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Abhi indirectly tells Pragya about Kiara and says she is more cute than you. He asks if she is jealous? Pragya gets emotional and teary eyes. Abhi tells her that those who are not afraid of mouse are not strong, but those who are not afraid of goons and terrorists are strong and says he wants her to act. Pragya smiles.

The Boss asks the goons to make a peg and says he will go and check Tarun and the girl. Abhi signals to Pragya to take the handkerchief cloth from her feet. She takes it out. Abhi goes.

Neha tells the goons that she is feeling scared and asks them to make her sit with Tarun. The Goon says we will not do anything and asks her not to be scared. Neha says I am not scared of you, but thinking of the local people talks. She says they had said that this place is haunted. The Goons laughs and make sounds like a ghost, act.

Abhi comes running to the goons and asks them to save him from the ghost! They ask from where did he come inside? Abhi identifies the boss and calls him boss! The Boss asks how do you know I am the boss? Abhi says I know seeing your style and tells that he was in the car when he saw a ghost in the Veranda/Balcony. He says she was a beautiful ghost, I though she was a woman and tried to kiss her, but she turned into a ghost! The Boss says this is our place, we work here. The other goon asks if he is drunk? Abhi says I can see her there.

The Goon checks and says she is not there.
Abhi asks the goons to flee from there! The Boss asks if he is drunk and asks him to tell what he drank? Pragya makes the flash light fall on them and then appear infront of them as a ghost. They get scared seeing her. Abhi says she will get long teeth and long hairs very soon. She will drink blood. He thinks of how Pragya would move as they are looking at her? He tells that he saw a ghost’s sister. When they turn, Pragya goes to the balcony and scares them, he asks them to leave from her house!

Neha asks Pragya not to do anything and says they are kidnapped by the goons. She asks did Chucks hear? The Goons ask who is chucks? Abhi says Chucks means Witch in French. Pragya tells them that her lover was killed by her relative and she hates all men! The Goons says your legs are alright. Pragya says she turned her body. Abhi says she is modern ghost. She tells that she will kill Abhi first as she hates good looking ghost. Abhi says she thinks I’m good looking. He acts to be possessed and beats the goons. Pragya says did you see my strength and says she is coming down!

Pragya comes near them and acts as if he’s pressing Abhi’s neck. Abhi acts as if he is feeling suffocated. He acts as well after she has signaled to him. She says she will kill everyone! The Goons gets scared and leave.
Pragya asks Abhi to get up and says the goons has gone. Abhi and Pragya hug each other happily and then realizes it and breaks the hug. Abhi says done! Neha says she is here.

The Goons sit in the car. They ask where are the other goons? The other goons says it is good that we are scared. Tiger tells that if a ghost had entered inside them, how would they look like with a Woman Ghost inside a Man’s body? The Boss realizes Pragya’s hand touching him when he tried to escape from her and tells that they’ve all betrayed them! He asks Tiger to take a U-turn!

Pragya asks Neha if she is fine? Abhi asks about Tarun? Tarun says he is behind them. Abhi goes to open the rope and says you are very lucky to be saved by me. He says me that doesn’t like you is saving you. Pragya asks him to open the rope quickly! Abhi says I will tell him all the way. Pragya says let’s go. They get down the stairs when they see the Goons coming and aiming guns at them.
Abhi, Pragya and the others see the Goons standing and aiming a gun at them. Sonu says you fooled us! The Boss says the ghost became a human, and what did you think that you will hunt a tiger? She says I touched this ghost when I was running away, then I thought how could I touch her a ghost/witch since they don’t have a body?

Abhi says Pragya thinks a lot and said that we should play a ghost ghost in haveli. The Boss, Bhupli asks if She’s his wife? Pragya says no. Abhi says yes, She’s my wife and tells that Neha is his niece, and Tarun is his Wife’s brother. He asks the goons to keep both Pragya and Tarun and says they eat a lot. He asks them to say who wins with a wife? The Goon says that too in the night? Pragya asks what do you mean?

Abhi and Pragya start their argument. Pragya says you are humiliating me even here? Abhi says it’s a matter of our lives now. He says why did you insist on saving Tarun! Pragya says he is better than you and argues with him. She asks why he couldn’t act? Abhi says his acting was better than hers. He asks if she will push him? Pragya says no, why? Abhi asks her to push him. Pragya pushes him on the goons.

Abhi asks Pragya, Neha and Tarun to run and beats the goons. He also runs. Pragya finds the dead end and thinks what to do? Abhi runs out. Pragya, Neha and Tarun are kept captive again. The Boss says Abhi has eloped from here! Pragya says he will return. They claimed he won’t return! Pragya says he is not my husband!

Abhi comes out and realizes that they are still inside. The Goons comes out. Abhi asks them to let him go inside and not say that he didn’t give them a chance later on? He beats the goons and runs inside closing the door from the inside. The Goon thinks he had a good chance to elope, but he returned to the Tiger’s house to die!

Abhi comes to the hall where they are held captive and again locks the door. He then starts beating the goons who are inside. He opens Pragya’s rope while beating them. Pragya frees Neha and Tarun’s hands. A Goon holds Pragya. Abhi shouts and asks the goon to leave his Pragya!

The Goon leaves Pragya. Pragya comes to Abhi and hugs him. Abhi beats the goons with a stick. He then locks the goons inside the room.

The Boss tells the goons that they shouldn’t leave here alive! Abhi feels pain. Pragya asks what happened? Abhi tells about the scratch. Pragya goes to bring her bag and asks him to sit. She put the Ointment on her finger and gives the Ointment to Neha and Tarun. She asks Abhi where did he get hurt? Abhi says there? Pragya applies the Ointment on his chest wound. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays…. Abhi thanks her. Tarun and Neha smile.

The Goons manage to come out and says they will kill them! Abhi and Pragya comes out of the haveli. Pragya says the car keys? Abhi says it slipped somewhere. Pragya asks what will we do now? Abhi says running is the best! Pragya says they will go towards the car so we should go towards the Jungle area. The Goon searches for them.

Tanu and Aaliya comes there and sees Pragya’s car. They see the goons and ask if they saw Abhi, and shows his pic. The Boss asks who are you? Tanu says I am his wife.

The Boss says you’ll be kidnapped!
Abhi and Pragya run into the jungle with Neha and Tarun. He says we are safe now. He holds Pragya’s hand and says I am holding your hand being worried that if you fall, then I’ll have to lift you. He asks Tarun and Neha not to run faster, or else, a Tiger might come and eat them for lunch. Pragya says dinner. Abhi says I don’t know if the Tiger already had dinner or lunch! He holds Pragya’s hand and walks. Main phir bhi tumko plays… Abhi thinks life is a circle and beautiful, but same thing can’t happen again.

Pragya gets emotional and asks him to leave her hand. Abhi says what if any thorn pierce her skin? Pragya says I can take care of myself and starts walking. Abhi gets upset and thinks he will not hold anyone’s hand! A Man sees them and thinks it seems they are the same one who eloped from Bhupi’s haveli.

The Boss tells Tanu and Aaliya that Abhi got married in the jungle and he’s enjoying with his wife. Tanu says I am his second wife and the one who is with him is his first wife! The Boss says they are ready to die for each other. Tanu asks him to shut up!

Bhupi boss gets a call. The Informer who saw them tells him about Abhi and Pragya. Bhupi says I am coming there which is going to be their death! Aaliya and Tanu get tensed.

Pragya thinks if she said so much to Abhi and thinks how to tell him the truth? Abhi says I don’t care for those who doesn’t matter to me, I don’t like you. He says I ignored your talks. Pragya says didn’t you feel bad? Abhi says no and tells that his responsibility is Neha and Tarun, and you are just an extra! He sees Neha and Tarun holding each other’s hands as they walk side to side and tries to stop them. Neha says they are just passing their time. Abhi says okay. Pragya hears some sound and stops. Abhi asks her to come.

The Boss asks Aaliya to give the amount for ransom money. Aaliya says you will not get any amount for the ransom money! The Boss shoots at their car and tells Aaliya that he needs money to take his Men to the hospital! He asks Tiger to shoot them if they don’t give them any money!

Tanu asks how can you shoot us? The Boss says my name is Bhupi and I can kill anyone! He shoots at his own Man and tells that his Man was weak and old, so he shot him! Tanu tells the Boss that she will call someone and asks him to arrange the money. The Boss gives his phone to her. He tells his Men to kill Pragya, Neha and Tarun, but bring Abhi alive, as he needs to settle down scores with him! The Informer tells them the address. Tiger says we are coming there.

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