Imlie starlife update Friday 9 December 2022


Imlie 9 December 2022: Imlie consoles Aditya and says if he apologizes Malini by heart, she will forgive him. He hopes so. Malini thinks Aditya thought that she is stupid enough to lock him in a room and take revenge; he doesn’t understand her a bit and she tries repeatedly to understand him; everyone want her to forgive him and reconcile, but don’t ask what she wants; does she really want to divorce Adity and sacrifice her relationship and feelings for Aditya and Imlie’s relationship, but when there is nothing left in the relationship, why should she fight and will she win if she fights. Imlie hides her medal. Adi asks to show it. She says there is no value for the trophy.

He says she is doing this for family and he is sure she will win tomorrow’s competition round. Imlie says without Aparna’s participation, she cannot win tomorrow’s round. Aparna hears their conversation and thinks she will participate in tomorrow’s round to make Imlie lose as Imlie can never be her bahu.Next day, next round of competition starts. Host says today’s round will decide who will win and its a final competition between Mrs Prachi Arora and Mrs Imlie Tripathi. He says sasu-bahu relationship is like a sour aam papad and without mirch masala, their relationship cannot go on. Aparna thinks she cannot tolerate Imlie’s face and it reminds her betrayal.

Anu noticing her thinks looks like not only her even Tripathis hate Imlie. Renu and Prachi practice their questions. Adi explains Imlie about Aparna. Imlie says she is staying with Aparna and knows everything about her. Host calls contestants on stage. Renu with Prachi goes on stage. Imlie’s supporters hope Aparna goes on stage. Renu taunts Aparna if she didn’t accept her servant bahu. Renu’s friend says she is sure Renu and Prachi will win. Aparna goes on stage. Nishant jokes with Adi that he should have gone on stage if Aparna had not. Host starts next round aam papad mirch masala and informs that if DIL and MIL’s answers don’t match, MIL will have to munch a mirchi/chilli.

He asks Prachi to write her MIL’s favorite dish. They write both matar paneer. Audience clap for them. Host then asks Imlie about her MIL’s date of birth. Imlie reminisces Aparna telling her birthy month and rashi and writes April. Aparna also writes April 10th. Audiece clap for them. Aparna thinks Imlie knows deeply about her family. Anu thinks Imlie has done deep research, so she will ask tough questions.Host asks Prachi about her MIL’s favorite movie. They both write DDLJ. Audience clap for them. Anu stops judge and questions Imlie about her MIL’s most precious item.

Imlie’s supporters yell its a nonsense question. Imlie reminisces Aparna breaking her FD to fund Pankaj’s chachaji’s teerath yatra and telling her family is most important to her. She writes family while Aparna writes trust. Host says wrong answer. Renu rejoices. Imlie thinks family was most important to Aparna. Aaprna says seeing family breaking her trust, her answer has changed and she values trust most and will not let anyone break it. Host asks Aparna to much chilli now. Renu taunts Aparna. Aparna munches chilli angrily. Judge asks Prachi her MIL’s birth place. Prachi writes Punjab. Renu writes Pathankot. Host says wrong answer. Renu munches chilli yelling at Prachi.

Anu asks Imlie her MIL’s favorite day of the year. Imlie reminisces Aparna telling howmuch pain she bore during Adi’s birth and she likes her son’s birthday the most. She writes her son’s birthday while Aparna writes her son’s first marriage date and says the day when her son married Malini was most important to her and munches multiple chillies at once. Imlie pleads not to do that as she has ulcers. Aparna says she can tolerate anything but not Imlie’s face. Rupali asks Adi why Aparna is doing this. Adi says maa is purposefully giving wrong answers to make Imlie lose. Pankaj says it is good for the family if Imlie loses.

Anu starts next question when Imlie stops her and says her MIL is like her mother and she cannot see her in pain. Rupali says Imlie is quitting competition. Anu says she will be disqualified and reminds her challenge that nobody can disqualify or win over her. Imlie says she cannot see her mother in pain, hence she will back off from competition and accept defeat. Her supporters are shocked to hear that.

Anu tells Imlie that she will be disqualified if she doesn’t answer the questions. Imlie says she can accept the defeat but not her amma/Aparna’s defeat and accepts defeat. Host is about to announce this year’s winner when Anu stops him and says everyone takes winner’s name, but they will take a loser’s name this time; announces the loser of best bahu competition is Tripathi’s servant Imlie. Imlie walks to Anu’s table, takes water glasses from there and offers one to Renu first and then to Aparna. Aparna walks away. Host announces winner of best bahu trophy is 2 times winner and Mrs Renu Arora’s DIL/bahu Mrs. Prachi Arora.

Everyone clap for Prachi while Tripathi family sits sadly. Prachi thanks everyone for making her a hattrick winner. Renu stops Imlie and apologizes her for calling her maid and says she insulting her by calling a maid even before competition started, but today realized that bahu does what even blood relatives don’t; her bahu forgot her after being declared a winner, but Imlie took dare of her saas and me, so Imlie is the best bahu for her. She tells Aparna that she is lucky that she got a best bahu. Judges back her and say Imlie showed creativity in each round and proved the true meaning of a bahu who loves her in-laws selflessly and become their dear ones, so they decide that Mrs Imlie Tripathi should be the winner of this year’s competition.


Everyone clap for Imlie. Host takes trophy from Prachi and give it to Renu. Renu offers it to Imlie saying she is the best bahu. She apologizes Aparna and family for insulting them and prays for Imlie and Aditya’s long lasting relationship.Host then calls Adi on stage. Renu asks Adi to go on stage. Adi walks on stage. Imlie shows trophy to him. Host asks Imlie if she wants to say anything to audience. Imlie in her village style says no. Frustrated Prachi says villager Imlie cannot speak and everyone got pity on her and gave trophy.

Imlie says she is right, mingling with city people like Prachi is more than enough for a villager like her, working for them is more than enough, being insulted is more than enough instead of being praised; she came to city not as a servant but as Adi’s wife; god makes relationships and they need to follow it, she was following it by heart, but knowing the truth, society insulted her and her family; she entered competition not to win the trophy but to gain her family’s respect and blessings and wants them to accept her as their bahu. Audience clap for her. Aparna walks away from there followed by other senior Tripathis. Judges thank everyone and walk away. Anu walks away fuming. Host thanks everyone and ends the competition.

Rupali and Pallavi congratulate Imlie. Nishant says Imlie proved that she is the world’s best bahu and society has to accept her. Pallavi asks her not to worry as they will convince senior Tripathis to accept her.After returning home, Imlie fills a bowl with honey. Adi says Pallavi is making a victory cake for her. Imlie says its for Aparna. Adi reminds her how she climbed tree and brought honey for Aparna, he used to get angry for her behavior but now realized that she can go to any extent for the sake of family and this time she bore humiliation by society to get respect for Aparna, so she should remind this to Aparna. Boss calls him and informs that they are getting a threatening call after his article is published, so he should be careful. Adi agrees.

Imlie asks what happened. Adi asks not to bother about usual threats and concentrate on convincing maa. goons barge into Adi’s office and gunpoint take his profile photo from boss.Anu returns home and tells Malini that her step sister cleverly won the competition and proved that she is the best bahu than Malini for Tripathis. Malini says its good for her and hopes Tripathis will not treat her as servant now as Imlie cares for them. Anu calls servant and says he is a good boy who wakes up early and sleeps late and takes care of them all, so will Malini marry him. Malini says this is embarrassing, sends servant, and asks Anu what is she trying to do. Anu says she is reminding her that they give bonus to servants and not their son.

Malini says Imlie is her step sister and not a servant. Anu says Adi loves Imlie as she is a servant; if there was someone else than Imlie of equal status, will Malini had left her husband for that woman; cheap women like Imlie trick rich people like Imlie’s mother tricked Dev, Imlie’s mother shouts that she is betrayed because Dev didn’t marry or fell in her trap , she got comfortable with Dev and when he didn’t budge, she sent Imlie with a plan and made Malini feel that she is snatching something from a poor and helpless girl; they fight with equal opponents, but Imlie is not equal to her and is winning everything without fighting and Malini is losing everything; she reminds what Tripathis did when she spoke against Imlie; Imlie is manipulating her emotions and using Aditya with her lies as Adi hated her before and now is mad in her love; when Adi wasn’t ready to change his bike, he easily changed his wife; does Malini think Imlie is innocent, etc.

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