My desire update Sunday 10 December 2023

My desire 10 December 2023: Mansi asks Samrat why he lost all his concerts and endorsements his credit cards are blocked. Samrat blames her for all this and accuses her of releasing the video and getting him into this situation. Mansi refuses his allegations and asks why would she do that when she wants a luxurious life with him. H reminds her of her past deeds. Mansi calls Siddharth and asks if he released that video. Siddharth accepts and says he is not her slave to follow her orders. She says she will lose everything because of this.

He says he doesn’t know about her, but he is ready to lose anything to take revenge from Samrat. He tells Nayan that she took a good revenge from Sam. Nayan thinks why she is feeling bad seeing Sam in trouble.

Mohit tells Sam that their situation is really worse. Mansi returns to Sam and says they will take legal route and get back everything they lost. Sam says he doesn[t know anything and walks away from there. Mohit asks where is he going. Sam says he just wants to get back Nayan in his life and doesn’t care if he sacrifices his life for Nayan. Mohit says she is Antara and not Nayan. Samrat determines to get back Nayan at any cost and leaves from there. He reaches Antara’s house. Siddharth asks what is he doing here. Samrat says he wants to meet Antara. Antara walks to him and asks hy did he come here. Samrat says she knows he lost his fame and everything and has nothing left, so he wants to join her team as he knows she is going on a concert tour. Nayan says she would never let him sing in his concerts.

Sam says he can do anything she wants to. Antara refuses. Siddharth tells her this is the best chance to humiliate Sam. Mansi agrees to hire him and thinks she can humiliate him and complete her revenge.

Sam returns home and packs his bags. Manmsi asks if he is going somewhere. Sam says he is going on a concert tour with Antara. Mansi asks if he forgot he lost everything because of Antara. Sam says that is none of her business and he doesn’t have to answer her anymore. She asks if he forgot what she can do. Sam says he doesn’t care. She threatens to leak evidence against Govind and get him arrested. Govind with Malati walks in and asks her to dare do that as he will be relieved that Samrat wouldn’t be blamed by Nayan after that, he is ready to go to jail if his family can live in peace.

Samrat kicks Mansi out of the house. Aaliya and Ishani throw her clothes out and warn her to never return again. Samrat shuts the door on her face.

Nayan thinks she shall humiliate Samrat during concert. Her inner voice emerges and reminds her how much she loves Samrat. Nayan refuses. Inner voice says continues. Nayan breaks mirror. Samrat joins Nayan and Siddharth in their vanity van and apologizes for being 5 minutes late. Nayan says she will not tolerate if he comes even 5 minutes late. Sam says their vanity van is beautiful and asks where will he sleep. Nayan asks him to sleep on floor. Sam says he is a rockstar. Nayan reminds he came to her begging for work and thinks she will humiliate him to the core. Van leaves and stops at a dhaba. Nayan asks Sam to munch chillies.



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