King of hearts update Thursday 27th June 2019

Thursday update on King of hearts 27th June

The episode starts with Sid asking Yash to tell his lady love’s name. He says Roshni. Sid is surprised to hear that. Yash then says he is talking about chinese lamp light/roshni and says let us go and light chinese lamp. They both go and light it and fly it in air.

Mona asks her plastic doll daughter Sam why did not she help DD when she took care of them so well till now and even funded her US education. Sam (expressionless, fevicol face) says Roshni took away all that favor by breaking her marriage and says as soon as she saves some money, they will move out of DD’s house.

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Sid after lighting chinese lamp with Yash hopes Roshni to see it. Roshni on the other side sees the lamp and thinks Sid took away light of her life. Yash and Sid then reach their hotel and continue talking.

Roshni sees inebriated Yash talking to someone and even their voices, but does not identify Sid’s voice. They both go and sleep in their respective rooms. In the morning, Yash calls Sid and invites him for breakfast. Sid says he is afraid that he is going away from his wife each passing day. Yash asks him not to worry and to come fast for breakfast. Roshni comes to his room and asks whom he was with last night. He says a new friend from India who is staying in their hotel and says he will meet us at breakfast.

Sid on the other side gets Raj’s call who informs him that Roshni knows he has come here. Sid says he will find her soon. He takes Roshni’s ID card pic and sees Yash garments written on it. He starts searching the address on the street. Roshni while having breakfast asks Yash his new bestfriend’s name. Yash says he did not ask. They both wait for Sid, but he does not turn up. Roshni says he will not come and was just time passing with him. ?Yash says he is not and must have got some important work.

After breakfast Roshni walks on street and gets into cab, Sid also gets into cab and they both are surprised to see each other. Roshni tries to get out of cab, but Sid holds her hand. Tere liye hum hain jiye…song plays in the background. They both get emotional and tears roll down their cheeks. Roshni then gets out of cab and runs, Sid follows her. She runs into a boat. He also gets int boat and stops. She asks to leave her. He says he is searching her since 6 months and asks why did she hide. She says she hates him. He says she loves him a lot and is afraid her feelings will develop again, so she is hiding from him and does not want to see in his eyes. He says he wanted to tell truth many times, but found her and DD fighting, so he continued lying to unite them. He says he was like a dead person since 6 months without her. She says she only hates him now and if he needs her back, he should get back DD’s dignity and fix Sam’s marriage. He says he cannot correct what already happened, but they can start a new life. She says life is related to past and when he cannot correct past, she does not want him back in her life. He says he will not come behind her, but she will herself will come behind him now, it is his promise and he will wait till that day.

Naani brings food for DD. DD says she is not hungry. Naani says she can see she has not slept well and is worried about Roshni. DD says she is worried Sid will meet Roshni. Naani says they both are husband and wife and nobody can stop them from uniting. DD says she will make sure they don’t unite. Naani continues to confront her, but DD is adamant. Her boss’s client comes to her house and requests her to design jewelry for her daughter’s wedding. DD agrees with a condition that client will not interfere until she prepares designs. Once client leaves, DD gets nervous about completing order. Naani says she is sure her daughter will complete it. DD thanks her.

Roshni reminisces Sid’s words and thinks why did he come back to her life. Yash calls her and asks if she will miss even lunch. Roshni says she is not feeling well today.

Raj comes home, and Simran asks if Sid called him. She says why father and son are hell bent on troubling him. Raj says they are trying not to trouble her and says she would ask Sid to be away from his wife, but Sid is very adamant and will make sure unites with Roshni and bring her back. Crook Rajveer hears their conversation and thinks if Roshni comes back, he will be kicked out of house, so he has to do something.

Roshni sees news about Sid’s accident and taken back to India via flight and gets worried for him. Sid is taken to hospital by Raj, Siram and her puppets Krutika (ugly vamp) and Rajveer (thug). Simran (dumb aunt) starts yelling that Sid’s accident happened because of Roshni. Raj asks her to stop her yelling and to open her eyes, if something happens to his son, he will not spare her and her puppet/baffoons.

Yash checks Roshni’s room and gets to know that she left for Mumbai. DD who is busy designing jewelry gets his call who informs that Roshni left for Mumbai without informing anybody. She gets worried and says Sid must have met and taken her back.

Raj sees Sid unconscious on bed fighting for life and cries. Roshni reaches hospital. DD calls her, but she cuts call. DD gets irked, but calms down seeing news about Sid’s major accident in Bangkok. Naani hears about it and gets worried for Sid.

Simran prays god to save her son. Roshni wears veil and passes from behind her. Kritika (ugly vamp) asks Simran to stop crying and to have food at canteen. Simran says her son is in critical condition and she cannot eat, but agrees on Kritika’s insistence (selfish dumb vamp, how on earth a mother can be so selfish and thinking of food when her son is dying).

Roshni sees Raj outside Sid’s room and hides. Raj thinks if Sid dies, he will get all his property. Roshni disguises as nurse and gets into Sid’s room.

The episode starts with Roshni entering Sid’s hospital room disguised as nurse and gets emotional seeing him unconscious on bed. She starts crying vigorously.

Kritika asks Simran to relax and says soon Sid will realize who are their dear ones. DD comes to hospital and enquires receptionist about Sid’s room. Simran sees her and asks if she came here to trouble her son more. DD says she does not want to listen to her rubbish and says she came to take back her daughter Roshni. Simran surprisingly asks if Roshni is here.

Roshni holds Sid’s hand and while crying confesses that she loves him even now. She asks if he likes troubling her and asks to wake up for her. She sleeps on his chest and holds his head. Sid opens his eyes and holds her hands.

Simran stops DD and asks her dare not to enter her son’s room. DD repeats she came to take back her daughter. Raj comes there and meets DD. DD says she came here to take back Roshni. He says if Roshni is here, he is sure Sid will be saved. Simran (dumbest) asks how can he support Roshni and DD when they made their son’s life hell. Raj asks Simran to wake up and see without Roshni, Sid cannot live and he woke up seeing her. He goes to meet Sid and Roshni, leaving Simran and her crook gang irked.

Sid looks at Roshni and asks if she goes back again, he will die. Roshni gets up and runs from there. Sid tries to run behind her but falls. Raj comes with doc and holds her. Sid says he wants to stop Roshni and met with an accident purposefully to make Roshni realize that she still loves him even if he dies. He sees Roshni standing with DD, Simran and her crooks. He smiles and tells Roshni he knew she will come back for sure and cannot see him in danger. He asks if she has forgiven him. She asks to stop his drama and says she heard what she wanted to and walks out. Sid runs behind him and stops her.

Roshni says if he tought he will risk his life and get her back, then he is wrong and not will change. He says a lot has changed and says he was waiting and searching her for 6 months and she herself came back to him, though his way was wrong. He asks her to think why did she come back, she heard her heart’s voice and loves him a lot. She says she heard her heart’s voice and is repenting. She tries to walk out, but he holds her again and says she has to listen to her heart and realize that she loves her a lot. She asks him not to trap her again. He asks her to express her love and stop all this.

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