My desire update Saturday 9 December 2023

My desire 9 december 2023: Sam tells Mohit that Prem is the biggest weakness of Nayan, she can ignore everyone but not Prem, Nayan will get emotional when Prem calls her maa and she will be forced to accept that she is Nayan. Ishani asks how will he do that, they will have a last chance to prove that Antara is Nayan. Sam says she is right, but it will prove that Antara is Nayan. Next day, he meets Prem’s school principal and seeks his help. Principal says he wants to invite him to be school function’s chief guest tomorrow. Samrat says he will suggest a better candidate Antara for that and gives her number.

Principal calls Antara and requests her to be a chief question for tomrrow’s school function. Antara asks who gave her number to him. Sam signals principal not to take his name. Principal says he saw her concert video and requests her to be the chief guest. Nayan agrees. She informs Siddharth that Sam is trying to use her emotions for Prem to expose her identity. Siddharth asks what will she do now. Nayan says Sam will be in a shock tonight.

Next morning, Sam excitedly wake up Prem and asks him to get ready for his school’s annual day function. Prem says its hs school function, then why is Sam excited. Sam says he is excited for Prem and asks him to go and get ready. After some time, Antara/Nayan inaugurates function as a chief guest. Function starts. Sam eagerly waits for Prem’s performance. Host says she wants to paly a video before Prem’s performance and plays a video where Sam pushes Nayan from the cliff. Sam gets tensed and asks who played this video. Police enters and arrests Sam in Nayan’s murder. Sam asks Nayan why she is doing this when he already informed her how Mansi blackmailed him to push her down the cliff. Siddharth warns him to stay away from Antara.

Nayan thinks she wanted to show this video to everyone. She recalls Siddharth informing her that he has video of Samrat pushing her from the cliff, she can use to send Samrat to jail. Nayan says she will be proved she is Nayan. Siddharth says its proved via DNA test yesterday that she is not Nayantara but Antara. Nayan gets convicted.

Sam pleads Nayan not to do that. Nayan says she is Antara and shows fingerprint report to police and asks police to take Sam away. Sam requests to let him watch his son’s performance. Principal informs that Prem didn’t reach school at all today.

Nayan recalls how she took Siddharth’s help to puncture Prem’s car and stop him from reaching school function. She then gives money and toys to a juice shop employee and requests her to keep Prem busy for some time. Employee does same. Out of flashback, Nayan thinks she has learnt to be 10 steps ahead of Samrat and will not spare him. At police station, Samrat asks inspector who gave him this information. Inspector says they got an unanimous call. Aalia brings a lawyer and gets Sam bailed. Mohit asks Sam who must have done this. Sam says who else than Mansi, he will not spare her. Out of police station, reporters question Sam why he killed his wife. Back home, Mohit gets calls from producers cancelling concerts and demanding compensation. Aaliya gets a call from bank that Sam’s accounts have been freezed. Mansi asks what did he do that all the concerts and endorsements are canceled and his bank accounts freezed.

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