My desire update Tuesday 3 January 2023


My desire 3 January 2023: Ahana with Mishka shifts to a small rented flat and says she had to give fake documents to procure it. Mishka cribs that a chawl would be better than this lower middle class flat. Ahana says they need to hide from Rudra till they get out of India and surely Rudra must be searching in all high class hotels and apartments. She remembers Desai calling her and informing her about Rudra finding out that she got the trust fund opened and warning her to hide before he comes searching her. She panics and plans to rent a lower middle class flat. Out of flashback, she scolds Mishka that all the problems happened because of her. Mishka reminds her Goa conspiracies and asks to stop blaming only her.

Rudra reaches Sania Dubash’s bank and requests manager to give her address. Manager denies citing client confidentiality. Bunty takes Rudra from there saying they will find her address via some other way.Arman drops Preesha to Rudra’s hotel and says he will wait for her. She asks him to go as she will go home with Rudra. He thinks he will wait for her as she is already upset and will go only after he sees her with Rudra. Preesha asks hotel receptionist about Rudra who informs that Rudra didn’t come for work today. Preesha walks out lost in thoughts worried for Rudra when a speeding truck heads towards her. Arman rescues her on time.

She continues that Rudra is not even in hotel and at home and shows her concern. He angrily asks her to stop running behind Rudra and risking her life, how would he live if something happens to her. She looks at him in shock. He says he means Anvi.Rudra tells Bunty that they should check Ahana’s old flat for Sania Dubash’s clue. Bunty says its a good idea. They reach and search Ahana’s flat and don’t find any clue and standing outside thinking where to find Sania Dubash. A lady walks to her and asks about Ahana. Rudra says she has left this flat and asks why she needs Ahana’s address. She says its none of his business. He asks to stop showing her attitude. She says she has seen him somewhere. Bunty says he is famous rock star Rudraksh Khurana who left singing 7 months ago.

Sania realizes he is Preesha’s ex-husband and thinks of taking revenge from Preesha via him. He asks why she needs Ahana. Sania says Ahana took a huge money from her. Rudra reminisces Ahana transferring money regularly to Sania and asks what did she do for Ahana. Sania says she lent her huge money, but Ahana is paying it in installments. Rudra says Ahana is hiding. Sania says she knows how to find Ahana. Rudra thinks he can reach Ahana via her and offers to have coffee with her. She asks if he knows what it means. He asks not to think about the meaning. She agrees and thinks she will use Rudra instead.

Arman takes Preesha back home. Anvi gets happy seeing him and asks where had she gone. Chachaji asks Anvi to let Preesha rest as she looks tired. Arman takes Preesha to her room and consoles her. She cries that she doesn’t know why Rudra is behaving like this and what she should do. He asks her to rest nothing thinking much and makes her sleep, thinks why Rudra is hurting Preesha so much. Chachaji sees Arman in Preesha’s room and thinks he wants them together forever and Rudra out of Preesha’s life forever.Rudra takes Sania to a cafeteria. Bunty says they should concentrate on searching Saransh instead. Rudra says Sania can lead them to Ahana.

Sania walks in. Rudra asks if she had some important work. She says she is doing same. He asks if she knows about Ahana reopening trust fund and getting big money. She says Ahana didn’t discuss about it as they are not friends. He asks if Ahana spoke about Saransh. She says Ahana discussed about Saransh once.Rudra asks Sania Dubash if Ahana discussed with her about Saransh. Sania says she doesn’t remember as Ahana spoke about Saransh long ago, she is feeling tired and wants to rest in a hotel room. Rudra says he knows a hotel and takes her along. Preesha in her sleep dreams about her and Rudra’s love for each other from their first meet till now.

Tum na hue mere to kya mai tumhara raha… song plays in the background. She wakes up shouting Rudra. Arman rushes to her and asks what happened. Preesha tries to rush out saying Rudra is in danger and she needs to save him. He holds her and asks her relax as it was a dream. Preesha continues that she didn’t get Rudra’s call and don’t know how he is, she wants to meet him. Arman shouts enough as she risked her life mad behind Rudra, he cannot see her like this and will call Rudra and ask him to come and meet her right now.Rudra takes Sania to his hotel reception and books a room for her. Arman calls her, and he disconnects his call thinking he will meet Preesha after getting Saransh’s location.


Bunty tells him that he feels something is wrong and Sania is trying to use him instead. Rudra ignores him. Arman asks Preesha what happened to Rudra that he is ignoring calls. Preesha asks him not to interfere between her and Rudra. Arman says he is just trying to help her. She says she understands his intentions, she will speak to Rudra whenever he wants to and Arman will not interfere. Rudra shows Sania’s room. Sania says she needs a champagne. He goes to arrange it. Sania thinks Rudra is easily getting in her trap and she will fulfill her task via him. Rudra walks back to reception. Bunty asks if Sania revealed anything.

Rudra says not yet. Bunty says Sania is up to something and he should be careful. Rudra sends him away and orders champagne at reception.Devi takes food for Preesha and feeds her. Preesha thanks her. Chachaji gets happy seeing Arman, Anvi, and Preesha in a same room and prays god that they should be a happy family forever. He asks Preesha how is she and informs Arman that he is going to meet his friend at a hotel. Back in hotel, Sania enjoys champagne with Rudra. Rudra asks her to remember what Ahana told her about Saransh. Sania asks if he brought her here for that. Rudra says Saransh is his son. Sania says she knows, she wants to remember it subconsciously and hence wants to relax first, even he should. He agrees. She asks food. He orders food.

Chachaji reaches hotel to meet his friend and takes his room number via reception. Sania gets heavily inebriated, flirts with Rudra and says he helped her so much and she really likes him. He asks her to rest as she is heavily drunk and makes her rest on bed leaning over her. Chachaji passing by their room is shocked noticing Rudra romancing a woman and clicks their pictures. He thinks he will show these pics to Preesha and let her decide if Arman is good for her or characterless Rudra. Rudra angrily separates from Sania and says he came to find Saransh’s information and not get intimate, so if she doesn’t want to reveal, he will find it from somewhere else. Sania stops acting and says she knows Saransh and Ahana’s complete information.

Chachaji returns to Preesha and says she is worried for Rudra and he is romancing some other girl in a hotel room. Preesha angrily shouts at him. Chachaji says he knew she wouldn’t believe and shows her Rudra and Sania’s intimate pics. Preesha stands shattered. Chachaji she wants to leave her daughter and happy family for characterless Rudra. Preesha says she will go and meet Rudra to find out the truth and walks away. Arman walks behind her. Preesha reaches Rudra’s house and calls him angrily. Sharda asks if everything is fine. Preesha says Rudra went somewhere without informing her and now, showing the pics, says he is romancing another girl; if he loves her and wanted to get her back, why is he doing this.

Sharda says even she doesn’t know, she will question him once he returns. Preesha says she will question him instead and he has to answer her. Rudra returns home. Preesha says finally he came in front of her, where did he go leaving her midway between their date, she madly searched him everywhere and found him enjoying with Mishka in a club and today Chachaji saw him with another girl; she was worried for him, etc. Sania walks in. Preesha asks who is this woman. Rudra says Sania is his wife, leaving Preesha and Sharda in shock. Sharda asks if he has gone mad, what is this new dreama. Rudra says its not a drama, he married Sania just now.

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