and even Rudra and Preesha will hate her, so its better she marries Param as soon as possible. Rudra and Preesha return home and say they are very happy for her.

Rudra calls GPS and Venky and says they will also be part of her wedding and will stay with them her wedding completes. Preesha says even amma will join them tomorrow.Rudra brings new clothes for Preesha and says his wife should look good in Mishka and Param’s wedding, so he brought designer clothes for her. She happily kisses him and asks if he selected dresses, remembering him gifting a shiny sari last time. He says he knows she doesn’t like shiny sari, so he ordered designer to select sober ones. She gets romantic.

Mishka enters Venky’s room and nervously asks if she remembers him, she said sorry to him in his room. He nods yes. She asks if he forgave her. He nods yes and extends shivering hand congratulating her. She holding his hand thanks him for forgiving her biggest mistake and proving that she is Preesha’s brother. Once she leaves, Venky acts normal and showing his evil side says he doesn’t know how Preesha is, but remembers what she did with him; he will never forgive her and will punish her brutally; he has a planned a surprise for her and she should just wait and watch.

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