Faltu Starlife update Friday 12 January 2024

Faltu 12 January 2024: The Episode starts with Ayaan rushing inside to save Faltu and the kids. The lady scolds Charan for being so irresponsible. Charan says Ayaan and Faltu are inside, they won’t let anything happen to the kids. Ayaan saves the kids first. Ratan and Pratap try to splash water and put off the fire. Tanu worries. Ayaan says you have to keep courage, you have to come out of here for my sake.

Faltu says I can’t leave you here. He says I will die if anything happens to you, its not possible, go out. She faints. He lifts Faltu and brings her outside. He asks her to open eyes. Faltu gets conscious and sees him.

He hugs her. She asks about the kids. Charan says they are fine. Ayaan says we won’t let Charan’s respect get stained. Faltu says I want to know who did this, someone had locked me there, I couldn’t

see that person’s face because of darkness. She asks who did this. She recalls Tanu’s words. She says Tanisha has sent me inside. Tanisha says yes, I was hearing sounds, maybe kids were doing that, I thought its rats, you are doubting me. Faltu looks at Ratan and Angoori.

She thinks they can’t do this. Ayaan says we have to find out who did this. Tanu gets angry. She goes to her room and cries. Sid calls Tanu and asks did Faltu’s house catch fire. She says yes, storeroom caught fire, everything is fine now, how do you know. Sid says mart’s staff member said that to me, he said Ayaan jumped in the fire to save Faltu, you didn’t tell me, is that true. She says yes. He says someone might have planned to kill Faltu. She says police will find out. He asks her to relax. Savita hears him and asks him about the fire. Sid tells them everything. Ayaan asks Inspector to find out who is trying to kill Faltu. Tanu comes. Charan says she is our guest.

Ayaan says the culprit might have left some clue. Inspector says we will try, do you have enmity with anyone. The constable says we got a kerosene can there. Inspector says take the finger prints. Angoori says I m happy with Ayaan and your relation, I can’t kill you, Faltu. Ratan says yes, we can never do this. Tanu says my mom knows the commissioner, she can help you in investigations. Faltu says it can’t be no one from the family, you can interrogate Pappi, maybe he did that.

Savita gets angry and says Ayaan jumped in the fire to save Faltu. Dadi asks her to calm down, Ayaan is fine. She asks her to talk to Ayaan. Sid says he truly loves Faltu, we should respect their love. Kanika comes and scolds him. Ayaan asks why would Pappi do this, he isn’t here. Faltu says he can fall to any extent to take revenge on us. Tanu says she is right, he is dangerous, he has done this. She thinks I will get a chance to handle Faltu. Faltu finds Ayaan hurt and takes him to do the aid. Tanu gets angry. Kanika argues with the family. She says if Ayaan marries Faltu, then I will make sure that he gets ousted from the house. She goes. Sid thinks who is trying to kill Faltu, is Tanu behind this.

Ayaan says I m okay. Faltu does the aid. She scolds him. He teases her and says I m getting pain in my heart. She smiles. She says remove the kurta. He says its too early, your dad didn’t say yes, will you do anything if its your house. She says I have to apply the ointment on the wound. He says oh, I thought. He sits. She applies the ointment. They have a moment. Tanu comes and stops Faltu.

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