Meet in love update Tuesday 21 June 2022

Meet in love 21 June 2022: Amma says to Anubha ask her to leave so that Manushi can live in her room, pity she is living like thief. Meet walks in and ask who is hiding. Amma says don’t talk me ask your mom. Anubha says nobody is hiding we were talking on different topic go and clean cooler so that I’ll keep it in store room. Meet ask Anubha tell me. Anubha says there is one monkey who hides all the time. Amma says she will not tell, holds Meet hand and says get ready to ho to your in-laws Anubha will drop you there. Anubha come and stop Amma says don’t do stop. Amma says what stop now her husband also left her here will you take care of her whole time. Anubha saya she will not go.

Amma take her but while walking Meet drop a watch from table she look at watch stop. Anubha says stop it she will go when she want. Amma says if you will not go then I’ll go to drop her. Meet pick up watch thinks Meet Ahlawat’s watch is dead after falling. Anubha ask waht happen. Meet says this watch is not working and its mirror is also broke it’s bad omen I think so something bad will happen. Anubha says nothing will happen don’t worry, Meet Ahlawat walks out in anger that’s why you are thinking like this come sit, earlier you only consolidated me for the situation now you have to keep patience you have respect of two houses and Raj also have faith in new, no need to think much on small fight.

Meet says we fought earlier but this time I’m very nervous like something bad will happen and tgis watch is also not working. Anubha says don’t worry and take her to pooja room and shows the godess ideol says she won’t let anything bad happen to you. Meet pray please take care of Meet Ahlawat.Manushi on phone says to Kunal come back soon Meet is going back to in-law house and start celebrating.Goons interrogation a person. Kunal walks in one of the dealer threaten Kunal. Kunal says by hitting me you can satisfy yourself but cannot take revenge, I found out who informed police about your drug packet and show Meet’s photo says it’s Meet Huddah she is very dangerous.

Dealer says why should we trust you. Kunals ays you can call police and know the truth. Dealer says because of her we got loss will not leave her and ask where can I find her. Kunal says she just left with her husband on Chandigarh Highway and don’t spare her she is dangerous.Meet unable to light dia. Anubha says first calm yourself, women are always fighting for there marriage just like Kaashi Bae become her husband strength.Drug Dealer get to Meet Ahlawat. Meet try to light dia but burn herself. Meet Ahlawat shouts what happen cant you see. Drug Dealer ask Meet Ahlawat where is your wife. Meet Ahlawat thinks so they know her.

Meet light dia. Anubha says just like Kashe Bai was Baji Rao’s pride same way yoyi are Meet Ahlawat’s pride, Raj ahs trusted you on this marriage, and with true efforts you can eliminate darkness.Meet Ahlawat shouts talk to her and stay away from me. Drug Dealer call him out and says your wife gave our drug packet to police and we won’t spare her foe this. Meet Ahlawat remember that packet and thinks how did that come into my car. Other goon says call her right now. Meet Ahlawat first we will talk a bit.

Anubha says you have to support and take care of Meet Ahlawat. Meet try to stop fia from going off. Anubha says to Meet you have to take pledge in front of goddess that you will never leave Meet Ahlawat. Meet take pledge and says I’ll never leave him alone.Meet Ahlawat gets in fight with drug dealer. Meet Ahlawat get hit on his head and Dealer ask his mate to call his wife. Meet gets call from Meet Ahlawat’s phone. Meet Ahlawat start feeling dizzy. Meet try to call Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat is beaten very badly. Anubha ask Meet who called you. Meet says it’s Meet Ahlawat and hear store room door noise.

Meet follow the sound and go to store room and find Manushi on floor with stool on her top. Anubha gets worried. Meet take Manushi out. Drug Dealer chocking and beating Meet Ahlawat.Meet and Anubha take Manushi in room. Amma walks in worried. Meet remember and connect all the dots says you bith already knew and why did you hid her. Meet says to Anubha you know I was looyfir her but still you told me lie. Anubha says how could I tell Meet Ahlawat was here and I don’t want to spoil your relation. Meet ask where was she and with whom she ran. Anubha says don’t worry go to your in-laws house forget this. Meet says I’ll not go until I talk to her. Amma says Manushi is gains conscious. Meet ask Manushi where did you ran, you have to give answer tell me with you ran with Kunal. Anubha ask who is Kunal.

Manushi says I don’t know, I got hit in head and she is acting wierd, who is Kunal I don’t know. Meet says then tell why did you ran and with whom. Amma stops her and says she ran for you. Meet says what is she saying tell me.Meet Ahlawat badly injured falls on ground and try to get his phone but get beaten. Anubha gets call from Meet. Meet picks Meet Ahlawat phone and says goons near highway come… Meet in panickDrug dealer hitting Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat calls Meet and say goons near highway. Meet gets panick and run toward Meet Ahlawat. Meet see Meet Ahlawat badly injured she dodges and beat every Goon to save Meet.

Drug dealer say I’ll kill him. Meet badly hit Drug dealer. Other goons traps Meet but she looo at godess idol, pray to god to her her power to fight. Meet beat them with hockey and thinks I need to take him hospital but first I need to dodge them. Everyone hear police siren. Drug dealer run away. Meet uses her phone to make that sound she look at Meet Ahlawat and says talk to me keep your eyes open, I’ll take you to hospital and shouts for help. Meet start looking for car keys. Meet start crying and shouts for help pray yo god and see rickshaw.

Meet gets that rickshaw takes it to Meet Ahlawat and with very difficulty put him in rickshaw. Meet ties him with a belt and rides the rickshaw but the its chain dislocates, she get down to repair but couldn’t, start dragging the rickshaw with her hands. Few men rush to help them.Babita feeling uneasy. Ragini and Isha with her ask her to lie down and says to take care. Isha says I’ll call Meet Ahlawat and call him back. Babita says no need to call he will not feel good.Meet in hospital calls for doctor and ask him to check him. Doctor ask what happen to him. Meet says some goons attacked us.

Doctor says then this is a police case have you filed FIR. Meet says I’ll do it. Doctor says I cannot admit him. Meet shows him phone and says aren’t you updated about the law’s, new rule says you don’t FIR to admit a patient I’ll file a case against you. Doctor says okay and ask how is he related to you. Meet remembers waht Meet Ahlawat said to her regarding her relation and remember her oath and says I’m his wife and ask doctor to examine him.Doctor takes him to OT. Meet calls Raj. Raj picks up and ask what happen. Meet ask Raj to come to lifeline hospital because Meet Ahlawat is injured. Raj says I’m coming.

Meet says don’t worry. Meet pray to God. Meet ask sister how is he. Sister says he has lost lot of blood and we need atleast 1500ml for which you need 3 people, go to blood bank with them ask them to donate and take blood from them, do it quickly.Meet donates her blood. Nurse ask him to get two more people. Meet says I don’t have any one please help and take mine. He says not possible we need different people.Meet goes outside and sees there already rush for blood donation.Meet goes to other hospital and say she will donate her blood for in exchange of B+ blood. A guy walks in says I need to donate blood. Doctor says you are already weak you cannot do it and he leaves. Meet thinks she will go to any extent to help him and goes to donate blood.

Doctor ask her to use pressure ball. Meet hols it but drop a slip. Doctor ask what is this it looks like of other hospital slip. Meet says no need to worry just take my blood it’s emergency. Doctor ask are you okay you feel lto be weak. Meet start feeling dizzy she go out of hospital with blood. She stumble in her bad stage she reaches hospital in bad state. She hands blood to nurse. Sister says it’s enough we don’t need any more and leaves. Meet faints.

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