Twist of fate update Monday 2 January 2023


Twist of fate 2 January 2023: Wendy asks Dida, where is she lost? Dida says she is in tension as she is leaving. She says how I will fight with Aaliya and Rhea. Wendy says send Aaliya and Rhea from here, then there will be no problem between Ranbir and Prachi.

Pallavi claps hearing them and asks if it was Rhea who asked Prachi to stay with Sid in Bangalore hotel and then asked Prachi to call Sid’s baby as Ranbir’s baby. She says you are elder than me and asks her to be careful next time. Wendy Mausi says if you have taken care then I wouldn’t have said this. She says whatever happening in the house, is because of you. She says you didn’t hold Prachi’s hand when she was leaving the house, and held your ego’s hand instead. Pallavi says you have flight to catch.

Prachi comes to Dr. Madhurima’s cabin. Madhurima says if you have appointment with me. Prachi says someone needs urgent medical help. Rhea hides her face hearing her and says if Prachi comes to know about Madhurima being by friend, then she will find out about my fake pregnancy. Prachi tells Madhurima that her friend is having injury. Rhea thinks if I am scared. Madhurima says she is a gynaec. Prachi says sorry and goes. Rhea tells Madhurima that she is Prachi, her real sister who snatched Ranbir from her.

Ranbir comes to the office and tells Aryan that Prachi is annoying him. Aryan asks him to decide about whom he will badmouth, else he will call him bad jija. Ranbir says you are my brother, and says Rhea and Prachi are trouble. He says Rhea is uncalled trouble and Prachi is love trouble. Aryan gets Shahana’s call. Ranbir says you are in love with Shahana. Aryan says no. Ranbir picks the call and says I love you Shahana.

Shahana says how dare you and gets angry. She tells Prachi that if she gets jailed, then tell in court that he had provoked me to murder him. She asks how dare you, I will write hate story. Ranbir asks her to calm down and asks her to relax. Shahana says Aryan would have got Moksh, but I would have got charged for murder. She says she called Aryan to know about Dr. Malhotra and says she is with Prachi. Ranbir leaves hearing her. Aryan takes the call and says Dr. Malhotra will connect with you. Shahana asks him not to give phone to Ranbir.

Madhurima asks if she is your friend. Rhea says yes and says she is her twin sister. She takes the fake stomach and wears it. Madhurima asks if your sister had come to hear her. Rhea gets shocked and asks what did you give me, I want small stomach. Madhurima goes to get small fake stomach. Rhea calls Aaliya, but she is busy. Ranbir comes to the hospital and says his wife is in the hospital. Receptionist asks about the doctor’s name. Ranbir says he doesn’t know. He tells that his wife is pregnant. Receptionist says your wife went to Dr. Madhurima. Ranbir goes.

Aryan comes to the hospital to inform Ranbir that Prachi had come to general physician for Sid. He asks the receptionist and thinks if his friend became gynaec. Ranbir goes to second floor mistakenly and sees Prachi there. He asks what is she doing here? Prachi says she came for work. Ranbir says he heard Shahana and came here. Shahana says they have come to Dr. Malhotra. Receptionist tells Ranbir that his wife is on 1st floor and says her name is Rhea. Prachi says ok.

Shahana asks Prachi to go and clear all the doubts about Rhea. Ranbir asks Shahana what they are talking. Prachi says they shall go and see Rhea if she has any problem. She asks Ranbir to come. Rhea says all your fake stomachs are not fitting. Madhurima says it is not sweater that will fit you. Rhea doubts her asking if she is with her sister. Madhurima is shocked. Rhea says she might have offered much money to you, and then warns her not to dare do this. Madhurima says I am hiding your secret and supporting your lies, and you are doubting me.

Ranbir says Rhea must be with the doctor. Prachi worries what she is doing. She holds Ranbir’s hand. Ranbir says I will complain about you. He complains to nurse. Nurse says let her hold your hand and says she must be checking your nerves. Prachi says we shall go and ask Rhea’s doctor if she is fine. Rhea asks Madhurima what did you do for me, that I shall thank you and says you are getting money for that. Madhurima asks Rhea to go and says you made our friendship as transaction. She threatens to expose her secret to her family. She asks doctor what she will tell her family and shouts. Ranbir asks what is happening here? Rhea gets shocked.

Aryan thinking what to do, fearing Ranbir. He collides with Shahana. Shahana and Aryan confront each other for colliding with each other. Shahana asks him to say S O RRY. She says it’s ok. Aryan asks why she made him say sorry. Shahana says I had to twist my finger to make you say sorry. He collides with a girl and says sorry. She also says sorry. Aryan smiles and says bye to her. Shahana says that’s why I am angry with his cheap behavior. Aryan asks why you are jealous. Shahana says this is irritation jealous. Aryan says I thought you will thank me, but didn’t thank me, disgraceful. Shahana says I know how to behave with such people. Aryan says double standard girl. Shahana asks why did you say? Aryan says nothing. Sid says I heard and asks him to talk to girls with


respect. Aryan says first tell me, how to talk to people like you, and says I don’t think you as human. Shahana says it is enough. Aryan says Sid didn’t think of anyone, but thought about just himself. He says you are calling me wrong. Sid says enough. Aryan says my sister’s home is getting ruined. He says you don’t have any sister, but had just step sister. Shahana says she won’t be quiet and tells Aryan that Sid is doing so much for his step sister. She tells that Aaliya and Rhea had kidnapped his sister and threatened him to call Prachi’s baby as his. She says if Sid doesn’t do this, then they will get her killed. Rhea, Ranbir and Prachi hear her. Rhea shouts no. She threatens Sid and says you have exposed me, I will ruin your life. She makes a call and asks goon to kill Mihika. Shahana says it is my fault, I shouldn’t have done this. It turns out to be her imagination.

Ranbir asks Doctor and Rhea what they were telling about expose. Prachi says Doctor might want to tell that Rhea don’t want baby, and thinks I won’t let her do this. She asks Doctor to say. Doctor says I was telling that Rhea had some complication in her pregnancy. Prachi asks what? Doctor says first I will get the test done and then can say. She says why to give stress without confirmation.

She asks Rhea to come for the check up. Rhea goes with Madhurima. Ranbir asks Prachi why is she stressed and goes to get water for her. Prachi sees message on Rhea’s mobile and notes down the number. Ranbir brings water and makes her drink. Shahana asks Aryan, what did you say? He says you said sorry. Shahana says you was passing smile seeing the girl and talking. Sid says stop it yaar, lets go. Aryan says Shahana is not your yaar. Shahana says he is my yaar. Aryan says I will slap you, and asks her to stay away from him. He says Sid is worse than the snake. Shahana says if I say that all the drama is created by your mother, then will you stop talking to her. Aryan asks what did you say?

Rhea thanks Madhurima and hugs her. She says how I was talking to you and you have showed that your heart is so good, I didn’t show you humanity, but you showed me friendship. Madhurima shows the fake tummy cushion. Rhea doubts her again and says my mind is doubtful, but my heart is truthful. Madhurima says how you talk to others. Rhea says nicely. Prachi says she will give her fake stomach and asks her to manage till tomorrow.

Ranbir asks Prachi if she was repenting to smile. Prachi recalls noting down the number and says no. Ranbir says you have fumbled while saying no, and that’s why I understood. He asks how many toffees you have stolen. Prachi says 5. Ranbir says I will steal 10. Madhurima asks Ranbir to take care of Rhea being her husband. Ranbir says I will keep her away from stress and goes. Rhea smiles at Madhurima and goes.

Aryan asks Shahana what his mother has done. He says answer me, what she has done, which I don’t know. Shahana says ok listen. Sid asks Shahana not to fight with Aryan and gets up from the chair. Shahana makes him sit down on the chair again. Aryan and Shahana argue again. Ranbir and Prachi come there and ask what happened? Aryan says I will go. Rhea comes there and tells that doctor asked Ranbir to take care of her.

She asks Sid what happened? Shahana says we have come here for Sid. Sid asks Shahana to take him from there. Shahana takes him on the wheel chair. Prachi calls the number and says she is Rhea’s assistant, and asks if the timings have changed for massaged. The lady on call tells that the timings are same. Prachi then asks about Aaliya Khanna’s appointment. The lady says we have just one booking on Rhea’s name, for deep tissue massage. Prachi thanks her and ends the call. Ranbir sits in the car and keeps water bottle to the back seat, thinking Prachi will sit with him. Rhea comes there and sits in the car.

She says she is very happy that he came running for her, in the hospital. She says she feels good and peace seeing him taking care of her. She says I know that you are repenting for your behavior and says you didn’t need to say anything, and say she can feel his sorry. She says she remembered college guy Ranbir and says she feels lost in those thoughts. Ranbir gets down and calls Prachi. Prachi asks what? Ranbir calls Aryan and asks him to drive his car. Aryan asks who will drive my car? Ranbir says I will call driver. Shahana and Sid also sit in the car. Ranbir tells Prachi that he will become driver for her. Rhea gets upset. Shahana gets down and goes with Ranbir and Prachi. Rhea gets upset.

She gets call from the Spa, who asks when is she coming for the massage. Rhea says she can’t come today and says she didn’t confirm the appointment. The spa lady tells that her assistant had called and confirmed. Rhea is alarmed.

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