My desire update Monday 2 January 2023

My desire 2 January 2023: Preesha returns to Arman unnoticing Rudra sitting with inebriated Mishka nearby and says let us go home. He says they haven’t finished a dessert yet and offers her favorite desert with a note that she is still not smiling. She smiles a bit and enjoys dessert. Arman jokes to stop as she has put on weight and is looking like a body builder. She laughs and hits him with a spoon. He says he made her smile and his mission is complete. She says he takes care of him so much and says let us go home now. Rudra thinks Mishka will not wake up now, hence he should drop her home, and lifts her up. Preesha and Arman walk out of club. She remembers she forgot her mobile in and walks in back and is shocked seeing Rudra hugging Mishka, informs Arma and says she will go and confront Rudra as he left her midway on their most beautiful night.

Arman stops her and says she shouldn’t as he must be having some plan and she may spoil it. She agrees and thinks he is right, she will question Rudra later.Rudra takes Inebriated Mishka to her house. Ahana is shocked seeing Rudra with Mishka and asks what is happening. Rudra says he found her inebriated in a club and brought her home. Mishka blabbers they enjoyed a lot. Rudra drops her leaves. Ahana hopes Mishka didn’t reveal anything to Rudra. Rudra thinks he should find out Ahana’s plan by meeting the lawyer Desai, picks phone to call Bunty to seek his help, sees his many missed calls him. Bunty reveals that he is standing outside Ahana’s building as he came here following her.

Rudra meets him, and he informs about Ahana meeting lawyer. Rudra says he knows Desai’s address as he was their family lawyer before. He reaches Desai’s house and physically abusing him threatens to inform if he reopened trust fund for Ahana. Desai agrees. Rudra asks how did he open trust fund without Saransh’s presence and asks where is Saransh. Desai informs that Ahana had a closed session with judge and produced Saransh’s DNA sample and finger prints. Bunty drags Rudra from there.

Preesha with Arman returns home. Anivi gets happy seeing her and says she told she is going to handsome uncle/Rudra. Preesha says she came back to make her asleep and takes her in. Arman informs chachaji that Preesha was upset and cheered up because of him, there must be some problem between Rudra and Preesha as Rudra left her midway and hence called him. Chachaji says its good if differences continue between Rudra and Preesha as it Preesha will get closer to Arman then and accept him. Arman gets happy seeing that. Preesha makes Anvi sleep remembering Rudra’s immense for her, their romantic dates, then remembers him with Mishka. Tum na hue mere to kya.. song plays in the background. She thinks something is wrong that Rudra left her and went to Mishka without informing her, so she will go ho his home and check if he returned home or not.

She walks towards door when Arman stops her and asks if she is going to meet Rudra. She says yes to find out if he returned home. He says he can understand her feeling and asks her to call him if needed. She leaves. He thinks let him see if Preesha is in his fate or not.Bunty while driving car apologizes Rudra for not believing him that Saransh is alive and says Ahana will never reveal where Saransh is. Rudra says let us take Desai to Ahana and make her accept that she reopened trust fund and Saransh is alive, then Ahana will be forced to reveal Saransh’s location. On the other side, Preesha reaches Rudra’s house.

Sharda asks what is he doing here, if he didn’t meet Rudra. She says she met Rudra and they were enjoying when he got a call and left without informing her anything and then she saw him with Mishka. Sharda says Rudra was eager to meet her, then why did he go to Mishka. Preesha says there must be some big reason. Sharda asks what reason. Preesha says she doesn’t know and hence came here to find out. Sharda calms her down. Rudra reaches Desai’s house.

Rudra with Bunty returns to lawyer Desai’s house. Desai says he doesn’t know anything much. Bunty says that is not enough. Rudra says he wants to know Saransh’s location and Desai will force Ahana to reveal the truth. They drag Desai to Ahana’s house and knocks door. Bunty says they must not be in. Rudra says they were here sometime ago, he will break the door. Desai warns he will be trapped in a legal case. Bunty says let us go and wait outside till Ahana and Mishka returns. Rudra says someone must have informed Ahana and Mishka about his arrival and threatens Desai he will not spare him if he has informed them. He then sees real estate agent and questions him about Ahana and Mishka. Agent says she vacated the flat just sometime ago. Rudra asks where did they go. Agent says they just gave the keys and left.

Rudra threatens Desai again that he must have informed Ahana and Mishka. Desai says he didn’t. Bunty asks him to spare the lawyer and says they should return home as Sharda maa is waiting for him. They head towards home.Sharda and Preesha worriedly wait for Rudra. Preesha gets Arman’s message that it has been too late since she left, hopes she and Rudra and fine and she should call him if she needs his help. Sharda asks her to go as Rudra will call her once he returns home. Bunty drops Rudra home. Rudra walks in and sees Sharda sleeping on floor. Radha hearing footsteps wakes up, stops him, and where was he. He says he had some important work.

She asks why did she leave Preesha midway for Mishka, Preesha was very much worried for him and left just now, and if he was happy with Preesha, what happened that he left her midway. He thinks he cannot give them false hope about Saransh until he is sure. Sharda insists. He says he had some work and he cannot reveal the details.Next morning, Rudra goes to meet Preesha. Servant informs that Preesha is not at home. He walks to parking lot to call her and finding her standing in window thinks she is hurt and hence doesn’t want to meet him. Preesha eagerly waits for Rudra’s call and hopes he is fine. Chachaji takes her phone for a phone call as his battery drained. Rudra calls her. Chachaji angrily disconnects call and thinks Rudra will not easily spare Preesha, he will delete Rudra’s call details and will do whatever it takes to separate Rudra and Preesha. He goes into flashback where during breakfast Preesha lost in thoughts eats Arman’s burnt toast.

Arman alerts her and asks if she is thinking about Rudra. Presha says Rudra didn’t call her yet. Arman says maybe he will directly come to meet her. Chachaji hopes Rudra doesn’t come here to ruin Arman’s happiness. He notices Rudra coming and orders servant to inform Rudra that Preesha is not at home. Out of flashback, Chachaji thinks he will not let them meet.Bunty calls Rudra and says he found out some important thing. Rudra rushes to meet him. Preesha calls Sharda to find out why Rudra left her midway. Sharda says Rudra came late, didn’t inform why he left her midway, and just told he will at the right time; he has gone out even now, she should speak to him and find out why is he doing this. Preesha agrees and thinks she needs to find out what is Rudra doing.

She walks down and asks the servant to inform the driver to take out the car. Servant says driver is on leave today. Arman noticing her asks where is she going. She says to meet Rudra. He says he will drop her to Rudra’s hotel. Rudra meets Bunty who informs that he searched Ahana everywhere and didn’t find her. Rudra blames Desai and asks what he wanted to inform. Bunty says his hacker friend hacked Ahana’s bank account and shows Ahana getting huge funds after selling studio and regularly transferring money to Sania Dubash. Rudra thinks who is this Sania Dubash that Ahana is transferring money to her regularly, maybe she knows some important secret about Ahana. Bunty says they can find out Sania’s address via Sania’s bank account. Rudra says let us do it.

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