Meet in love update Monday 20 June 2022


Meet in love 20 June 2022: Meet Ahlawat cough due to hawan. Meet rushes to bring water. Kunal hid under table and drops his phone he reach for his phone but Meet steps on his hand and take water to Meet Ahlawat. Kunal look for chance and try to escape but fall down. Meet Ahlawat gets up. Amma says no stop pooja is not completed Anubha will see. Anubha says yes sit-down I’ll see go yo Kunal and take him out. Pandit says pooja completed. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet if you want you can pray to god because I already pray to god for winning match. Meet says okay I’ll be back then we will see who will win. Meet Ahlawat says okay we will see.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in field. Meet Ahlawat shouts ehere are Meet are you hiding from me. Meet says turn around. Both walk to eachother and give look. Meet Ahlawat says you brought whole colony to see match its good now everyone will know get ready to be loser. Meet says I think so you are ready to loose. Meet Ahlawat says yes I’m ready but to win not lose, you still have time to go back home or else you will cry. Meet says you will cry not me and mocks him and says now see how I’ll make you cry. Meet Ahlawat says we will se in match and you will be loser. They both start arguing. Everyone cheer for Meet. Meet Ahlawat doing bating. Meet takes run up but Meet Ahlawat show hnad and ask her to stop.

Meet says what happen. Meet Ahlawat walks to her and fix his saree for match. Kunal near tea stall says where to go I don’t understand one side its goon and other side bith the Meet don’t know where to go. Meet Ahlawat hit ball. Neighbour praise Meet Ahlawat. Meet bowling. Meet Ahlawat take tun but Meet come in between. Meet Ahlawat says what are you doing someone will get injured. Meet says don’t cry like baby you are not that injured that asking for ambulance, you are doing this on purpose to draw match. Meet Ahlawat says we will see and they both argue. Everyone cheer for them. Meet do ball and everyone shouts out.

Meet Ahlawat says why out ball didn’t touched my bat nor wicket how can you say out. Meet says its out and says this is galli cricket. Meet Ahlawat ask for third empire. Meet calls Tae and ask is it out. Tae says wait I’ll tell and says not out. Meet Ahlawat teas her. Meet Ahlawat hit ball and it go and hit Kunal. Kunal says I’ll not leave this kid and turn to scold and sees Meet says to himself its Meet time to run and take clothe of tea seller. Meet walk to her says its my ball and ask why are you hiding your face and have tea in hand how you will drink. Kunal start walking a man stumble into him and remove his clothes.
Kunal in shock. Meet says stop but Kunal run away and says I’ll catch you one day.

Manushi says because of Raj Meet Ahlawat get married to Meet that’s why I was thinking how Meet Ahlawat a handsome rick guy got married to Meet, nobody would give his son to oyr Meet. Amma says because if you she got lucky and you wanted this already. Manushi says do you think there marriage will run without love, I mean Meet already love Meet Ahlawat but does he love Meet. Amma says everything looks normal to me or else many people just go to drop. Manushi says this could be disguise. Amma says what. Manushi says means if things are not going right then they try to show other that everything is fine I doubt them and says I have sold plan to figure out.

Amma says is there any idea from which we can find out. Manushi says yes and stells het idea. Aama says are you mad I cannot do things in this age. Manushi says listen to me I’m just saying if there is any disaster yo come then can you find out before that or not if Meet and Meet Ahlawat had fight or about to fight then you can stop that fire early understood or tomorrow this Meet will come and sit in front of you and will regret my decision and says you need to do small work you have to say to nearby Shakuntala aunty she will do the arrangement. Amma says this is good I’ll do as you said, I’ll be back.

Manushi says lets find out what is going on because I cannot believe how Meet Ahlawat can have good relation in a click.Meet ball and take Meet Ahlawat’s wicket. Meet take bat and Meet Ahlawat go to bowl. Ram Lakhan says show Jeju who is player. Meet Ahlawat says who are you calling Jeju. Lakhan says what happen getting angry. Meet Ahlawat says they are very naughty and know many thinks about there family so they must be having some info aabout Manushi and says no you sill call me what I’m and ask them to field. Meet thinks he was same guy with whoem Manushi use to go out I need to look for him and remember everything encounter with Kunal. Meet Ahlawat bowl and it hit Meet on his head.

Meet Ahlawat run towards her and take her in her hands and ask are you alright. Meet says yes I’m good niw put me down everyone is seeing. Meet Ahlawat says what put me down you only said to act like husband wife so now a husband took his wife in his hand so what’s the problem let them see. Meet Ahlawat take her in his hands to house.Manushi see Meet Ahlawat and hide herself says they both are back. Meet Ahlawat ask Anubha to bring water and ask her did you got hurt. Manushi stand up but mistakenly throw popcorn on them and hide again. Meet says where did they come from. Anubha says its monkey we need to do something. Amma says give them water. Anubha ask what happen.

Meet Ahlawat says she got hurt because of my ball and says to Meet you stay here I’ll get energy drink for you from my bag don’t move. Manushi see him going up and she run to hide. Amma try to stop and calls Anubha says Manushi is outside and he has gine upstairs go fast. Meet Ahlawat going towards his bag. Manushi try to hide behind table. Anubha says to Meet I’ll get spray for you wait and go upstairs. Amma says to Meet what are you looking upstairs look here. Manushi ruj inside store room. Meet Ahlawat passing by store room and hear something so he get to the door. Manushi inside scared.

Meet Ahlawat in corridor hears door sound and walks towards it, Manushi hiding behind it, hears footsteps and hides behind a curtain, Anubha stops him and says you go to Meet, I will get spray. Meet Ahlawat leaves, Anubha locks the door.
Meet Ahlawat gets Meet spray and asks her not to move and says I will go get medicines and leaves. Anubha asks Meet is she fine, Meet says yes I am fine and you know today I was going to get Manushi, I saw that boy she use to roam with, but he ran away, Anubha says don’t talk about Manushi in front of Meet Ahlawat and forget Manushi.

Meet Ahlawat hearing them standing outside door and thinks if they don’t talk about Manushi how will I find her.Meet and Meet Ahlawat walk in room and sees whole room decorated, Meet’s neighbor says this is your first night here, so this decoration and Meet give this milk to him and leaves.Manushi says tomorrow everyone will know the truth about Meet and Meet Ahlawat’s relation and it will be fun.Meet and Meet Ahlawat in room, he says I can’t sleep on this flower bed, do something, Meet says I understand and here we don’t need curtain too, we can separate these beds and sees bubble wrap under the bed, Meet Ahlawat asks what is all this, Meet thinks how will I tell him this is done to tease newly wed and says its good timepass, Meet Ahlawat says you are psycho, separate these beds now, finally I can sleep alone in peace.

They separate beds, Meet decides to burts bubbles so that no one doubts her and says you sleep I will burst them and then sleep, Meet Ahlawat trying to sleep gets disturbed and pulls it from her hand, and hops on it, Meet joins him,both start having fun bursting bubbles. Manushi hears the bubble sound and thinks the sound is because Meet and Meet Ahlawat are close to eachother and sleeping together and says God they have a normal life, how can this Meet be lucky girl.Meet stumbles but Meet Ahlawat holds her and stops her from falling down, Meet says I will change and then go to sleep. Meet Ahlawat thinks I have to find about Manushi I have just tomorrow’s day.

Meet wakes up and sees Meet Ahlawat still asleep and he getting restless in sleep because of small bed, Meet says poor thing slept uncomfortable all night didn’t say a word, Meet joins both the beds, so that Meet Ahlawat can sleep comfortably. Meet slowly puts pillow under his head and rolls him over so that he can fit on bed, Meet Ahlawat hugs Meet in sleep, Meet shouts, Meet Ahlawat wakes up and asks her what is wrong, Meet says I was helping you sleep comfortably, Meey Ahlawat says not needed, Meet says I have promised your Mom I won’t let you be in trouble, Meet Ahlawat says you are trouble to me.Anubha calls Meet down.


Meet gets down and asks whats wrong, Anubha says there is no water, how will Meet Ahlawat bath now, talk to Shakuntala and fill the tank, Meet Ahlawat says not needed, and gets down, Anubha says what will he think now, Meet says he will be fine, Meet Ahlawat says I will use this handpump water, Anubha says not possible, Amma calls Meet and says go quickly fill a bucket and pour in tank. Meet Ahlawat says Dad had told me so many handpump stories let me experience it too, it will be fun.

Anubha says to Amma, he is so nice right, Amma says shutup and let him bath, lets go, Anubha says Meet you keep filling bucket, we will go and leaves. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to leave, Meet says I can’t, mummy has ordered to stay and who will help you with more water when you are covered with soap, Meet Ahlawat says I can’t remove clothes infront of you, Meet says right, I will close my eyes and stand, Meet Ahlawat says make sure you don’t open eyes and now go get me towel. Meet goes get him towel, Meet Ahlawat asks her to close eyes and ties towel around his waist and removes shirt and starts bathing, Meet asks him does he want anything, Meet Ahlawat says nothing just don’t open your eyes, Meet says okay, Meet Ahlawat covered in soap asks for more water, Meet with closed eyes gets to pump and opens her eyes when he touches her, Meet says move aside and gets him watee, Meet Ahlawat says quickly my eyes are burning, Meet helps him water, he says why did you open your eyes, Meet says to help you, and wait and makes an arrangement to pump nosel and creates a shower for Meet Ahlawat and says now you have a shower.

Meet Ahlawat surprised with her arrangement and bathes properly, Meet thinks my sister gave you lot of pain and I will give you little happiness like this but first I have to get Kunal.Meet Ahlawat says I didn’t git any information about Manushi, lets go out in colony and try to find out something there. Meet Ahlawat start going out he reaches hall and see phone says this is Anubha’s phone then she must be having Manushi’s number, what uf I message on her number that Dadi is not doing well, please come fast then she might give reply and I got a way to reach her.

Manushi is store room cribing aboyt her bleack coffee and breakfast and try to see outside store room to figure out whats going on, Manushi try to call dadi and says let’s throw something at dadi then she will come. Meet Ahlawat says I should do this.Manushi throw something out of exhaust vent. Meet Ahlawat hear sound, gets scared and keep the phone down and try to look from where sound came, Anubha phone ring so Meet Ahlawat go back to phone and type message, Come fast Manushi dadi is not felling well. Meet walks in and take phone read message. Manushi says if I come infront of them and they will not spare me. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat you are messaging Manushi from Anubha’s phone, this is the eay you find out to get Manushi and remember why Meet Ahlawat said to come for ritual.

Meet Ahlawat says yes that’s I brought you here to for ritual because your family is not telling anything about Manushi, you know why I’m doing this because I need closure and if I don’t I’ll die in them that’s why I need to know answer and till the time she dont give me answer I’ll not stop. Meet says I know how important it is for you to know answer, I understand but this is wrong you have respect here but you are crossing line, if you want to know about Manushi you should have told me why did you told me lie I’m also trying to find her, if mom would have seen this this would have disturbed her, I’m feeling bad after seeing this then think what she might feel, you should have taken much care of this, what they will think.

Meet Ahlawat shouts you all ho to hell, did Manushi would have thought anything before running, did you thought before taking her place then why will I think. Meet says speak politely or Anubha and Dadi will know about our relation. Meet Ahlawat says this is not a relation it’s a torture which is troubling me every minute, cheating and playing with others felling is you and your sister thing not mine, listen to me if your family got to know about our relation so let it be, I cannot bear this relation and me and my mother don’t accept you, you are just a force decision on me which nobody can change, till now I have not consider you as my wife nor in future I’ll give you that status understood, you are quite smart so do me a favor don’t show me your face in that housea dn walks away. Manushi hear everything and gets happy.

Meet Ahlawat go out of house. Anubha and Amma in shock.Manushi says I knew it Meet Ahlawat won’t forget me so quickly and Meet Ahlawat kind of romantic person won’t accept you as his wife. Meet says to Anubha he was in anger. Anubha says he will not consider you as his wife. Meet says keep quiet. Anubha says if they didn’t want to accept you as wife then why did Raj gave his word that he will keep you as his daughter, this is marriage not a joke give me phone I’ll talk to Raj. Meet says sit, Raj always support me and its not Meet Ahlawat fault he thought of getting married to Manushi his family accepted Manushi as there wife but they got me, there dream’s has shattered, when dream are shatter it hurts and it take time to heal, same thing is happen to them so we need to give them time to heal it’s not there fault.

Anubha says from these many days you have facing everything alone, godess will give you strength to fight and make you happy and hug her. Meet says sit don’t worry I’ll get some water for you, she walks yo get water and hear message tone, Ram Lakhan text her that we saw Kunal. Meet read it and go out says I’ll come.Babita walks into her room says to Raj I’m looking for you and you are here reading book. Raj says what happen why are you worried. Babita says I’m worried about Meet Ahlawat I know how much uncomfortable he will be there, he is so shy that he won’t say anything. Raj start taking deep breath.

Babita ask what are you doing. Raj says I’m releasing stress I’ll show you a book read this it has many ideas to change negative thoughts into positive thinking. Babita says my son is there so I would be stress. Raj says but they are takiycare of him. Babita says you know he cannot sleep without AC, since childhood he got luxury. Raj says you arr wrong here this is our Meet Ahlawat who drives my old car he is strong don’t worry, I understand you are worried and says there was a wife who love me a lot can you find her for me. Babita says stop it and walk away. Raj says with my son, my daughter In law is with him she will handle everything.

Kunal running. Meet chasing him. Kunal hide himself and says she is fast ask her to run in Olympic, he come out and says she went. Meet tap his shoulder says I’m here and catch him and ask tell me where is my sister. Kunal says I don’t know where she is. Meet try to punch Kunal but remember what Babita told her how to behave in market, throw him in ground and beat him and ask where is Manushi. Kunal says what I’ll tell and says me and Manushi had planned already to run on her wedding day and will meet at place but Manushi didn’t came. Meet says you are saying lie and hit him . Kunal says beat me but your sister didn’t came to me so will I give you. Meet thinks is he saying true and says to Kunal I’m believing you and if I found out true then I’ll not spare you and walks away.

Kunal says your sister will pay for the lie she said to me but today you did wrong, you will pay for this and suffer life long.Amma calls Anubha and says send your Meet today itself to her in-laws home, she is bad omen and her husband also left today. Anubha says what are you saying she is your granddaughter. Amma says I have only one granddaughter that is Manushi, who is in trouble because of her, ask her to leave so that Manushi can live in her room, pity she is living like thief in her own house. Meet ask Amma who is hiding.



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