My desire update Saturday 10 December 2022


My desire 10 December 2022: Rudra blindfolds Sulochana and takes her to their old house. Sulochana gets happy seeing Khurana house. Rudra says he bought it back. She asks how did he do that. He says he had last year’s payment and singing royalties pending and bought 50% house by repaying 50% mortgage, they can stay in 50% of the house. Sulochana emotionally says Sharda will be very happy if she returns here and cries that he lost everything because of her. He cheers her and says she has one more surprise and should wait till evening for that.

Chachaji and Arman make arrangements to fix Devika’s wedding date. Devika walks to Arman and asks how is she looking. He says now she looks Arman’s Thakur’s sister Devika Thakur. She asks if she looks overdressed. She says she can as her wedding date will be fixed today. Chachaji also chats with her. Arman asks about Preesha and walks to her. Preesha reminisces Rudra’s bitter confrontation. Rudra brings Sulochana there. Sulochana gets happy seeing Devika. Devika introduces Sulochana to Chachaji. Chachaji greets her and hugs Rudra. Sulochana says they are neighbors now. Rudra says he bought back 50% of his old house by repaying 50% mortgage.

Sulochana says their house is just 2 houses away. Devika gets happy hearing that. Rudra asks about Arman and Preesha. Devika goes to call them.Arman and Preesha. Devika goes to call them.Arman asks Preesha what is she thinking. She says Devika finished internship a few days ago and now her wedding is being fixed. He says even they met 6 months ago, he knows her past is haunting her in Delhi, but she will be fine soon. Devika calls Arman and Preesha. Rudra walks to her. Arman and Preesha walk to them. Devika tells Preesha that she is calling her since long as she wants to introduce her to RK’s mom. Preesha gets tensed thinking Sharda came. Arman tells Rudra that he wanted to meet his mother since long.

Devika takes Preesha to Sulochana, and Rudra says she is bhabhiji. Sulochana is shocked to see her and takes her name. Devika asks if she knows bhabhi. Rudra interferes and says he showed her everyone’s photos. Sulochana says she knows everyone and identifies Arman and Anvi. She says she felt good meeting her. Preesha says even she felt good meeting her. She asks them to sit and asks Devika that she told RK’s mother is Sharda and is in hospital, then who is she. Devika says Sharda and Sulochana are both RK’s mothers. Arman asks how. Devika says she will inform some other day.

Pandit enters. Chachaji asks him to fix wedding date. Pandit checks and informs that next auspicious muhurat is of next week. Preesha asks how is it possible so soon. Arman says he need not worry when she is there. Rudra says he cannot stay away from Devika anymore. Arman says let us fix engagement date. Pandit says its today. Rudra says why delay it. Preesha walks away and thinks Rudra is misusing Devika for his benefit. Arman follows her and asks why did she come here. She says she feels weird that Devika met Rudra just a few days ago and is marrying him, they need not hurry as its a question of Devika’s future. Arman says he knows she is worried for Devika, but when they love each other, there is no point in delaying their wedding, he feels Rudra is a good man and will keep Devika happy.

Preesha say he is not understanding her point, they cannot consider marriage just based on love and should consider financial stability also, Rudra cannot take care of Devika like Arman does as he is just a hotel manager. Devika brings Sulochana there. Sulochana gets angry hearing that and confronts her that if she thinks hotel managers don’t have a heart and family, isn’t she ashamed to think like that. Arman says Preesha didn’t mean that. Sulochan says f she thinks Rudra is marrying Devika for her money, Rudra will not marry Devika. Devika confronts Preesha that she did wrong. Arman says he will handle the issue and walks behind Sulochana. Sulochana says let us go from here as she doesn’t want him to marry Devika as Preesha thinks he cannot take care of her.

Arman and Chachaji apologize Sulochana. Rudra says bhabhiji’s worry is valid; he doesn’t have money, but will love Devika immensely, she need not worry about her; if she doesn’t trust him even then, he will give in writing that he doesn’t need this family’s money but just Devika. Arman apologizes Rudra again and asks Preesha to say that she doesn’t have any problem. Preesha says she doesn’t have any problem. Arman says let us forget all this and finish engagement.

Preesha performs Rudra and Preesha’s engagement rituals. Rudra looks at her repeatedly. Paas Aaye Duriyan Phir Bhi Kam Na Hui.. song plays in the background.Preesha’s sari falls on Rudra’s face. He holds it and she frees it from him and walks away. Tum Na Hue Mai Tumhara Kinara Raha… song plays in the background. Arman asks Panditji if Devika and Rudra can exchange rings. Sulochana says they didn’t bring any ring. Arman says they are one now and offers the ring which he had brought for Preesha. Devika asks if it is the same ring which he bought for bhai, she cannot accept it. Preesha says its okay as Devika is sharing all her belongings, she will take another gift from Arman, and she likes sharing her things with Devika. Rudra looks at her face. Sulochana asks him to fix ring in Devika’s finger, and he does same smiling at Devika.


Tum Na Hue…song plays in the background again. Everyone clap for them. Preesha in leu of getting sweets goes to kitchen and cries. She then feeds sweets to Devika and Rudra and serves bowl to everyone. Rudra offers sweet to Preesha calling her bhabhiji and says he is not angry on her for her bitter words but is very happy, now he is part of his family. Preesha hesitantly accepts it. He says she wanted to send him away from her, now she will see his face all the time, how will she ignore him.Next day, Devika confronts Preesha for insulting RK and his mother and says she should have spoken to her once, and when she encouraged her to go ahead with the relationship, then why did she question about RK’s financial status.

Preesha says advice on one side, but practically they need to look at the financial status as its a question of whole life, she is worried her for her and things are happening really fast, so she was afraid; when they love someone, they like everything associated with them, but when they get betrayal in return, it pains a lot. Devika asks if someone hurt her. Preesha says nobody hurt her, she is worried for Devika. Devika says RK is a good man and they way he cares for his mother, she is pretty confident that he will never hurt her. She asks her promise that she will not worry. Preesha says she will try. Devika requests her to apologize RK and his mother for yesterday’s event.

Preesha says she can do anything for her. Devika asks how will she find them. Preesha says she will go to their house. Devika gets happy.Preesha reaches Khurana Mansion and remembers coming there after marriage and her romantic days with Rudra. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Sulochana sees her and asks what is she doing here after insulting her. Preesha says she came to apologize her. Sulochana says she should apologize Rudra instead who is suffering and lost everything in 6 months, family, Saransh, and even his singing and when he is getting happiness after a long, Preesha is trying to snatch it from him. Preesha says whatever she told yesterday is because she doesn’t want Devika to get hurt. Sulochana asks what about Rudra and what she did with Rudra, if she ever thought how will he live without her, she left him easily.

Preesha says its all because of Sulochana’s evil deeds, she wouldn’t have lost her son and they would have been happy in the same house else, so Sulochana should accept her sins. Sulochana says if she had not accepted her sins, she wouldn’t have been here, she is repenting for her sins and is moving forward for her son’s happiness, now her son’s happiness is Devika, so she shouldn’t stop this marriage. Preesha agrees and tries to meet Sharda. Sulochana stops her and says she had a major operation and hasn’t recovered yet, so she shouldn’t meet her. Once Sulochana leaves, Rudra walks in and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to apologize and already apologized Sulochana maa.

He asks what about him. She apologizes even him. He asks if she accepted his and Devika’s relationship. She says yes, his presence doesn’t affect her, she herself will perform their wedding, and she will literally become his bhabhi and he will accept their new relationship.During breakfast, Chachaji explains Arman about the prewedding rituals where both family prepare sweets together. Arman asks who follows them in this generation. Chachaji says its a means to unite both families. Devika says she will inform RK and Sulochana to come here. Chachaji goes to call cook. Arman tells Preesha that they both will celebrate this ritual. After sometime, Chachaji plays antakshari with family while preparing laddus. Devika sings with him. Rudra joins her and sings making Preesha jealous.

Arman joins Preesha and feeds her laddus making Rudra jealous. Preesha feeds him laddu, making Rudra more jealous. Arman asks Preesha to pack these ladddu via someone. Preesha says she herself will do it and goes to store room to bring carton box. Rudra in lieu of making call gets into store room and locks the door from inside. Preesha asks him to open the door. He says he will not open it until she tells truth. she asks what truth. He asks if his presence doesn’t matter to her, she feels jealous seeing him with Devika. She says he doesn’t want to accept truth, so he should listen again that his presence doesn’t matter to her, so she will perform his and Devika’s wedding. He says truth will not change if she shouts. He gets closer to her and insists to accept she still has feelings for him. He asks if he will force himself on her to prove his words.

He takes his hand towards her face sensuously and then says he will not touch her and before pheras he will cancel the wedding, so she should accept truth.

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