My heart knows update Thursday 19 May 2022

My heart knows 19 May 2022: Rao tells Malhar that Pooja was seen in Trilok’s house, half an hour before. Malhar says we don’t have permission to search his house and asks Rao to hide there. He disguises himself as the garbage collector and comes inside Trilok’s house holding the big bin in his hand.

He rings the door bell and asks Trilok to give the garbage. Trilok says ok and goes inside. Malhar finds his beard falling down and gets tensed. Trilok brings the garbage bag and asks him to take it. Malhar asks if his Servant went to village. Trilok sees his shoes and looks angry. He finds the wine bottle in the garbage and thinks Doctor asked him not to drink wine, but he is drinking. He turns and looks at Trilok standing behind him. Trilok pulls off his mask and beard.

He says you forgot to change your police shoes. Malhar thinks I should have planned like Kalyani. Trilok says you are searching here after Commissioner’s warning. Malhar says you are drinking without doctor’s permission and says if anything happens to my son then I will forget that I am a police officer, I will be just a father then? He says I know that Pooja is staying here. Trilok asks him to go and check in his house. Malhar records his words and plays the audio, thanking him for the permission. Trilok smiles and calls Kalyani.

Anupriya wears the nighty brought by Sarthak. Sarthak comes and gives her compliments. He tells that he never thought that they will come closer while trying to unite the kids, Malhar and Kalyani. Anupriya asks if he thinks they are coming closer. She says she is praying to Bappa that their love is more bigger than their stubbornness. She smiles seeing Sarthak.

Trilok tells Kalyani that until when he has to bear so much insult, first his house is searched, secondly he was forced to give the blood test. Malhar says wine bottle was found in your garbage and says if you had really care for Moksh, then you wouldn’t have drank it. Kalyani asks Malhar to calm down. Rao comes and tells that blood report is normal, wine is not found in blood, but BP is high. Trilok says if he got the proof now. Malhar says I know that it is your trick. Kalyani says please and signs Malhar, winking her eye. Trilok tells that he can refuse to become the donor. Kalyani winks her eye and asks what happened to you, just apologize to Trilok. She winks her eye again and again and asks if he doesn’t have mind. She asks him to come outside and talk to her. Trilok calls the doctor and thanks him, says your pill have done wonders and brought smile on my face.

Malhar and Kayani come out. She winks him again. Malhar says how can you trust Trilok. Kalyani says sorry to Malhar and hugs him. She thinks you are good, I trouble you always. Malhar smiles and holds her. Kalyani apologizes to him and says you was right, I did a mistake to identify him. She asks him if he remembers about her handycam being on when Trilok came. Malhar says Trilok had broken the handycam. Kalyani says but I have the data card. Fb starts, Kalyani wonders where is data card. She asks Suhana to stop crying and turns to go, when she sees data card inside the table and gets it. fb ends.

She tells that she found that data card and shows him the video, in which Trilok is seen lying in the lie detecting machine. She tells that she was wrong to trust Trilok, but whatever she has done is to save Moksh. She says if anything happens to Moksh then…Malhar says I know that whatever you have done is to save Moksh and tells that he knows that she is not interested in Trilok. Kalyani asks what did you say and hit him. Malhar tells that Trilok will become the donor of Moksh and asks her to just see. Trilok gets a call and drops the key while taking off his mobile. He picks the call and goes. Suhana comes and takes the keys.

Swara comes back and tells that Baba is in Banaras, but there is no music programme due to pandemic. She tells that Baba is in quarantine. Sarthak asks her to rest and says we will meet for dinner. Sarthak asks Anupriya not to tell Swara about Madhav’s doing. Anupriya says father’s image shall not be spoiled infront of a daughter. Pallavi calls her husband and asks him to come and participate in the Mrs. And Mr. Aurangabad competition. She then asks Anupriya and Sarthak to participate in the competition as well. She says when I win this competition, I will put the video on social networking site. She tells that she was top model in college. Anupriya and Sarthak laugh.

Anupriya asks how we will convince Malhar and Kalyani for this operation. Malhar tells Kalyani that he talked to the doctor and he informed him that Moksh’s operation can be done in 3 days. Rao comes there and tells that Trilok has reached police station. Malhar asks him to keep him engaged, and tells that Trilok will become Moksh’s donor on our conditions.

Malhar asking Kalyani if she can lift the bag in which he is hiding. Kalyani says yes. Malhar hides in a big rice bag and sits in it. Kalyani takes the rice bag on her back and peeps inside Trilok’s house. Malhar asks what are you doing? Kalyani says I am carrying your weight and tells that he has become fat. She asks him to go on diet after Moksh’s operation. Kalyani comes inside Trilok’s house holding the bag.

Security guard stops her and asks her what is in her bag? Kalyani says she came to stay here for some days and brought her stuff, tells that she has brought her clothes and her utensils. She asks him to check and says what do you think that I am carrying a human inside. He is about to check. Kalyani says you can check, but I will complain to Trilok that you have checked my/Suhana’s nanny’s stuff. Security guard asks her to go and tries to lift the bag. Kalyani stops him and says she will carry her own baggage. She takes the bag inside and takes Malhar out.

Malhar goes out. Suhana comes to room and shows her drawing to Kalyani. Kalyani sees that. Kalyani asks why do you draw dark room always, where is this room and what is inside this room? Suhana shows the keys to Kalyani. Kalyani asks where is the room? Inside or outside. Trilok is in the Police station and tells Rao that he knows Pooja is in their custody and asks him to tell where is she? Rao calls someone and tells that they have caught bank robbers. Trilok says I am talking to you and gets angry.

Kalyani comes to the room and looks at it. She thinks this is the door which Suhana draws. Divya is tied and seated on the chair. She cries. Kalyani is about to open the door, when Trilok comes there and asks when did you come here? Kalyani says Suhana draws this room in her drawing. Trilok asks her not to spy in his house. Kalyani looks on. Trilok falls down. Malhar is standing behind him and shows the needle. He says Trilok will be unconscious for sometime. Kalyani shows the key. The door is already open. Malhar says someone is already inside. They get inside and looks shocked.

Swara tells that Kalyani and Malhar shall take part in Mrs. And Mr. Aurangabad contest. Aao Saheb is talking on phone and tells that she wants to cancel this contest. Anupriya asks Aao Saheb not to cancel it, says Malhar and Kalyani will unite in this contest. Sarthak tells that they will maintain social distancing and will provide hand sanitizer. Aao Saheb talks to DM and tells that let this contest held, we will take up responsibility of the sanitization. They ask where is Malhar and Kalyani?

They get inside and find Pooja sitting on the chair. He asks Pooja if Trilok locked her here. Pooja says no, he didn’t know that I am hiding here. She tells that she was afraid of Police and that’s why hid here, she had spare keys. Kalyani says she is saying half truth. Malhar says she will tell remaining truth in Police station. He calls Rao to bring lady constable. He tells Kalyani that they have to take Trilok outside, without guard seeing him. Kalyani hides him in the bag and asks Malhar not to teach her, says she is smart.

She thinks she will get a good idea before guard comes. Guard comes and asks what is she doing here? Kalyani says it has ladies stuff and tells that it is a crime to check in ladies stuff. He opens the bag and finds Trilok inside. He gets shocked and aims gun at Kalyani. Malhar comes and hits the guard on his head. He says this is the difference between Aurangabad Singham and Aurangabad Cat. Kalyani makes a puppy face.

Pallavi tells Aao Saheb that they shall think of making profit and shall send the mask at costly rates, rather than selling it for 25 Rs. Aao Saheb tells that it is pandemic situation, we shall think of helping others. Sarthak comes and tells that he has sent the ration to the workers. He says he doesn’t understand what Malhar and Kalyani will do with Trilok.

Trilok gains consciousness in Malhar’s house and sees Kalyani, Malhar and Suhana standing here. Kalyani says I will take care of you until Moksh’s operation and has brought Suhana here. Malhar says we found someone in one of your room. Trilok asks who? Malhar sends Suhana to eat custard. Suhana goes.

Malhar senda Suhana to have custard. Trilok asks who was found in his house. Malhar says Pooja, your maid and tells that you had fainted outside that room. He asks do you know about it? Kalyani asks Malhar not to question Trilok and tells that she brought him here so that she can take care of him, and asks him not to question him.

Malhar says sorry. Trilok says its ok. A fb is shown, Kalyani tells Malhar that they shall act to fight with each other so that Trilok thinks they are distancing from each other. She says I will handle him and will make sure that he doesn’t drink before operation. He says you don’t know acting, but please handle. Malhar tells that this thing doesn’t suit to overacting queen. Kalyani says you don’t know ABCD of acting.

She asks him to sparkle the utensils and wash it properly so that her face is shown on it. She says you have to bear me for Moksh. Malhar says I am bearing you for Moksh. Fb ends. Kalyani tells Trilok that Moksh’s operation will be after 3 days. Trilok gets surprised and tells that it is good as Moksh’s operation was pending since lockdown. He tells that he will take care of Suhana and asks them not to worry. He is about to leave. Malhar stops him and tells that you have to stay here. He says I got the info that Pooja has a gang and can attack you, so I informed Commissioner Saheb.

He says if you refuse to stay here then I have to house arrest you. Trilok gets angry and then says you are worried for me even after hating me so much. Malhar says I have the work to take care of public, being public servant. Trilok thanks him and sits on the bed. Malhar asks if you are thinking someone. Trilok asks for coffee. Malhar goes. Trilok thinks you can’t win from me Malhar, I can’t forget that you have snatched Divya from me.

Pawar tells Malhar that Pooja said that she was hiding there and we found this medicine bottle with her. Malhar checks and finds it to be the sleeping pills. He says whom she is giving sleeping pills and asks him to get the finger prints checked. Sarthak comes and asks Malhar if he kept Trilok at home. Kalyani tells Anupriya that they have decided to keep Trilok at home for Moksh. She says we are together for Moksh and asks Anupriya not to fight with Sarthak. Anupriya asks did you both come together for Moksh? Kalyani recalls Malhar’s words and tells that we are together for Moksh. Anupriya says there is no love between you. Sarthak asks Malhar why he will stay with Kalyani, as Moksh is the only reason.

Malhar recalls Kalyani’s words. Sarthak tells that he was thinking to get his name written for Mrs and Mr. Aurangabad contest. Anupriya tells Kalyani that Malhar will choose any girl there. Malhar asks why I will take part. Sarthak says the prize money is 2 lakhs which can be used for the operation. Malhar says I will manage for the operation. Sarthak says I have a plan.

Kalyani is provoking the girls not to participate with Malhar. Malhar comes there and tells that two girls came to the PS and tells that you have provoked them to fight. Kalyani says I will make everyone fight so that nobody think of participating with you. Malhar says I am participating so that he gets some more money for the operation. Kalyani says if you are participating in the contest, then you have to participate with Moksh’s Aai. Malhar says you are Moksh’s Aai, but not my wife.

Kalyani gets emotional and says you said this. Malhar says you had said this first. Kalyani says I want to participate with you. He holds her cheeks and wipes her tears. He says can’t you say this to me? He says our raabta/connection will always be there, even if we don’t stay together. He wipes her tears and tells that he can’t see her crying, never. He asks her to smile. Kalyani smiles. Malhar hugs her.

Trilok is talking on phone and tells that if Malhar thinks that I will be quiet here then he is not wrong, but see what I do here. He senses someone is behind him and turns to see Anupriya. Anupriya asks him to have food and call her if he needs anything. She asks him not to worry about Suhana and says we are here for her. Trilok asks her not to worry about Moksh. Anupriya says she is not worried for Moksh as his parents are Kalyani and Malhar.

Malhar tells Kalyani they shall practice for participation. Kalyani tells that they shall practice dance moves as his skills are weak. She asks him to keep his hand around her waist. Malhar keeps hand on her waist. Kalyani says now we will dance. Malhar asks how? Kalyani asks if you know anything. They start dancing. Commissioner calls Malhar and calls him. Malhar says I am coming and leaves. Kalyani thinks she is doing too much and have to dance alone now. Trilok comes there and sees Kalyani dancing.

He asks where is Malhar? Kalyani says he went out for some work. Just then she gets a call from a mysterious person informing her about Malhar’s accident. Kalyani gets shocked and asks are you sure? She asks if my Malhar ji is fine? She says am coming there and runs out of house. Trilok smiles and asks her to run.

He says Malhar Rane have done a big mistake by bringing me here. Kalyani goes out and sees Malhar unconscious on the road. She shouts asking Malhar to get up and open his eyes. She checks his nerves and asks him to open his eyes. She calls hospital and asks to come there, says she will send location. She then calls Sarthak and asks him to come there, as Malhar met with an accident. She sends him location. She asks Malhar not to do this with her and tells that she will leave her childishness, will not talk nonsense and will tape her mouth, will not click any selfie from now onwards. She says I will not play badshah’s songs and will hear old songs with you. She says I will study only and will listen to all your sayings. She cries.

Kalyani asking Malhar to open his eyes and says she will listen to all his sayings. She says she is very pretty than him, then why he is having so much attitude. She asks him to open his eyes and tells that you have confessed your feelings to me, now when I want to tell you, you are not opening your eyes. She says Malhar ji….I love you. She says I love you, not from today or yesterday, don’t know from when…I started loving you while fighting with you. She asks him to open his eyes and hugs him. Malhar asks what do you mean that you didn’t know when the love happened? Kalyani asks if you was acting? Malhar opens his eyes and asks if you can only act? They tell I love you to each other and have a hug. Dheere Dheere se plays……Kalyani then scolds him for his acting

and tells that she acts better than him. She says I love you Malhar ji. Malhar says I love you too kalyani. He kisses on her forehead and hugs her again. The song plays Dheere dheere se….Sarthak and Anupriya come there. Sarthak says romantic films are making on road. He tells that they were fighting to unite them. Kalyani asks if everything was drama. She says I don’t want to talk.
Malhar says this accident was not a drama, my jeep’s brakes failed and I was unconscious. He says Trilok has done this accident. Kalyani says she can’t bear Trilok now. Malhar says we have to bear Trilok for three more days. Anupriya asks why Trilok is doing this? Malhar says I don’t know, but will find out. Kalyani tells Malhar that the day will be happy when she tells I love you to him. She tells that Moksh’s condition is deteriorating day by day and how they can be happy seeing his condition. Malhar says we shall not lose hope. Our aim shall be to know Trilok’s truth. Kalyani says if he refuses to become the donor. Malhar says Trilok will become the donor and Moksh will return home. Kalyani says I love you Malhar ji. Malhar says I love you too. She hugs him. Kalyani brings Malhar home. Malhar walks with difficulty infront of Trilok. Trilok says I was worried seeing you running and tries to help him. Malhar refuses. Kalyani scolds him and tells Malhar that Trilok shall not doubt him. Trilok gets a call. Kalyani says we shall find out about whose call it us? Trilok picks the call and talks to the caller. Kalyani tells Malhar that she will get Trilok’s phone. Malhar says we want a person whom he trusts fully. Kalyani says I have an idea.

Trilok thinks he will get confirmation by tomorrow. Aao Saheb tells Trilok that she made masks in her workshop and asks him to distribute to his workers. Trilok tells that he will take selfie with this mask and post the pic on social networking site. Aao Saheb tells that she is not doing this for money and trying to help people during Corona times. He says your thought is right. Aao Saheb asks him to come to workshop and makes mask. Trilok says he can’t make mask in worshop, but he has already done many donations for relief

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