Mehek update Wednesday 1st May 2019 #Mehek

Wednesday update on Mehek 1st May 2019

Mahek slips and falls on Shaurya, Shaurya looses balance and they both fall in mud. Pammi sees Shaurya and Mahek lying on mud. She says to Mahek that seems like you both slipped, Mahek be careful, come with me. Mahek gets up from Shaurya and goes with Pammi.

Shaurya is standing in his room and says Mahek is like storn, he sees Nehal talking with someone, he is not able to see that its Ajay. Nehal says to Ajay that i was fool to try to kill myself for you but now dont you dare come near me, dont touch me. Shaurya comes out of his room and sees its Ajay whom Nehal had affair with, he says oh God, Nehal tried suicide because of Ajay?

Mahek is wearing Shaurya’s blazer. She is cooking something in kitchen at night. She looks at mehndi filled hand and recalls ajay dancing with her and how she and Shaurya fell in mud. Shaurya calls her and says i want to meet you, i am coming to your house in 20minutes, Mahek says but.. he cuts call. Shaurya sees Ajay drunk in his living room and takes him to room.

Mahek is waiting for Shaurya on terrace, she says he said he will come in 20minutes, why did he not come till now? what work he has with me? he is not picking my call too. Shaurya comes there, its dark out there. Shaurya says i want to ask one question, tomorrow is your sangeet and wedding after two days, why you are doing this marriage? Mahek says because my family wants me to, Shaurya and says you?

Mahek looks away from him and says me too. Shaurya says look in my eyes and say this, Mahek says you came here for this joke? she turns away from him but Shaurya holds her hand and pulls her impossbily closer, Mahek says leave me, Shaurya says look in my eyes and say you love Ajay, Mahek says leave me, anyone will see us, Shaurya grabs her tightly and says look in my eyes and say.. Mahek looks in his eyes and says yes, i love Ajay, they both keep looking in each others eyes, Ae dil hail mushkil song plays, they are close and sharing eyelock, Mahek helplessly looks at him. Shaurya says next time give this answer wearing glasses so i wont be able to see your eyes, Mahek looks down, Shaurya moves away from her and leaves. Mahek is tensed and worried.

Its morning, Pammi asks her husband to get ready for sangeet. he says you are getting ready like its your wedding. Ajay comes there ready, he is wearing sunglasses, she asks him to take it off, he says i drank a bit last night so my eyes are puffy, father says we have given birth to drunkard, Pammi asks him to shut up.

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All are in sangeet venue. Mahek is brought there and sits on stage. Ajay’s family comes there. PD says to Ajay that your black glasses wont work, our Mahek’s charm will make you see stars. Pammi says people will make fun of your glasses. Ajay says i wanted to enjoy with my friends last night, its my wedding after all. Ajay comes and sits beside Mahek on stage.

Singers start sangeet ceremony. Sheetal and Sonal dances. Jeevan and Ravi starts dancing too, all are dancing but Mahek is not happy. Kanta and Mansi dances too. Sonal, Mohit and Nehal dances too. Pammi dances with her husband. Mansi brings Ajay and Mahek, all start dancing around them. Shaurya and Karona enters venue. Ajay is dancing around Mahek but she is uncomfortable. Shaurya comes infront of Mahek, they share eyelock.

Mahek becomes conscious and moves away. Ajay says my brother has come, he hugs Shaurya. Shaurya comes to Mohit and takes him aside, he tells something to Mohit. Mahek is looking at them from far. Mohit looks at Mahek tensely while Shaurya is telling him something. Mohit leaves with Shaurya. lights of venue are turned down. Shaurya says i have turned it off, i want to show you something to you people but before i want to tell you something.

He says to Ajay that you are great. Ajay says i love you too bro. Shaurya says you solved my problem, what i couldnt do, you did it, i tried to make Mahek understand but she didnt listen to me but maybe after seeing this, Mahek and her family will open their eyes.

Video plays, Ajay is drinking wine and says to Shaurya that thank you, i was getting tired with these wedding rituals, he is already drunk and says i will drink so much wine that i will become pig, as you know from tomorrow i will be pig for life. Shaurya says its just marriage, Ajay says have you seen face of girl i am marrying? Shaurya says if you dont like her then why marrying her? Ajay says Mahek is bloody boring. Mahek flinches hearing it.

Ajay says in video you know why i am marrying? i am marrying Mahek for money, she has 25lacs and its not less, once i will get her money, i will do business with you, i butter you to get you as business partner, I will give her divorce after two years of marriage then that fatso Mahek can go to Sharma stable to her mental family. Shaurya says very smart, Ajay says its super smart, i am real dude, you dont know how talented i am, when Mahek entered contest, i kept eyes on her, i sacrificed a lot for this wedding, i had affair with another girl but i dumped her for this marriage, she was hot and sexy, she was english and love was english too, you know her name? i fooled everyone, Mahek is gone, video ends. All angrily looks at Ajay.

Ajay says to Shaurya you dog.. Shaurya shouts be in your limits. Balwant slaps Ajay, all are content with it. Pammi says oldie have you gone mad? Balwant says be in your limits else i will slap you too. Ajay says if you raise hand again then you will go without hands to hell. Ravi grabs his collar and says i wont spare you, you cheated Mahek. Pammi says you all will die, PD asks her to leave with your dirt else, i will crush your head. Ajay says enough, if you people had rejected my proposal in closed doors then i might have forgiven you people but you people involved this Shaurya Khanna and insulted me infront of all guests, see what i do now. Mahek says what will you do? say what will you do? I forgot everything and was ready to start new life with you but what you did?

Ajay Parmar i was ready to marry you because of my family’s respect but i am not your property that you can use for two years and then throw it away. Ajay says you have tongue? you have become lioness now? yes i was marrying you for money, you know which girl i dumped for you? he looks at Nehal who is tensed. Ajay says she is hot and s*xy, she wears jeans and shorts, guess it, Kanta says leave Mahek.. Ajay says her name was.. Ajay holds Mahek’s hand forcefully.. Shaurya grabs Ajay by neck and shouts to leave her hand, he strangles Ajay’s neck and says you wanna go to Rajhistan?

I will just call and your father will be transferred to Rajhistan, Pammi says you are threatening us? Shaurya says i can call printing press which you used to print mine and Mahek’s posters, Ajay told me everything when he was drunk, i can file defamation case on you and send you to jail, its better if you shut your tongue and leave. Pammi says its good that this relation ended, we dont want to have relation with these kind of people, we break this relation.

Ajay says but 25lacs, Pammi leaves with him saying your wine costed us 25lacs. All guests leave. Jeevan says to Shaurya that you are favoring us one after and another, dont know how will we payback, Shaurya says you might call it favor but its my repentance. Mahek sadly goes to corner and sits on floor, Balwant is shocked too. Kanta is about to go to Mahek but Shaurya says Chachi.. he stops her and goes to Mahek.

He says to Mahek that why are you crying now? are you missing Ajay? did you really start loving Ajay? Mahek says do you even know what i am feeling? you are joking right now? Shaurya says i dont know how much pain you are feeling as only the one who got pained knows it, i just know how to distract you from it, the Mahek Sharma i know can do anything when she smiles, you need to understand your value first for others to understand it, promise me, he holds her and says promise me to not get in pressure again and take decision which will hurt you or your family, Mahek whispers i promise and admiringly looks at him, all family members are looking at them.

Shaurya makes her get up and says hold steering wheel of your life and take it where you want to, from tomorrow, make your identity yourself, make your life worthwhile, no girl needs any guy to build her life, you are Mahek and can spread your fragrance (Mahek) anywhere, Mahek admiringly gazes at him, Darmiyan song plays, they share eyelock, Shaurya comes closer and moves his hand to wipe her tears from her cheek but doesnt touch her face, he moves away and says Maa shall we go? he says to Mahek that i am leaving, bye.

He leaves with Karona while Mahek smiles. Shaurya comes out of venue. Nehal comes there and says thank you, she holds his hand and says you stopped me from doing mistake and saved my family today from insult, i was going to do suicide for person but you served him right, i cant do anything to thank you, Shaurya says you can do many things to thank me, you can take me to shopping as your sense of fashion is good, you can make me learn smartphones as i find them complicated and you can help me understand girls and most important, you can take care of you and your sister, girls dont need any guys, be strong and if anyone teases you then you know i have build biceps, take care of yourself and family, dont let anyone hurt, he leaves, Nehal smiles admiring him.

Mahek comes to her room and recalls Ajay’s words that he will divorce her after getting her money, she recalls Shaurya’s words that she needs to understand her value and she can spread her fragrance anywhere she goes. Mahek looks at her phone and calls Shaurya. Shaurya is in car with Karona. He sees Mahek calling but doesnt take it. Karona asks him to take call, he is lost looking at call, Karona says answer it.

Shaurya takes call and says say.. Mahek says sorry for disturbing you. Mahek says to Shaurya that i wanted to say something, Shaurya says all okay? Mahek says thank you very much, i promise you that you will see new Mahek from tomorrow who will live for herself alongwith living for others, Shaurya smiles and says best of luck, Mahek smiles dreamily, Ae dil hai mushkil plays, none of them ends call or say anything.. they are silent, Karona says what are you trying to understand? Shaurya comes out of his daze and says phone hanged, he ends call.

Mahek looks at her phone and is in daze. Karona says to Shaurya that Sharmas are good family, you did good by saving them from Pammi and family, i will make kheer (sweetdish) for you. Shaurya says i did what was right and what i had to do.

Shaurya and Karona reaches home. Karona comes out of car in garage, one car is racing towards her and stops just right infront of her.. Shaurya runs towards her and asks if she is fine? Vaitlana gets down from car, she is drunk and says sorry sister in law, did you get hurt? Shaurya shouts at her that this is house, not your racing track, who was driving car? blo*dy moron. Karona says i am fine, lets go inside, Shaurya says they should know how to drive.

Vaitlana asks man sitting on driving seat to come out, Mr. Shaurya Khanna wants to see your face. Karona and Shaurya is shocked to see the man coming out of car.. Shaurya says KD?

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