Twist of fate update Thursday 7 December 2023

Twist of fate 7 December 2023: Prachi telling the doctor that she will not come inside and asks Doctor to go and treat her. She says I just wanted to see her, touch her once and be with her. She sees Nurse and goes. Ranbir thinks don’t know where is Prachi, she shall be infront of me.

He thinks Prachi will not believe when she comes to know that Khushi is my Panchi. He says she will scold me, why I didn’t tell her. He says I am searching her, but she is not here. He looks for her and thinks where is she? Prachi tells Nurse Bela that she needs her help. She asks can you give my ID card for sometime. Bela asks why? Prachi tells that she wants to meet Panchi, wants to sit with her, touch her, feel her and kiss her forehead. She says I requested Doctor to let me meet her, but he didn’t agree. Bela thinks she didn’t understand what she said. She gets a call. Prachi comes out wearing Nurse uniform and wears Bela’s ID card. Bela smiles seeing her.

Shahana tells Dadi that the reason for her happiness is Khushi, and tells her that Khushi is Prachi’s daughter Panchi. Dadi asks how did you know? Shahana tells her everything. Dadi gets happy. Ashok tells Dadi that his son loves Prachi a lot, like nobody could love. Dadi tells him that something has happened and Prachi will tell you yourself. Shahana takes Dadi from there.

Prachi comes to Khushi and smiles seeing her. She tells that she will not let her go anywhere and kisses her cheeks and hands, saying my daughter, my Panchi. She says your mother is very happy that she is crying. She says she was happy when she saw her lovely smile and calls her Panchi, says I am your mother and you are my Panchi, says I couldn’t believe even now as you was lost from me.

She says you had fallen in the water, I searched you everywhere, but couldn’t find you. She says I told that I will get my Panchi and I got her. She tells her that she has kept gifts for her, and used to tell everyone that she will give her gifts when she finds her. She checks under her foot and kisses it. She says you are my moon and stars, and tells that Prachi is for Panchi and Panchi is for Prachi.

Akshay is still in the hospital. Pallavi tells Dida that he is Akshay and loves Prachi a lot. Dida says he proposed her. Vikram asks Akshay to take care of Prachi, and tells that she needs peace. He praises her and tells that whoever is with her, will be peaceful and says she is not in everyone’s destiny. Akshay says after Dad, you are saying this, it seems that you knows her well. Vikram says she is more than a daughter for me and I know her well. Akshay goes. Dida asks Vikram why is he teary eyes? Vikram says he is happy as Akshay loves Prachi. Pallavi says our Rhea loves Ranbir, once Prachi marries Akshay, our Ranbir will be broken and I can’t see him breaking. Vikram says even Ranbir shall get love.

Doctor comes to the ward and asks Prachi to read the file. He asks what happened to her, as she gives the wrong file. He asks her to read the file until he changes the saline. Prachi keeps the file and goes. Akshay talks to the Moon and tells that he knows that Prachi doesn’t love him, and asks him to make Prachi get happiness. He says whenever she is in trouble, you listen to her. He says love is strange and makes a person mad and makes him do which he don’t want to do. Prachi is coming there and smiling.

Akshay thinks just now I prayed for her happiness and says she is happy. Prachi comes to him and hugs him happily. Ranbir is coming to Prachi and stops seeing Prachi hugging Akshay. He backs off and gets sad. Song plays….Ranbir recalls the past happenings and the blame game. He thinks of Khushi.

Prachi telling Akshay that it is a miracle. Akshay asks what is it? Prachi says Khushi is actually…She then says Ranbir shall know first and has first right on it. Akshay thinks I am her best friend and I shall know, I am her close friends and proposed her many times. Ranbir is sadly standing outside the hospital and thinks Prachi if you want to stay with Akshay and can’t stay with me, then I can’t break my promise made to my daughter. He says I will never tell you truth that Khushi is our daughter. Ashok comes out talking on phone and tells Ranbir if something had happened with Akshay, then he would have the same feelings as a father.

He says he can understand his feeling being a father and says one day, a good thing will happen. Ranbir says good thing have happened. Laali comes to the PS to meet Balbira and tells Inspector that she wants to meet him. Balbira gets happy. Inspector asks why you want to meet? Laali says Balbira is my would be husband. Inspector refuses. Willson asks Balbira to call Laali there, and then tell her where is the money? Laali asks Inspector if the rich people gave him money that he is doing this. She argues. Balbira also says the same. Willson and others start fighting. Inspector and constable open the lock up. Balbira, Shakti, Tiger and Willson push them and run out of the lock up, locking them. Inspector catches Khushi and asks if she came with this plan.

Ranbir comes to Khushi and kisses her hand. He says Khushi…my Panchi and I am your Papa, your Dad. He says if you want to call me Shiv, then I like it. He says I always wanted my daughter to call me Bau ji. He says my Khushi has returned, and my Panchi. He says I couldn’t believe and tells that his relation with her is of this birth. He says you are my everything and I will give you best life of this world, I will always protect you and will keep you happy. He says he wants to shout and tell everyone that she is his daughter. He tells that when you get up, I will make you understand, but you shall not tell anyone, and keep this as secret. He says my daughter, when you wake up and go out, when someone asked why you are calling me bau ji then you shall say that you want to call me Bau ji. Rhea, Pallavi, Dida and Ashok see him crying.

Rhea says he is emotional due to happiness. Ranbir wipes his tears and goes out. Prachi comes there. Rhea says I told you that Khushi will be fine. Ranbir says you said right and hugs her. Prachi comes there and gets teary eyes seeing their hug. Akshay says they love each other during this emotional times, and giving courage to each other. Akshay says they love each other a lot. Shahana comes there. Prachi tells that Ranbir has moved on with Rhea, and she wanted to get her from Laali, and was about to tell Ranbir, but now I will not tell him the truth. He gets Inspector’s call and goes.

Laali tells Inspector that she has come to meet Balbira, and bail him out, but you didn’t let me meet him as I am poor. He asks Laali to go. Laali pretends to be hurt and sits to hear Inspector talking to Ranbir. Inspector tells Ranbir that they had caught Balbira, but he ran away from the PS. Ranbir asks what you are saying? Inspector says he did a drama and ran away from there. He asks him to be alert and says I will catch him again. Ranbir asks when did he escape? Inspector says 5 mins back. Ranbir rushes inside and tells everyone that he wants to tell something important to them. He says Inspector called and said that Balbira escaped from the PS and tells that now they have to be careful and alert. Prachi goes behind Ranbir. Akshay goes behind Prachi. Ranbir recalls Khushi’s kidnapping. Prachi asks Ranbir not to go there. Ranbir says if they come here and take Khushi from here. Prachi says when I know that she is my daughter, nobody can take her. Ranbir says your daughter, what do you mean? She asks if she is not your daughter?

Balbira and others run on the road. Willson tells that he has a private jet. Balbira says why didn’t you tell before, and tells that they shall go to America and start afresh. Willson says I didn’t have my pilot number, my phone left in the PS. He says give me 5-6 days to think. Balbira says till then I will get my personal car. He then threatens a guy and takes his car keys, and run away. Ranbir says Khushi is my daughter also. Prachi says yes, like wise…she is my daughter too. She says we love her, though her biological parents are different, and says you love Khushi a lot like a father. Ranbir says like you love Khushi as a mother, I love her as a father. They both hide the truth from each other. Ranbir says I will talk to you later, and is going. Prachi says don’t go Ranbir, I need her.

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