My desire update Friday 9 December 2022

My desire 9 December 2022: Vasu suggests Preesha to do what god wants her to do. She says she has shattered since Rudra returned, god wants to give her a second chance by giving a kind man Arman who loves her and gave her happiness and everything she deserves, Rudra in return had always given her sorrows and pain, etc. Preesha leaves to meet Arman. Vasu prays god to protect her daughter. Arman feels guilty for hurting Preesha hearing Chachaji’s advice and fears she may leave him. Preesha walks to him. He asks why did she leave without saying anything. She says she went to Mrs. Srinivasan. He says she would have understood someday how much he loves her, so he thought of himself informing her in fear of spoiling their relationship.

She says good he informed her as a relationship is based on trust and truth, she just want to be his friend and cannot love him as the person whom she loved broke her hnd and didn’t leave any place in her heart to love someone. He says her presence matters to him even if its as a friend and apologizes if he has hurt her in any way, he was afraid that she left him, and requests to promise that she will not leave him and Anvi at any cost. She promises. He asks if everything is normal between them again. She nods yes and walks away.

Preesha cries lying on her bed reminiscing her romantic days with Rudra. O Meherban Kya Mila Yoon Juda Hoke Bata…song plays in the background. She then reminisces Rudra humiliating her repeatedly. Arman also cries remembering Preesha rejecting his proposal. Rudra remembers Preesha saying she has moved on and forgot him. He shouts he hates Preesha. Next morning, Preesha looks at Her, Rudra, and Saransh’s pic hidden in her cupboard and asks Saransh if he saw how Rudra is troubling her, she will not give Rudra the happiness of troubling her again. She wears her mangalsutra and sindhoor.

Rudra joins Arman for breakfast. Rudra asks how was his first night in Goa. He says it was nice and he wouldn’t have stayed back without Arman’s family support. Anvi joins them and asks Rudra if he will stay back with them for a few more days. Rudra agrees and asks Arman to tell about his and Preesha’s love story. Arman says when he met Preesha, things were not right, but soon Preesha handled him, Anvi, and Devika well and he fell in her love, they married then and he cannot imagine his life without Preesha. Preesha walks in and says even she cannot imagine her life without him, she realized it during their first meeting and now she loves him immensely. Rudra gets jealous hearing that. Arman thinks Preesha is saying this for Anvi’s sake, so he should continue his marriage drama. Preesha serves him his favorite burnt toast.

Devika joins them and wishes good morning to them. She asks Rudra about his stay and hopes he felt comfortable. He says he was fine. Arman says he has some work and hugging Preesha says bye. Rudra stops him and says he wants to tell him something. Preesha gets afraid thinking he will reveal about their past. Rudra says elders talk about this usual, but since his elders are not here, he wants to ask him something. Arman asks what he wants to ask. Rudra asks if he can marry Devika. Devika is surprised. He asks will she marry him. She gets happy hearing that. He says he needs Devika and Arman’s permission. Arman says he can see what Devika wants, but wants to hear from her mouth. Devika continues shying.

Arman says if boy and girl are happy, then even bhaiya and bhabhi are happy. Devika happily hugs him. Chachaji joins them, and Arman informs that Devika’s alliance if fixed with RK. Chachaji congratulates Rudra. Rudra says Mrs. Singh doesn’t look happy. Arman says wouldn’t she be happy as she likes him most and called here. Preesha says if Rudra really loves Devika and can keep her happy, then she doesn’t have any problem. Rudra says Devika told she understands him well, then she must know how much he can keep Devika happy; truth is he is more happy as his wishes are getting fulfilled and he will be part of this happy family. Chachaji says let us celebrate with sweets.

Preesha goes to kitchen and cries. Rudra walks to her and she is upset because she cannot handle it, he came to see her reaction. She says he is doing wrong with Devika as he doens’t love her. He says made a mistake of loving once and will not do the same mistake. She says he will hurt Devika. He holds her tightly and gets closer asking if she doesn’t have any feelings. She doesn’t react. He seductively touches her and asks if she forgot his touch. She finally pushes him away and says she doesn’t feel anything and forgot everything, how dare he is to touch someone’s wife. He says Arman will be someone for her and him, he will not touch from hereon as he is getting his new wifey and he will shower his love on her.

Arman informs Chachaji that he told Preesha that they will be friends like before and their shouldn’t be any problem between them. Chachaji asks why did he say that and reminds him that he was determined to own USA’s biggest hotel and he succeed in it, he fought for Anvi’s life when doctors gave up, and he took over the hotel which they are sitting in, then why did he give up on Preesha. Arman says Preesha doesn’t love him. Chachaji says the way she cares for him shows her love for him, maybe 6 months is too early, but he should shower his goodness on her and win her love.

Vasu walks in to Anvi and says let us start the class. Anvi says she is busy in helping Devika bua in her wedding shopping as her wedding is fixed with RK. Vasu is shocked to hear that. Preesha walks to them. Devika asks her to help her select her wedding lehanga. Preesha says she should take Anvi’s help as she has some work and takes Vasu along in lieu of giving her salary. Vasu asks Rudra and Devika’s wedding is fixed so soon. Preesha says Rudra sought Devika’s hand from Arman yesterday. Vasu says she already told her that Rudra has moved on, so even she should accept Arman’s proposal and move on with him.

Preesha says she rejected his proposal as she doesn’t love Arman. Vasu says Rudra has moved on in front of her eyes and she is still stuck in the past. Preesha says Rudra is acting to make her jealous. Vasu says if she gets stuck in her past, she will be in her past forever.Next day, Preesha serves tea to everyone. Arman says there is a continue sequence of good news now a days, earlier Devika and RK’s wedding news and now they are all shifting to Delhi tomorrow. Preesha gets tensed hearing that. Arman says his new clients are from Delhi and instead of traveling often, he thought of shifting there. Chachaji says they can stay in his house as he was bored staying alone.

Devika says its a destiny, now they can meet Rudra’s family and celebrate wedding there. Rudra says they can celebrate with whole family, asks Preesha bhabhi if he is right. She says yes and walks away. Arman follows her and asks if she doesn’t want to go to Delhi. Preesha says her past haunts her in Delhi. He asks if she is talking about her ex-husband. Preesha says she will remember her past in Delhi. He says it was good opportunity for him, but if she doesn’t want to shift there, they will stay back here. Preesha thinks she cannot forget Saransh and Rudra and cannot go to Delhi. Rudra hears their conversation.

Vasu walks in again for class. Anvi informs her that they are shifting to Delhi tomorrow as papa is shifting his business there, asks her also to shift with them. Vasu says she needs to speak to Preesha regarding this. Rudra walks to Preesha and says she is a coward and is trying to run away from her past, she thought he will marry Devika and shift to Delhi and she doesn’t have to see his face again. She says he can think whatever he wants to. He says she wants to ruin her husband’s business and Anvi’s health while she knows Anvi can get a best healthcare and education there, but she selfishly is thinking about only herself, etc. Vasu hears their conversation. Once he leaves, Vasu walks to her and asks her not try to prove Rudra right, she should think of Arman and her appa who is ill and is thriving to meet her, they lost Mahima and Arman and cannot lose her more, so she should return to Delhi for her parent’s sake at least.

Chachaji asks Arman if he should book Delhi’s tickets. Arman says they are not shifting as Preesha doesn’t want to. Preesha walks in and says she is ready and asks Chachaji to book tickets. She tells RK that she will feel good meeting his family. Rudra says even they will also feel good meeting her. After reaching Delhi, Rudra says he will meet them later. Arman asks if he will not accompany them. Rudra says his house is here and will visit them soon. Chachaji says he has called pandit today to fix their wedding. Rudra tells Devika that they will meet soon and nobody can separate them. Arman gets into car with Preesha. Rudra looks at Preesha and gets into a cab. He imagines Preesha and himself on the way enjoying street food. Tu Hi To Hain Mera Junoon… song plays in the background. Preesha also cries imagining same.

Rudra returns home and tells Sulochana that he has a surprise for her. She excitedly asks what is it. He takes her aside. Chachaji takes Arman and family to his house and says his house will be lively again with their presence. Arman asks Devika to show their house to Preesha. Rudra blindfolds Sulochana and takes her to their new home.

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