My desire update Saturday 11 February 2023

My desire 11 February 2023: Mishka visits Param’s house with gifts for Vidhi. Param asks what is she doing here. She says she got gifts for Vidhi and suggests they should spend time with Vidhi. He rudely says he is going to office, she can do whatever she wants to. She says Vidhi needs their love and are after yesterday’s incident and confronts him that he should stop blaming Vidhi for his brother and SIL’s accident as its not Vidhi’s mistake and should instead show his love to the kid, etc. He says if she is done with her speech, he will leave and she can show her care for Vidhi. She enters Vidhi’s room and offers her gifts, but Vidhi doesn’t cheer up. She then determines to cheer her up at any cost.

Preesha and Rudra reach mental health clinic and try to calm down GPS. GPS says how can he when his son is suffering since 10 years. Preesha says he hid truth for their good and is a best father. He asks how will they explain Vasu. They reach Venky’s room and are surprised to see Vasu pampering GPS. Vasu walks out and warns Preesha and GPS not to speak and confronts GPS that he hid truth that Venky is alive and was having an affair with Radha. Radha walks in. Vasu alleges her that she is having an affair with GPS and receives 10000 rs every month from him. Preesha stops her and asks not to say anything which will make her repent later.

She explains how Radha saved Venky’s life and rest of story. Vasu apologizes GPS touching his feet and hugs him emotionally. GPS says their son is alive because of Radha and he is recovering with her treatment. He thanks Radha. Radha asks not to as he is like her brother and a doctor’s duty is to save patients’ lives. Vasu thanks Radha next.Rudra gets Mishka’s call who explains Vidhi’s condition. He suggests her to throw party for Vidhi to cheer her up. He asks what about Param, he will spoil Vidhi’s mood again. He says he will bring Param, she just needs to make surprise party arrangements. She thinks she should take Vidhi out for a surprise party.

Vasu returns to Venky’s room and notices Dr. Iyer checking him. GPS informs that he is Radha’s brother and they both are treating Venky. Iyer says Venky should rest and once his mental condition stabilizes, he can visit out. Mishka takes Vidhi to Khurana house and hiding her asks Saransh who is his best friend. He says Vidhi. She asks if he wants to play with her. He excitedly says he wants to. She says she will perform a magic trick and calls Vidhi. Saransh says she brought and hid her. She sends Vidhi to Saransh’s room and seeks Saransh’s help in planning a surprise party for Vidhi. Saransh says she is a good aunty and he is not afraid of her anymore. She gets emoitional hearing that.

Preesha while returning home with Rudra feels sorry for Venky and hopes she finds a girl who ruined Venky’s life and punish her. Rudra gets Mishka’s call who informs about party arrangement at his house. He says he will bring Param then. Preesha hearing Rudra’s conversation says they should unite Param and Mishka. He likes the idea. She asks him to drive fast or else they will be late for the party. Mishka and Saransh take Vidhi to party venue and surprise her. She notices happy birthday Swati and asks if they are celebrating her mother’s birthday. Preesha enters with cake and says they are. Vidhi gets more happy.

Param driving car towards home with Rudra asks him why he wants to visit his house. Rudra says he loved his house’s butter chicken. Param says they can visit a restaurant. Rudra says he likes home-cooked food and will not come if Param doesn’t want to. Param asks not to act are they are going home. They reach home, and Param gets angry seeing birthday celebrations and says if Rudra is trying to calm his anger towards Vidhi, he is wrong. He hears his SIL’s Swati’s voice and gets emotional, turns and watches video on screen where Vidhi falls down while playing and he pampers her and says he cannot see her cry. Vidhi wipes his tears and says even she cannot see him cry. Preesha says that is a bonding between them, Vidhi herself is crying and wiping her chachu’s tears. Param hugs Vidhi followed by Mishka. Preesha says soon they all 3 will be together forever.

At night, Rudra and Preesha lying on bed discuss how to unite Mishka and Param when Saransh wakes up and asks them not to disturb his sleep.Next morning, during breakfast, Preesha asks Rudra what will he discuss with Mishka. He says let her come. Mishka joins them. Rudra says he was waiting for her, his friend liked her styling and wants to hire her to style his clothes. She gets excited and she knew she would become a famous fashion designer, some people are good like Rudra and some are arrogant like Param, she cannot withstand Param at all, etc. Rudra says his friend Sadana wants to meet her at a hotel to hire her as his designer. Mishka agrees. Once she leaves, Preesha asks who is Sadana. Rudra says no one, he just lied. She says she will go and meet cheta/Venkya.

Preesha reaches hospital and sees Venky’s condition improving with Vasu’s motherly care. Dr Iyer praises his progress. Venky panics seeing Preesha. Vasu calms him down and reminds that she is his younger sister Pareshan/Preesha. She shows their childhood album. Venky relaxes and calls Preesha. Rudra lies to Param that he has a business meeting fixed with Mr Sadana and since he is busy, Param can meet Sadana. Param agrees. He reaches hotel and waits for Sadana. Mishka also reaches their and their nok jhok starts. They agrue and sit in different tables. Rudra sitting nearby gets tensed seeing their fight. They both get tired waiting for Sadana. Mishka calls Rudra to find out when will Sadana come. Rudra rejects her call. She thinks he is with Preesha and calls her. Venky panics seeing Mishka’s photo. Preesha then gets Rudra’s call who informs her about Mishka and Param’s fight and asks her to come there for help.

Preesha agrees and leaves after informing Vasu. Venky gets panic attack and gets out of control. GPS rushes to call doctor.

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