Imlie starlife update Sunday 12 February 2023

Imlie 12 February 2023: Imlie tells Malini that she is wrong since the beginning and shows her how to pose with Aditya. She then asks photographers to click their pics. Aditya says he has one more pose and kneeling down holds Malini’s hand and tries to kiss her. Nishant tells Rupali that even Adi is troubling Imlie now. Aryan stops the shoot and says its a packup for a day. Anu says he cannot wrap up so early. He warns her that she is his client and not a boss and gives his 3 word gyaan. He then taunts her to get some fresh idea during tomorrow’s function or else her once famous painter husband and jobless daughter’s second marriage with her first husband’s story will not be printed even on page 13. He asks Imlie if she has any fresh idea. She says they should organize a Bollywood theme function and wear colorful dresses to spice up the party.

Imlie 11 February 2023

Adi says its is marriage he will decide the theme. Malini says Bollywood theme is good. He says if she says so, then its good. Aryan walks away with Imlie.Malini picks DDLJ style kurta pajama for Adi and says they should enact Raj and Simran. He remembers Imlie gifting it to him and insisting him to become her Raj. He denies to wear it. Imlie dances on Mere Khwabon me Jo Aaye.. song, wears Simran’s dress, and thinks she should ignore Aditya’s taunts and be professional. She then walks to Narmada who says she looks so beautiful and she says she is Simran from DDLJ. Arpita says she won’t be able to attend function as she is having cold. Imlie promotes Vicks Vaporup Extra Strong balm.

At T house, T seniors discuss that they don’t want to attend tonight’s function, but want to for Imlie’s sake. Rupali says they need to stop Adi from marrying Malini. Radha asks why she is worried for Imlie when she is bothered about only Aryan. Aparna says its not like that. Radha asks why Aryan is only focusing on Imlie when he has many businesses to take care of, gave her promotions and kept her at his house. Aparna says she doesn’t doubt Imlie’s intentions as she is pious.Imlie requests Apartia and Narmada to attend tonight’s function. Arpita agrees and says they will love her Bollywood costume party.

Narmada says she wants to enact Hum Saath Saath Hain’s Reema Lagoo and hopes to get at least one bahu with her good luck. Imlie says she is worried for Aryan who is in akkad bagga character always and will not get out of it; she wants him to enact Gabbar Singh and mimics him. Aryan hears that and scolds her. She turns and he mesmerized with her beauty says she looks cute. Surprised, she asks if he said cute. She says she is not and criticizes her to be professional. She continues her nok jhok with him and says she wants to get into people’s mind and make an impression in their brain and walks out smiling, leaving Aryan dumbstruck. Imlie’s anklet falls down. Aryan picks it.

Tripathis continue to discuss how to protect Imlie from humiliation. Anu enters with shooting props and tells Tripathis that her daughter’s marriage will be better than Vicky and Katrina’s marriage. Rupali smirks getting an idea and asks Nishant is she is thinking same. He says yes. She says she will attend party for sure today.Tripathis disguise Bollywood stars and praise each other. Rupali says Imlie will be very happy seeing them. Anu taunts them and calls them a chameleon. Radha warns that she is speaking too much. Anu continues. Aparna says they are attending party for Imlie’s sake and they realized their mistake and correcting themselves. Anu says whatever, she needs to organize function and walk away.

Imlie with her team walks in. Anu taunts her that she doesn’t look like DDLJ’s Simran as Simran was from London and of high standards, she is from PGD. Imlie says costumes and a person within are different. Malini with Adi walks in and says they are same even from within as Paro and Devdas were friends earlier and then became couple. Anu performs their nazar praising their jodi. Imlie asks photographer to take Anu’s pic as people think villagers are superstitious, but even high society people are superstitious. Anu warns photographer to delete that pic and asks howmuch money Imlie needs. Imlie says she will think of not printing her pic if she speaks properly.

Imlie then walks to Tripathis and praise their costumes. Harish mimics Shahenshah’s Amitabh Bacchan, Imlie jokes on him. Pankaj mimics Khalnayak’s Sanjay Dutt, Aparna mimics Zeenath Aman, Nishant Mimics Amir Khan, Sundar mimics Munna bhai’s circuit. Aparna says she was remembering Imlie and pray god to keep her happy. Adi comments why she is troubling god and asks Imlie how can she be so happily and act, Rathore has turned her heart into stone. Imlie asks if she should cry if he doesn’t trust her and counts what all he did against her, says she is not weak to cry and breakdown remembering Aryan’s advice and says he lost right to question her and see her crying, etc.

Malini’s mehandi ceremony starts. Anu asks mehandi designers to finish other’s mehandi and concentrate on her daughter as she wants her daughter’s mehandi to look most beautiful. She then claps and calls Imlie. Imlie taunts she is so fond of her to clap with her name. Anu asks her to apply mehandi to Malini as she is good at it. Malini says the best. Imlie denies. Malini asks if she has problem applying mehandi in her elder sister’s hands. Imlie asks if she is challenging her, she always comes first. Malini says she knows her better. Imlie taunts if she cannot digest a village girl progressing so well in 1 year, she will not fail her. Malini asks her not forget to write Adity’a name. Imlie says she need not take tension and just writes 10/10 on her hands. Malini gets angry for spoiling her mehandi.

Anu shouts how dare she is to spoil her daughter’s mehandi and slaps her. Aryan holds her hand. A romantic song plays in the background. Aryan says nobody raises voice against Anu, but he is different and will not tolerate her nonsense. He warns that her every act is being recorded and she may get into trouble and go to jail again, etc. He asks Imlie to follow him and walks away. Radha asks Aparna if she doesn’t think Aryan and Imlie are in a relationship. Aparna says she saw a lot, they couldn’t protect Imlie from Anu, but Aryan protected Imlie and did right in a proper way; she is happy that Imlie has a friend like Aryan. Radha asks if she wants Aryan and Imlie’s relationship to get stronger. Aparna says Imlie even after bearing humiliation is very strong willed. Malini asks Anu why Imlie is so strong and not feeling pain of losing Aditya.

Anu consoles her and says she knows even Imlie is heartbroken, she will show her Imlie’s pain which she is hiding.

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