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Thursday update on Mehek 27th June 2019

Shaurya finally makes Mahek wear garland without her dupatta slipping. Svetlana comes to Nehal and says you should be careful, Mahek’s dupatta is slipping, fix it. Nehal goes and fix Mahek’s dupatta on her head.

Mahek and Shaurya’s wedding is going on. Dance performances start. First Nehal and Vicky comes on stage and dances on Bole Chooriyan song, all enjoy their entertaining dance and cheer for them. Munjal keeps hinting at Rajesh and Karona that they have less time. Rajesh says to Karona that I have arranged money, it will be here soon, dont worry. Shaurya and Mahek comes stage too, they dance with Vicky and Nehal. Shaurya pulls Mahek closer and dances with her. Svetlana sees candles on stage and gets tensed that dupatta can catch fire rightnow and its not right time. Nehal comes to Mahek and says your dupatta is creating trouble for you, let me put it aside, she takes it off from her head. Svetlana sees dupatta missing from Mahek’s head. She comes to Nehal and asks where is her dupatta? Nehal is unable to hear her because of loud music. Svetlana tells grandma that her dupatta is missing. They turn around and are stunned to see Vicky dancing using that dupatta. Svetlana comes to Vicky and tries to take dupatta from him but he dances and throws it away, Svetlana gets tensed and tries to find dupatta, she sees it on floor and takes it. Jeevan says lets go upstairs, priest is calling. Mahek starts going but asks Nehal where is her dupatta? Nehal says you go, I will bring it. Svetlana brings it and puts dupatta on her head, Mahek thanks her and goes. Svetlana and Grandma smirks and mimics death phrase.

Mahek comes to mandap, Shaurya is waiting for her there, all smile. Grandma says when she will sit in mandap, her dupatta will catch fire from havan, she will die in her wedding’s fire. Karona blesses Mahek. Dolly says what are you doing here? you cant come in son’s wedding, it can cast evil spell. Grandma says this Dolly is destroying everything. Mahek says mother’s blessing is most important in wedding, Dolly says you are a city girl but we still believe that mother is a bad omen in son’s wedding. Mahek says Shaurya have faith in his mother more than God, he wouldnt like that you asked Karona Maa to not come to mandap. Grandma says this Dolly is wasting, she comes to Dolly and says we dont have to follow rituals and traditions, lets start wedding, all nod, Mahek goes to mandap. Pundit says to Shaurya that she is going to be your and you have to listen to her from now on, stand beside her, Shaurya stands beside her and smiles at her. Svetlana murmurs that when flame will start on havan, Mahek will die..


Shaurya comes to Mahek, he takes off his shoes. Vicky hides it under carpet. Mohit says to Sonal and Nehal that we can become rich if we steal Shaurya’s second hand shoes, be ready my robbers. Vicky says we can give life if you ask but for ritual sake, you wont get those shoes. Mahek and Shaurya starts to go to mandap, Mahek trips, Shaurya holds her waist and balances her. Shaurya says i am saving you for tenth time, you tripped so much, Mahek says dont act so hero.

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Nehal asks Vicky to give shoes her, she says please cutely, he says I can give life if you ask but I cant give these, Dolly asks Vicky to be strong and dont give in, Ravi asks Nehal to keep trying. Mahek and Shaurya sit in mandap.

Svetlana sees Mahek’s dupatta near havan, she thinks that explosive dupatta will catch fire from havan’s fire soon, she waits and thinks why its not blasting? Suddenly Mahek’s dupatta catches fire, Mahek screams. Shaurya throws dupatta away from her, he drapes sheet around her and hugs her, he says dont worry, I am here Mahek. Kanta asks if she is fine? Mahek says just my hand burned, Shaurya checks it. Dolly says i told you son’s mother here is bad omen.

Mahek says why this is happening with us? Shaurya says dont worry, I am here, I am with you, he kisses her forehead and hugs her. Mohit says how did this fire start? Nehal says Mahek’s dupatta must have touched and caught fire. Shaurya checks Mahek’s burned dupatta, he smells it and smells explosive material laced inside. He glares at Svetlana. He takes off dupatta from Mahek and Svetlana what is all this? why there is explosive smell in it? why there is wire in it? what is going on?

Svetlana says I dont know, i didnt give this dupatta, Shaurya asks who brought this dupatta? Mahek says grandma gave it to me. Grandma gets tensed and says I gave it but someone swapped dupattas, my dupatta didnt have any explosive. Ravi says how can anyone change it? there is such tight security then how did this happen? Shaurya asks to call inspector Munjal.
Munjal is getting drunk in bar, he says to policeman that Shaurya and Mahek can burn down, i dont care, tell them I am having dinner.

Grandma says we should postpone wedding and do peace pooja. Shaurya says no this wedding will happen and it will happen as it was planned. He says to Mahek that we will get married and we will get married as we wanted. Policeman comes there, Shaurya asks where is Munjal? policeman says Munjal said he doesnt care if Shaurya burns down or his wife, Shaurya gets angry and leaves.

Shaurya comes to Munjal and slaps him, he says how dare you say that? you know what happened today? my wife could have burned down, Munjal says how dare you slap a policeman? be in your limits. Shaurya says i will show you limits. Shaurya calls commissioner, he says to commissioner that your inspector didnt check security and my wife could have burned down, Shaurya gives phone to Munjal. Munjal talks to commissioner and says everything is fine, he ends call.

Munjal says are you God? are you king? you dont know what I am, Shaurya says what are you? Munjal yells that I wont spare you now, Vicky says Shaurya commissioner will handle him, leave him, Munjal says you dont know what I am capable of, Shaurya shouts what he can do? Munjal says you just see what I will do now, Vicky drags Shaurya away from there. Munjal says Shaurya got in mess with me, now he has to pay.

Mahek gets ready again in her room. Dolly says this was bad omen even before wedding happened. Shaurya comes there and says to Mahek that i dont care about all these rituals, I have already accepted you as my wife so I dont care about anything, if you want us to get married later then I will delay wedding, if you want wedding to happen today then I will make sure it happens today, I love you and if you are with me then I can take on world, I can face any problem, so you decide if you want wedding today or later?

Mahek says no, I want to become Mrs. Shaurya Khanna today only, we have seen everything, we have gone through everything, I just want to get married to you tonight, we will get married rightnow, Shaurya nods and says I will wait in mandap for you, he leaves.

Karona is standing outside wedding venue. Mansi asks her to come inside, Karona says no, if what Dolly said is true then I dont want to come in, Mansi says since when you believe it? Karona says I dont want to become problem in wedding, so i will come after kanyadan, Mansi nods and leaves.

Rajesh meets Munjal and says you wont say anything. Munjal says your son suspended me? I will send him to jail for killing, should I call commissioner? and tell him about your son? Rajesh says you will get your money, Munjal says if I dont get my money in time then I will make you all naked.

Karona comes there and says talk in limit. Munjal shouts that you dont talk about limits, I havent received my payment till now, if you dont give me money then I will send your son to jail. Karona says we will throw your money at your face, dont scream. Munjal yells that I am not a dog that you will throw money, I can send your son to jail, I will make you all naked infront of media if you dont give me money.

Shaurya and Mahek comes in mandap, Shaurya asks where is Karona Maa? Mahek says wedding cant happen without her, bring her Shaurya, Shaurya nods and turns to leave. Mahek recalls how Shaurya left her alone at alter when they were getting married first. She turns and says Shaurya.. I am waiting for you right here in this mandap. Shaurya says I am bring Maa here to spend whole life with you from now on, please wait for me, Mahek calms down hearing it, Miley ho tum humko plays, Shaurya leaves.

Munjal says to Karona that I will tell everyone what Shaurya did. Karona tries to stop him but Munjal pushes him away. Karona falls down, Shaurya comes there and sees Karona fallen on floor, he shouts Munjal. Shaurya kicks Munjal and beats him, he says how dare you raise hand on my mother? Shaurya beats him. Karona pleads him to stop, Munjal shouts that you know who I am? I did favor on you thats why you are living a good life otherwise you would be in jail. Shaurya grabs his collar.. Munjal shouts you are a killer.. Shaurya is shocked, Karona is terrified.

Munjal says you know you killed whom? Karona silently pleads him to not tell. Shaurya says what rubbish is this? are you that drunk? Munjal pushes him away, Shaurya asks Karona what is going on? Munjal says I will tell you. Shaurya says I want to know truth. Munjal says you wanna truth? you know what sin you did 12 years back? the girl you are marrying, you crushed and killed that girl’s parents under your car. Shaurya is frozen hearing it.

Shaurya breakdowns hearing truth from Munjal, he sits down. Munjal comes to him and says truth is bitter, you would suspend me? threaten me? what happened now?
Mahek is waiting for Shaurya in mandap. Svetlana says to grandma that Shaurya left Mahek at alter earlier too and this time I hope it doesnt happen, Mohit goes to check on Shaurya.

Shaurya says to Karona that you knew Mahek was their daughter? Karona says I didnt want to break you, I didnt want to snatch your happiness so I didnt say anything. Munjal says I will bring storm in your lives when I tell truth to Mahek’s family.
Ravi says to family that where is Shaurya? he is not taking call too. Jeevan says we should send Mahek to room till Shaurya comes back, Mahek says no, Shaurya promised to come, he would, I will wait here.

Shaurya turns to leave, Karona asks where are you going? Shaurya says I am going to tell truth to Mahek, Karona says you know what her family would do? they would hate you, Shaurya says we promised each other to tell every truth and share everything, Karona says you want to break Mahek? last time you left her at alter and this time you want to tell her truth in mandap? she would breakdown, we dont know what she might do in this condition, Rajesh says all our property is on Mahek’s name, we cant take risk.

Karona says its not about money, how can you injure Mahek at this time? Shaurya says you want me to live life with this wound for life? i cant, Karona says marry her, keep her happy for life, give her everything she deserves, make a happy life with her, she has right to know the truth but this is not the time to tell her truth, she would breakdown completely, Karona cries and hugs her.

In mandap, Pundit says time is wasting, where is Shaurya? Mahek says I will bring him, Kanta says have you gone mad? you cant leave mandap, Mahek says no I will bring him, she turns and sees Shaurya coming there. Mahek gets elated, she runs to him and hugs him, Shaurya cant even look in her eyes. PD says handsome if you worry my Mahek next time, I would make you live in my house after wedding. Shaurya looks away, Khamoshiyan plays, Jeevan says you made us tensed Shaurya.

Karona says Shaurya lets go for wedding, see your bride is looking and waiting for you, Mahek smiles at Shaurya, Shaurya silently goes to mandap with Mahek but is in pain.
Shaurya comes to mandap and sits beside Mahek but is in trance, Mahek asks Shaurya why he seems tensed? he loks away, Mahek thinks that Shaurya we wont hide anything from each other ever, Shaurya recalls how Karona said that he would break Mahek if he tells her truth, he recalls how Munjal said that he killed her parents. Mahek asks Shaurya if anything happened? Shaurya shakes his head.

Priest asks them to get up for pheras. Mahek gets up but Shaurya is in trance, Mahek calls him out, Shaurya thinks that I am sorry Mahek, I am hiding such big truth from you but I love you way too much, I cant leave you, if I tell you truth then you would leave me but I need you in my life, I cant lose you, you are mine Mahek. Shaurya gets up, Mahek asks what happened? Shaurya says nothing would happen, you are mine and only mine, you will be mine for life, I love you Mahek, Mahek blushes and holds his hand. Mahek and Shaurya starts taking pheras, Mahek holds Shaurya’s hand and leads him in pheras while Shaurya is still in haze.

They complete pheras, priest says wedding is finished. All hug each other. Shaurya takes sindoor(vermilion) and is about to fill Mahek’s forehead but recalls Munjal’s words that the girl he is marrying, he crushed and killed that girl’s parents under his car, Shaurya stops but then he fills her forehead with sindoor Shaurya looks at Mahek and makes her wear mangalsutra while totally distracted and thinks that I am sorry Mahek, I am your sinner but I dont have guts to accept my crime. Mahek Shaurya touches Karona’s feet after wedding is complete, Rajesh leaves from there before Shaurya can go to him.

Shaurya and Mahek takes Balwant’s blessing, they come to Kanta but she says first take Mahek’s parents’ blessing, this was done with their prayers. Shaurya and Mahek comes to Mahek’s parents photo, Shaurya recalls how he crushed Mahek’s parents under his car, how he killed them. Shaurya tries to light matchstick to lit diya under their photo but his hand shivers, Mahek holds his hand and makes lit diya under their photo. They bow their heads infront of photo. Shaurya is trance, Mahek asks him to not be tensed, everything is fine. Vicky says car is here.

Munjal signs papers. Rajesh says its written on papers that for this money, you would leave this city, if you are seen in Delhi again then I will send you to jail, Munjal sees bag filled with money, he signs papers and gives it to Rajesh. He whispers bye to Svetlana and leaves. Svetlana says to Rajesh that this girl gave you money loss as soon as she entered our house, dont know what will happen next, She will bring you on roads soon, Rajesh gets angry hearing it.

Mahek starts to leave wedding venue with Shaurya. Mahek silently weeps. Kanta gives her gift, she says always keep it with you as your parents blessing, your parents have given us values, build your and Shaurya’s relation on those values. Mahek says I promise that I would never bring shame to you, I promise to fulfill this relation no matter what happens. Shaurya and Mahek leaves from venue. They get a gift from hotel staff.

Mahek sits in car with Shaurya, Mahek lies her head on Shaurya’s shoulder and feels sleepy, Shaurya is looking away, Mahek looks at him. She has her parents photo in her hand which Kanta gifted her. Mahek says to Shaurya that I am going away from my house but you seem more sad than me, what is it Shaurya? Shaurya says Mahek I.. I.. she asks what? Shaurya looks at her parents photo.

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