Imlie starlife update Sunday 10 December 2023

Imlie 10 December 2023: Imlie performs Atharva’s teeka ritual saying he is marrying her sister and should be ready to follow a new relationship, she will fulfill her responsibility diligently. Shivani tells Rudra Imlie is smiling even when she is heartbroken for the sake of others, she is really brave. Rudra says he can see her pain. Imlie finishes teeka ritual and offers sweet to Atharva. Devika gives a shagun envelope to Atharva and asks him to give it to Imlie. Imlie says he already gave her a lot, he can consider it as an engagement gift from her. Atharva thanks her and says even he is gifting something to Chini.

Keya excitedly asks if he is gifting a diamond necklace or car. Atharva says its a gift for both Chini and Kairi. Kairi asks what will she get in a gift. Atharva says Chini is her mamma. He says Chini that its her right and asks Kairi to call Chini as mamma. Kairi says Chini is her BFF/bestfriend. Chini requests her to call her mamma once. Kairi says she calls daadi as daadi, daadu as daadu, princess mamma as princess mamma and it would look weird if she calls princess mamma as aunty.

After the ritual, Rudra tells Devika that everything went really well. Devika says her son returned home and he is getting remarried, but.. Rudra asks what? Chini feels disheartened that Kairi will never accept her a mother. Atharva says kids are innocent, Kairi will accept her as a mother eventually. Devika says Rudra that until Imlie is around Kairi, Kairi will consider Imlie as her mother and not Chini. Chini tells Atharva that once they get married and become a family, Kairi will accept her. Devika tells Rudra that Atharva and Imlie are already divorced, and once Atharva marries Chini, Rudra should get Imlie and Dhairya married and send them from this house after giving them their share. Rudra says Atharva cheated on Imlie by having a relationship with her sister, he wants Imlie to really forget Atharva and move on.

Imlie teaches Hindi to Kairi. Kairi asks Imlie to teach her in a poetry style like she used to in a summer camp. Devika asks Rudra if Imlie is a diamond, why he considers Chini as a stone while Chini took care of Atharva since 5 years. Rudra says she forgot everything after her son returned after 5 years, but forgot how innumerable times Chini tried to harm them. Imlie teaches Kairi in a poetry style. Atharva walks to Kairi and says her Chini mamma is calling her since long. Kairi asks him to talk in a poetry style. Atharva in a poetry style says a tiger groom is marrying, but someone doesn’t want to come; groom wants everyone to attend his wedding. Imlie in a poetry style asks why did he come here.

He says to question someone why someone changed. Imlie replies back. Atharva leaves with Kairi. Imlie stands fuming and thinks he wants her to attend, but should she.

Imlie hears a noise in the living room and goes to check. Chini and Keya laugh selecting a dress for themselves for Chini and Atharva’s engagement tomorrow. Keya taunts Ginni for selecting her old outfit and taunts that when her brother changed her old DIL with new one, even she should change her dress at least. Chini tells Imlie that tomorrow there would be a lot of noise during engagement ceremony tomorow and Imlie may feel disturbed, so Imlie should stay out of the house tomorrow. Imlie stands speechless.

Chini asks her to close her room door tightly as she may feel disturbed with her laugh now. Imlie leaves. Devika selects a diamond ring for Cheeni and says Chini returned her son after 5 years and even gave her a cute granddaughter, a ring is a small gift for her and she would have given same to anyone would have given her such gifts. Keya gets jealous and steals ring. Akash notices her and tries to stop her in vain. Imlie notices their suspicious act.


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