Meet in love update Wednesday 22 June 2022

Meet in love 22 June 2022: Meet give blood to nurse. Nurse says it’s enough we don’t any more. Meet faints and drop her Mangla Sutra. Meet wakes up in anxiety and remember what Anubha said to her, she gets up and pick her Mangla Sutra and go. Nurse try to stop her but she start looking for Meet Ahlawat and see Raj. Meet ask Raj how’s Meet Ahlawat what doctor said, it’s all my fault I must have gone with him, Babita is right I’m unable to take care of him, goons beat him badly he was bleeding and was in pain I cannot even imagine, Babita was right I gave her promise but couldn’t keep that, you have faith in me but still I cannot do a simple work you beat me and start hitting herself with Raj hands.

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Raj says what are you doing you didn’t fail, Meet Ahlawat is fine he is out of danger doctor said. Meet pray to God and thanks them. Raj says you saved him, brought him to hospital, gave your blood, you are his saviour, I never thought you will go this beyond, you are shield to him and ask her to smile I cannot see you crying. Meet says sorry I’m emotional and happen sometimes only when. Raj says in front of father and I’m also same like him. Meet says you father to me and hugs himNurse walks in and ask them to bring medicine. Raj go to bring medicine. Meet go yo see Meet Ahlawat and look at him from outside and thinks I take and oth to never let him be alone and wear her Mangle Sutra.

Kunal happy and says now they must have beaten Meet badly and now I can live freely, he gets call from Manushi and says now I have to leave her then I can live happily. He gets call from Loan wala and says these are goons he pick up call and ask how’s the situation did you take revenge. Goon says he gave our skech to police we are wanted and it’s all because of you if we get caught then you are coming with us and hangs up call. Kunal says now I have to leave this city or no body will leave me.

Raj in ICU beside Meet Ahlawat says wht he did wrong that they beatun up him this badly who attacked him. Meet says I already filed an FIR and gave there sketch to police.Kunal start walking and see his Mini Kunal who says look down. Kunal says who are you. Mini Kunal says you are trying to move out of city but where you will go you don’t have money to survive that’s why be cool and think. Kunal says this way I need to go to Manushi to steal her necklace and make her broke.Nurse walks in and says he is stable now but need to be taken care so one of you have ti wait here and stay.

Raj says you are tiered you must go home I’ll ask driver to drop you. Meet says I cannot go home, I’ll stay I’m fine. Raj says you need rest too if you become weak then I’ll shatter go and take rest. Meet says I cannot deny you that’s why I’m going, take care of him they hut him badly and when he wakes up give him warm water and if you need any help just call me I’ll come, she start leaving and remember what happen to Meet Ahlawat, she see his leg shivering rush, cover him with sheet and start leaving. After looking everything Raj ask Meet to stay here he needs you more then me and Babita is also sick I’ll take care of him she got attack of migraine, I didn’tell her yeat will tell her in morning about Meet Ahlawat. Meet says okay you must go and he leaves. Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat and says wake up I don’t like you like this, I like when you fight with me and start crying.

Nurse walks in and says don’t let him move his palm because he is very badly injured if he move his palm it will be difficult to stop that bleeding and will take time to recover. Meet holding Meet Ahlawat hand drag stool from her leg and sit on it, gets sleepy and drop his hand. Meet Ahlawat react in pain. She wakes up gets alert and see her elbow bleeding she take a bandage and tie one ead in Meet Ahlawat’s hand and other end to a wall mounted light for support. Meet drop his hand but he react in and she says what should I do now and tie other bandage to support but that didn’t help, she remembers how Meet Ahlawat helped her in every injury and tie third bandage for support to stand but didn’t got any help.

Meet slept while holding Meet Ahlawat’s hand. Meet Ahlawat wakes up and see Meet holding his hands and sleeping and how his hands are tied to hold it in air. Meet Ahlawat remember what he said to her for not showing her face.Anubha praying to God says you helped Meet Ahlawat from getting badly injured and says I have one question why all the hardship is in my Meet’s life, how much will you test her more. Someone ring door bell, Anubha go and open door sees Kunal and ask didn’t you leave. Kunal says I have some important work so thought first finish them and then leave for that I need to stay here. Anubha says there are many hotels here. Manushi rushes to Kunal, Parth you here and how did this happen.

Parth say I met with an accident. Manushi says sad and says mummy he saved my life in Mumbai and you are insulting him. Parth says it’s okay I’ll stay somewhere else and start leaving. Manushi holds his hand, Anubha finds it suspicious. Manushi says Parth you helped me in an unknown city and so you can stay in my small house for however you want and goes inside with Kunay.Manushi give Kunal water and whisper thankgod you arr back I was worried. Anubha thinks why is he back.

Raj ask Isha where is Babita. Isha says she went with Chavi and mummy to meet to a specialist Masum suggested. Raj says good where did they go to his clinic. Isha says no, to Lifeline hospital near highway. Raj gets worried and thinks Meet Ahlawat is in same hospital and says to Isha you carry on have your breakfast. Isha says come have some with me. Raj says no and think might Babita will see him.

Nurse walks in greet Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Meet wakes up worried and says is your hand bleeding god knows how I slept, she look at Meet Ahlawat says you are badly injured here so don’t move this hand. Nurse says you are such a caring wife and used a good idea and says we need to take him for test. Nurse help him to get up. Meet worried for Meet Ahlawat and sees him struggle with slipper and helps him wear it.Nurse take him out. Babita, Ragini and Chavi walks in the hospital. Babita on call and Meet Ahlawat near her with nurse but she doesn’t see him and Meet Ahlawat gets inside the life.

Babita and Ragini see Meet Ahlawat inside doctor’s room and try to rush inside. Compounder stop her. Babita says hez is my son what is he doing here. Compounder says you are his mother and you don’t know, his wife got him here he was badly hit by some goons. Babita thinks the goons are one Meet fought with in the fair and says to Ragini I’m very sure these are the goons Meet had fought with and my son try to save her and so he is hit badly. Babita sees Meet and gets angry, she walks to her. Meet says to Babita he is better I’ll go check. Babita slaps her and says look what you did to my son I ask you to take care of him, I cannot tolerate this you just bring problem for us and we can’t tolerate this ajy more so get out. Ragini shock and Chhavi happy. Babita says don’t dare to return and pushes Meet. Babita rushes to Meet Ahlawat.

Doctor tells Babita, Ragini and Chhavi aboyt Meet Ahlawat’s condition and says his hand is badly injured and has some stitches too, he is not bleeding is a god sign. Ragini ask can we take him home. Doctor say sure I’ll get ready his discharge papers and leaves.Meet Ahlawat enter room Raj follow. Babita breakdown seeing Meet Ahlawat and ask what happen to you. Raj says I was going to tell you but you were unwell so didn’t tell you. Babita says you again kept me out io things and hid things why. Raj says I wasn’t hiding I was going to tell you today morning when you fell better and now Meet Ahlawat is recovering and we are going home.

Meet Ahlawat says yes I’m recovering and ask them to go ahead I’ll vome later. Babita ask why. He says I’ll come with Meet, she will get worried if she doesn’t see me. Babita says she won’t come. He ask why. Babita says I threw her out of life. Raj and Meet Ahlawat shocked and ask why. Babita says because she just bring problem and you don’t even like her, you should be happy because I closed this chapter, she doesn’t deserve to be your wife, she is the reason you are injured. Meet Ahlawat says you are wrong I’m alive because of her, how could you we should not do this with her, whole night she took care of me even when she was injured and instead of saying thankyou you insulted her, I have to go and find her.

Meet Ahlawat try to stand up he trips but Meet saves him. Meet makes him sit on wheel chair and scolds him, doctor ask you not to move stop being so stubborn. Babita says you didn’t go. Meet says I went to get him slippers and makes Meet Ahlawat wear it. Chhavi says can’t you se he was already wearing one. Meet says stupid girl and says to Meet Ahlawat I brought big size slippers for you because your legs are sore, it’s not branded but will help you is it comfortable. Meet Ahlawat says listen mom insulted you a lot which you don’t deserve, your fought gor my life we all should be thankful for that but insulted you. Meet Ahlawat try to hold his ear to apologise. Meet stops him and rest his hand.

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