Married Again update Thursday 19 May 2022

Married Again 19 May 2022: Aarti tells Vidhi, I don’t know but I think God is trying to signal, tell us something by doing all this which I am not getting it. Aarti says, in Mumbai too, I found something in that fire. Vidhi asks her what was it?

A flashback shows, After the fire, Yash and Aarti are collecting everything inside their house. Yash seems very sad. He calmly tells Aarti, you leave it. I will do it. Aarti says to him, you had kept all Arpita’s memories so safely and today because of me…if you didn’t come to save me then you could have saved your memories. Yash tells her, I told you that Arpita’s memories are very important to me but your life is also important. how could I have left you like that? He says, for my kids, you’re their mother.. for my parents, you’re their bahu.. and me.. Aarti drops something from her hand in a shock. Yash continues, and me…how could I not save your life for all of them.

Yash says, the mistake is not yours… mistake is mine. The electrical wires were very old and I should have changed them at the right time and there wouldn’t be this fire today. Aarti says no, the mistake is mine. I shouldn’t have left the geyser on.. spark happened in the geyser first. Yash asks her, you left the geyser on? He now gets mad and says how can you be so careless? Aarti apologizes. Yash says, what will happen by a sorry? Will I get everything back that I lost? Arpita’s memories, her letters, her photos.. tell me. Aarti says I wish I could bring all her memories back, but now I can’t do anything. Yash says to her, your one mistake destroyed everything. Aarti joins her hands and asks him to forgive her. Yash leaves from there. Aarti then sees a half-burned photo of Yash and Arpita in which Aarti is in the background. Flashback ends.

Vidhi sees that photo and says, this is their honeymoon photo. Aarti says, yes but look at it closely. I am also there in the background. Aarti says this is a coincidence that I was there too that time. She says, when I saw that photo in Mumbai for the first time, I felt like God had written our relationship since then. Vidhi says, you’re right.. maybe this is what God wants. Vidhi asks if Yash knows about it. Aarti says now. Vidhi then tells Aarti, if you think destiny wants you and Yash to be together then don’t lose your hopes. Whatever the reason is for Yash’s anger right now but I am sure he will forgive you one day. Vidhi gives her photo back and leaves from there.

Aarti speaks to herself, you are right Vidhi bhabhi. I won’t give up and I will apologize to him again and won’t stop until he forgives me.

Yash is standing alone and his father comes there. Yash walks away but his father stops him and asks you will turn away from your father too? He says, I know you don’t anyone to interfere in your life but I would still like to ask you. why do you hate Aarti so much today.. the same Aarti for whom you fought with your father to bring her to this home? What did she do? Yash requests him not to take Aarti’s name in front of him… and says I have no relationship with her. His father says, but you have a relationship with all of us right? Do you know how sad I am seeing you like this? Your mum’s tears are not stopping. Maybe we can help you out and solve your problems. Yash says, my problems have no solutions… they just have punishments and I will keep getting this punishment for my entire life.

Yash says, no one can help me. I can’t help myself either. Yash walks away from there and Aarti is right there. Aarti asks him to forgive her but Yash pushes her and keeps walking. Aarti follows him. Yash’s father also follows them. Yash comes outside of their house. Bauji sends Prateik behind Yash & Aarti.

Yash is running on the road now and Aarti is behind him, asking him to stop. Suddenly Aarti gets dizzy and loses her balance. Prateik comes and asks her if she is fine. Aarti says I am fine. and tells him to go behind Yash.

Pankaj has brought Aarti back home and now he’s trying to contact Prateik. Gayatri asks him, what was needed to bring Aarti back first.. why didn’t you go behind Yash? Pankaj says the situation was like that that I had to bring Aarti back first and says Prateik has gone behind Yash.. we will find out soon what happened. Gayatri says I don’t know what has happened to yash. I have never seen him getting this angry before. Buaji says Aarti wasn’t in his life before either. Buaji says I don’t know why you all don’t want to accept that Yash is angry because of Aarti and if you want peace in this house then remove Aarti from this house.

Yash’s father stops her and says you stop your mouth and there will be peace in this house. Prateik calls and tells everyone to come to the hospital. Yash’s father asks what happened. Prateik tells him something (which they don’t show to us). Everyone is worried. Gayatri asks him what happened but he doesn’t tell and they leave to go to the hospital. Aarti tells Gayatri to take her to the hospital as well. But Buaji is there and says, because of you Yash is in hospital and you still want to go in front of him? Aarti says, please he is my husband. if he is in a problem then. Gayatri stops her and says you’re the real problem for Yash.

Gayatri orders Aarti to stay at home and don’t even dare to come to the hospital. Gayatri says, if anything happens to Yash again because of you then it won’t be good for you. Gayatri and Buaji leave. Aarti asks God, for which mistake he’s punishing her? She’s getting punished and she doesn’t even know her mistake. She prays to keep Yash, her husband, safe.

Yash’s parents, Pankaj, and buaji arrive at the hospital and they see Yash’s legs fractured and him lying on the bed unconscious. Gayatri says.. what Aarti has done to him. Gayatri then sees they giving glucose to Yash and asks why is that? Prateik says, Yash is fine.. he’s physically fit. Aarti has also come to the hospital. She’s hiding and watching all this. Prateik says but the doctor said, Yash has big stress.. something is going on in his mind and he has got weak and that’s why the doctor gave glucose. Buaji again says Aarti is the reason for Yash being in hospital. Buaji says to Gayatri, good you didn’t bring Aarti to the hospital. Yash’s father stares at Buaji.. and she gets shut.

Prateik tells his father to come to the doctor. Prateik turns back and sees Aarti. Aarti signals him not to say she is here.

The doctor is shown consoling Yash’s family and tells them that he has had plasters

in the feet, but mostly he’s going through mental trauma and for further better treatment asks them to consult a psychiatrist and get his appointment giving them his telephone no. They come out of the doctor’s chamber. prateik instructs them to go home but Gayatri refuses out of concern for yash, his father then orders Gayatri to go home as the crowd staying back at the hospital would not help. he instructs Pradeep to take them home and asks prateik to take care of yash and leaves.

Aarti is hearing this from a distance. Prateik senses aarti’s presence and goes towards the place. But aarti has already reached Yash’s room and seeing his condition is very sad. She goes out to stroke his head when she is reminded of Gayatri’s words that she should never come near her son ever again and stops herself.

Bhavani is waiting on the road waiting for a cab when her car breaks down. She decides to call prateik to ask him to pick her up. But on placing the call,prateik expresses his inability to come and is about to explain to her that yash has met with an accident when she refuses to hear anything and cuts down the phone. Meanwhile, he sees aarti in Yash’s room. He urges her that she shouldn’t have come and that there’s no knowing what he would do when he wakes up and sees aarti. She almost in tears asks him that wouldn’t he has been worried had something happened to Bhavani and that she’s also going through the same torture. She says that she knows yash is angry but she wasn’t able to resist coming there as his tension was eating her up at home. On the other hand, Bhavani is getting frustrated waiting for the auto but her ego stops her from calling prateik again. The producer of the show spots Bhavani standing in wait for auto and offers her a ride home in his car and she agrees.

Aarti’s sister-in-law is asked by Yash’s father where is aarti. She reluctantly replies saying that she tried her best but couldn’t stop going to the hospital from visiting yash and seeing how he is, As she was very worried about Yash’s health. Everybody is shocked but Gayatri is very angry that her daughter-in-law only flouted her order and is worried thinking that she doesn’t know what will happen to him and how would he react if he woke up and sees aarti in front of him.

Aarti is walking impatiently into the room. When she senses him coming back into consciousness, she goes towards him but then remembers buaji’s statement saying that yash never wanted to see her face ever again and thinks that in the state yash is in right now, he should not see aarti when he wakes up and therefore she hides behind the dress change curtain stand. When yash comes to consciousness he is startled at seeing himself in the hospital. He takes out the intravenous drip from his arm and staggers towards the door and walks out with aarti in following. She is worried about yash doing this. But she still restrains herself from coming in front of yash and prays for prateik who has gone to get medicines to come back soon.

Yash is staggering through the passage when finally unable to stop herself, aarti confronts yash and asks her to stop doing this to himself and that she has realized her mistake and is sorry for it. Yash says that her mistake has no penance and since he is in no position to punish her, therefore he’s going to punish himself till he dies. She stops him from saying that she should get another chance from him to which he says that he should never have trusted her and asks her to move aside. when she doesn’t he pushes her away and leaves. She is seen immediately calling up somebody.

Everyone is waiting impatiently for yash to return home with prateik. When he returns with aarti, Gayatri goes berserk and asks him frantically about where is yash. Prateik seems confused and tells that yash was gone by the time he returned to the hospital with the medicines and assumed that he would have gotten consciousness and must have returned home on his own. Everybody is shocked and worried that if he’s left the hospital and not returned home, then where is he?

Gayatri confronts aarti by saying now you have seen what your rash behavior has done to yash again. And comments that she cannot see yash as peaceful and always has to do something to get him agitated. Meanwhile, the watchmen come in and inform us about yash.

Everyone runs towards the main gate and finds a stone expressionless yash sitting there. On Gayatri’s persistent insistence,yash waves everybody away and goes inside the house. everbody is worried about seeing him like this. Prateik advises his father to call the psychiatrist immediately after seeing his condition and he places the call.

The psychiatrist arrives. On being asked what the solution to cash’s problem is, he goes on to tell him that there’s a medicine that will put his body to sleep but keep his mind awake. Then they could ask him what’s bothering him and he would answer them because he recognizes their voice. Gayatri mixes the medicine with the juice that vidhi had brought and takes it inside. Everybody is waiting in anticipation. Yahs initially reuses to drink but on Gayatri’s emotional blackmail he does so. Then he finally goes off to sleep with his mother by his side. On getting the green signal from the doctor, Yash’s father asks a trial question about the name of the park that they went to when yash and his brothers were kids. Yash after some time answers Kamla park.

People are happy that the med is working. Then he asks the main question as to what happened in Mumbai that he’s so upset after having returned from there. After much stress, He can say Why did aarti do something like this to him. When his father asks him more about the incident he is shown to be in great mental stress but can reply that he could never have thought that aarti would do this to him and that now everything is over. He falls back to sleep.

His mother insists on knowing. Yash is shown under pressure in his sleep but just manages to say that that night in Mumbai when and dozes off again. Sensing his discomfort the doctor stops them from further interrogation, saying that it could lead him to a nervous breakdown. hearing this, they back off and leave him alone to rest.

After having heard his words the whole family confronts aarti as to what did she do that yash is talking about in his sleep…what kind of betrayal.his mother comes up to her and continuously asks her to please say something that could lead them to understand what’s boggling yash. But her silence irritates Gayatri and she says that she hopes her silence doesn’t become the reason for his death because they can’t get him treated until they know what is Yash’s problem. Hearing such drastic statements vidhi butts in saying that she might know of an incident that arti had told her about, which they both think is the reason for yash behaving like that. When asked what is it, she replies by saying that arti had accidentally caused a fire by keeping the geyser on and causing a short circuit. the fire in turn burned everything up and reduced all of Arpita’s memories to ashes. he somehow manages to save arti but knowing it was the artist’s fault reprimands her for her carelessness. not everybody is convinced

.Buaji again tries to instigate the family against her but is stopped by Yash’s father who asks aarti if they have kept their faith in her and if she should not insult it by hiding anything from them and urges her to say anything that might be the reason. Aarti joins hands and asks everybody to keep their faith in her as she would soon find out what went wrong and her mistake and would immediately tell the family also. She asks them to give her a second chance.

Everybody’s hearing what she’s saying. the screen freezes on Yash’s father’s face.

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