Zee World: Married Again Teasers December 2018


Here are your first teasers for Married Again starting on the 23rd of December 2018. It is the story of Aarti and Yash who decided to get married after having unsuccessful marriages before… Find episode teasers below…

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Sunday 23 December 2018
Episode 1

A second marriage in this society is frowned upon and, raises many questions. Shoba tries to convince her husband that Aarti is ready for re-marriage.

Monday 24 December 2018
Episode 2

Shoba tries to convince Aarti that Ansh needs a father figure. After many attempts, Aarti gives her consent for the re-marriage.

Tuesday  25 December 2018
Episode 3

Pratik saves Aarti from a possible arrest by the police. Vidi and her mother meet with Aarti’s parents in law. Brijain talks to Yash about getting married again. Aarti agrees to Shoba’s proposition.

Wednesday  26 December 2018
Episode 4

Yash and Aarti find it hard to let go of their pasts. Yash and Aarti get engaged. Aarti takes part in Ansh’s school race. Yash reminisces about the past with Aarpita.

Thursday  27 December 2018
Episode 5

Prashant makes contact with his family but Shoba rejects him reaching out. Pratik is overjoyed at the prospects of getting married.

Friday  28 December 2018
Episode 6

Aarti and Yash’s engagement preparations are underway. Aarti and Yash meet for the first time.

Saturday 29 December 2018
Episode 7

Yash and Aarti get engaged and the two families meet for the festivities. Aarti goes to the resort with her in-laws for the wedding. Yash requests a private meeting with Aarti and the two get arrested.

Sunday 30 December 2018
Episode 8

Yash requests a private meeting with Aarti and the two get arrested. Shoba and her husband are not happy with the date of the wedding. Aarti’s new in-laws change her name to Arpita, which she has an objection to.

Monday 31 December 2018
Episode 9

Teaser not available at the moment. 

Credit: Tvsa

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