My desire update Monday 29 January 2024

My desire 29 January 2024: Nayan apologizes Nitya for Mahima’s mistakes and doubts her upbringing for Mahima’s greedy and cunning nature. Nitya says its not her mistake as she gave good upbringing to both Mahima and Kashvi equally, she sacrificed her life when Satish requested her to take care of his daughter like his wife, she did so much for Satish’s family which nobody would have done, etc., so she shouldn’t blame herself.

She says she is very happy that she is taking Nayan’s replica Kashvi home. Mahima hears their conversation and is shocked to learn that she is not Nayan’s daughter, Kashvi is Nayan and Samrat’s daughter. She yells that a conwoman Nayan was living at their house as his father’s wife and fooled them all, she will expose her truth and humiliate her.

Samrat stops her and takes her to a room. Mahima shouts why did he bring her here, let her expose cheap and characterless Nayan who is living in her house as her father’s wife. Their argument ensues. Samrat tries to explain her Nayan’s sacrifice for her and her family, but Mahima as usual continues to ill speak about Nayan. Sam finally offers to pay her 5 lakhs to keep her mouth shut. Greedy Mahima demands 10 lakhs right now. Sam transfer 10 lakhs to her account and warns her of dire consequences if she opens her mouth. He says he can do anything to save Nayan’s dignity.

Kashvi’s vidaayi ritual starts. Nayan speaks emotionally to Kashvi and Arjun. Kashvi says she wants something from Nayan. Nayan asks what she wants. Kashvi says she wants Nayan and Samrat’s wedding to happen right now in the same mandap. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Daadi asks how can it happen now and asks Kashvi to finish her vidaayi ritual first and then go to her in-laws’ house, they will think about Nayan and Sam’s marriage later.

Kashvi says she doesn’t know how her mother will be treated in this house after she leaves, she trusts daadi but not others in this house. Romila and Keval try to convince Kashvi, but fails. Sam says he is ready to marry Nayan if she agrees. Nayan hesitates, but Kashvi gets adamant. Jagadish and Nitya request Nayan to fulfill their DIL’s request. Nayan finally agrees. Romila thinks she should inform Mahima that earlier Kashvi stole her mandap and now her mother.

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