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Married Again 20 May 2022: Pankaj and vidhi are discussing if aarti is honest with their family or not. He says that his faith in aarti is increasingly dwindling as was evident by how unaffected she was at Gayatri urging her to tell the truth whereas vidhi takes aarti’s side saying that she has seen her pain and has seen her genuinely worried for yash. then why would she hide something that could be bothering him.

Even after he leaves she still is determined that she has her faith in aarti and that she believes in her honesty.

Aarti is in Yash’s room and is wondering what could have happened in Mumbai that has shattered all his faith in her. Her thought process is interrupted by the kids coming in announcing that are not feeling sleepy. She suggests they play or read or have fun and exhaust themselves out and doze off but the kids aren’t in the mood for it because they are upset that papa is not well and is angry at Mumma even though she is very good. They offer to tell papa to forgive Mumma and then everybody can be happy again and have fun like in Mumbai. Aarti is overwhelmed and promises them that doctor will treat papa and get him to laugh and have fun with them again Gayatri and her husband are doing puja.

The noise of it wakes up yash and he staggers towards the puja room. Meanwhile, they finish the pooja and his father gets a call and he leaves from there. Yash walks in on Gayatri and overhears her praying to the goddess to cure his son and take away whatever is bothering him. his father sees yash and immediately cancels the phone call. meanwhile, yash sits in his mother’s lap who takes him very lovingly and asks him bout his health and that she was just about to come up to his room. He says that he has neither been a good son and father, nor been a good brother and uncle. Gayatri pacifies him by saying that he is her favorite and the most pampered child. He admits that he has bothered her and everyone in the family, but he did not do it intentionally because of that tragedy and stops.

She urges him to spill out everything. Everyon except aarti is waiting for him to speak, who’s watching him from a distance. He has flashbacks of the fun times with aarti and gets upset and leaves from there and staggers back to his room and closes it. also hearing the thunder of the rain he again seems to remember something and gets increasingly disturbed.

The kids are watching a magician displaying his tricks to school students. Seeing his impeccable command over magic the kids are struck with an idea that they could ask the magician to cure their dad with magic so that he could laugh again and not be angry anymore at Mumma and all of them can have fun just like they did in Mumbai. After school, they approach him with the same request. His assistant takes them aside and tells them that the magician is very busy. also, they charge an exorbitant amount of fees to come to anyone’s home. So it’s very difficult that he would be able to come to their home. But he still assures the kids that he would request the magician to pay a visit to the kids’ house.

The kids decide to take their dad’s keys and take money from his safe to be able to pay the magician’s fees. But they have a momentary doubt if what they are doing is stealing but then palak convinces him that dadaji is not here right now otherwise they would have asked for money. so technically they aren’t stealing. And when he comes back they will tell him. Also, dadi has said that they would do anything to cure their papa, so once the magician does that they will all be happy and nobody will scold them. Not knowing how much is 50000, that is the magician’s feet, they decide to take out the entire money from the safe and are caught midway by buaji with money in their hands.

Vidhi is discussing yash with aarti who says that she will not give up. If there’s her fault, then God would punish her but if that’s a misunderstanding then god will only get them out of this situation. and everything will be alright. She tells her not to worry about her and walks off leaving vidhi still worried.

Buaji catches the kids stealing money and smirks to herself while showing her anger to the kids who are scared of her.

Yash’s father and prateik and Pankaj are discussing business when he is informed by Pankaj that yash is increasingly taking part in business and has been behaving fine these past two days.his father thinks that this is a good sign and it will also keep his mind off other things that are bothering him.

Buaji is interrupted by aarti and vidhi asking her why is she scolding the kids so much. She says that ansh has been stealing from her brother’s safe and that she is going to tell him that. Aarti refrains her from using heavy words like stealing in front of the kids and tells her to handle the situation delicately since the children are involved. buaji taunts her saying that she doesn’t need advice from a girl who cants take care of her marriage. Aarti asks ansh if he stole but he says no. Buaji still takes him to her brother who on asking what is the commotion all about is told by Maya that she found ansh instigating palak to steal money from his safe. she also goes on telling unnecessary things, escalating things out of proportion bad-mouthing ansh in front of the entire family so that they hate aarti and her kid. the kids, being scared are not able to answer when Yash’s father asks them about it.

Buaji then threatens to call the police if ansh does not answer, that is when aarti stops buaji from talking and treating her kid like that. Yash’s father then comes near the kids and lovingly asks them, why they need so much money all of a sudden that they couldn’t wait to tell their dadaji. They innocently spill out the whole magician story. On knowing that they were doing it for their father’s treatment, everybody’s eyes fill up with emotions at their pure hearts and he hugs them and promises that their God listens to the prayer of children who are pure and would soon get papa well and momma happy again.

The children happy at hearing this go and hug aarti and tell her to stop crying since they have been assured by their dadaji that they would soon have fun together with papa. He then instructs vidhi to take the kids to their room. After that, he reprimands Maya and tells everybody, that even though they are upset about yash no one would do something that would affect the mentality of the kids and leave from there. buaji too leaves grunting.

aarti says to Yash’s father that whatever happened today was not right and that he is correct in saying that incidents like this can affect the kid’s mentality. As it is, the kids have been upset ever since Yash’s outburst and his being angry all the time is affecting the kids and they are scared of their dad which is not ideal. Also since their exams are approaching, she has decided that she would like to take the kids with her to her mom’s place. Tash’s father after thinking gives a nod to Gayatri who then tells aarti that she can go and take ansh with him, as he would not stay back without her anyways but the other kids shall remain here. Aarti is stunned to hear this.

Aarti is granted permission by Yash’s father to take all the kids with her and Gayatri too does her tilak and gives her blessings. She leaves from there but is confronted by buaji as to why she’s escaping now from her Responsibility as she had promised her brother that she would find out what went wrong. She denies doing anything of this sort and says that she is going only with the motive that when she comes back to this house, its property and happiness to follow. She also says that she has her parents’ permission in doing so.

Yash is working on his laptop and aarti is seeing him from a distance with teary eyes. She asks for forgiveness from yash in her thoughts and is determined that if her love is pure, then she would come back only after knowing what is bothering him so much and if she knows she will penance for her mistake by staying away from him and the separation would bring them back close together. She starts walking out of the house and dreams of being stopped by leaving the house from yash. When she takes her first step out He also gets boggled. The door leading to aarti’s exit opens with wind and yash follows it. But aarti leaves and yash misses her leaving by a second. So he closes the door behind him.

Vidhi, on the phone, tells aarti that she has made a hasty decision to leave veg yash and the house with the kids now that yash is increasingly returning to normal and informs her that yash has been keeping himself busy with office work. She is happy to hear this but justifies her leaving the house saying that it was needed. On enquiring about his dinner,vidhi tells her that Gayatri has made Yash’s favorite food but he has not yet come down for dinner. they then ask each other to take care of themselves and the family and put down the phone. Aarti’s mother comes up and tells her that the kids need their mom to sleep and asks her to stop worrying. Arti retaliates by blaming god that whenever she has tried to stabilize her life, God has tested her patience, but says that she will not give up for the sake of her kids and their happiness and goes towards them.

Yash who had come to the dinner table to get Pankaj’s view on a business proposal that he designed is appreciated by him and persuades him to have dinner with the rest of the family. He sits down and everybody is happy to see him be normal for a change. Vidhi serves him dinner. He is about to take the first bite when he starts looking around, Gayatri starts getting worried. On being asked what happened, he repeatedly asks the same question to Gayatri,vidhi, and then prateik as to where are the kids. He’s about to blurt out when Yash’s father tells him that they have gone to their grandmother’s place with their mom. Hearing this he pushes the plate aside.

His father tries to reason saying that the kids should be with their mother and that they need to sort everything out in this house if they are to come back. Yahs is about to leave when he is stopped by his father saying that if he’ has ever cared for the kids then he should share what happened between them in Mumbai, coz it is beginning to affect the kids mentally. But yash walks off without answering.

After leaving her kids off on the school bus, aarti grows aware of a car following. When the car finally stops in her way, she pulls open the door only to find nobody inside.

she asks herself who was driving the car then. A voice answers behind her saying that it was him. Enter a man, who has come from Mumbai to Bhopal after arti. But on seeing her lost and absentminded and worried, he jokes that he hopes she has not fought with yash again. On seeing her reaction, he says that he hopes the fight is not due to that rainy night when she returned home late at night with a man. This startles her and sets her thinking.

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