My Golden Home Written Update – Tuesday 11 December 2018 (Final episode)


We all know My Golden Home will be taking a season break today the 11th December, but of course we expect the final episode to give answers to so many questions and make us anticipate it’s return in March 2019. See the final episode update below…


In the story so far, Abha has found the key to the basement of the locked room. Tejaswini tells Uday (Abha’s father) and Jagmohan how dangerous it is for Abha to go into the room. Uday also states that a spirit exists in the room, but Abha suddenly faints before he could say anything further.

Tejaswini then suspects that Uday is hiding something from them. Meanwhile, Chandra asks Lata to get some cold water. She places her hands in the water but pulls it out immediately. It turns out that the water has turned very hot, leaving Lata confused.

Karan takes Abha home while his father and Uday worries about the incidents happening in the house. However, the family receives a good news when the doctor confirms that Abha is pregnant once again.

Uday is hopeful that the child will bring an end to the problems and the misfortune bestowed on the daughters of their family.

Meanwhile, Yashodara goes to Abha’s room and tries to cast some evil spell on her. Karan enters and asks Yashodara to leave. Priyanka (who is Veer’s wife) and Shelly are in the kitchen preparing some kidney beans for Karan. Abha walks in and spots the house keys with Priyanka.

She collects the keys and hand them over to Shelly as the oldest daughter in law. At night, Veer spends some funny moments with Priyanka. In the meantime, Jagmohan calls Uday and informs him of the basement keys whereabouts.

Yashodara eavesdrop on their conversation and follows them to where the keys are. After Uday & Jagmohan leaves, Yashodara starts to dig out the key and injures herself in the process. Abha and Karan are in their room, Shelly comes to spend time with Abha. Some strange things arise in Abha’s room and strong winds blow as well.

The keys falls out of Yashodara’s closet and Shyam sees it. On the other hand, Uday is busy searching for the keys. Shyam puts the keys in a dresser and takes it to Abha’s room. Uday fears increases so he decides to visit Tejaswini.

Abha is sleeping in her room as she hears a strange name been mentioned “Vasundra”, she wakes up and heads to the basement. Tejaswini warns Uday to take Abha away from Swarn Bhavan as soon as possible. Later, Abha finds herself in a room full of mirrors and going in circles. She becomes scared and runs out.

Chandra sees the book and reads it. She is shocked after Uday tells her everything.
Tejaswini asks if Uday is hiding something but he nods negative. Yashodara begins to look for the keys around, while Abha is taken to her parents place to stay there for safety. Karan assures himself that he will find out the secret behind the basement.

Abha goes into a spell again and walks to Swarn Bhavan. Karan comes there and sees Abha opening the basement. He asks her to let go but the spirit grabs a hold of Abha and locks her in the room. Karen is outside yelling and trying to break the door.

Abha sees all the things of the spirit and reads what happened to the spirit. It is revealed that the spirit was in love with Uday’s cousin but since she was poor and he was rich the Singh family tried their best to separate them.

They tried to convince the woman to forget the man she was in love with but she refused to agree then they tried to give her wealth but she refused to agree to that too! Frustrated and mad, Mr Singh father and Uncle locked her up in the basement. Even though she had everything, yet she was still confined in a room and separated from the man she loved.

Abha starts to pray while Karan is still outside trying to open the door. Finally the door opens and Abha leaves. Tejaswani and Uday are also in Swarn Bhavan and Tejaswani tells Uday to call everyone and tell everyone the truth. Everyone is called and Abha tells everyone everything.

Tejaswani then tells them that tomorrow at 12:00 the basement door will open again and that is when they will take everything that belongs to Vasundara (the evil spirit) and throw it in a river.

It morning and everyone is standing at the prayer room. Tejaswani tells them that as long as the fire keeps burning the spirit will not be able to do anything. Everyone prays and there is some necklaces in Tejaswani hands that is suppose to protect everyone and she tells Abha to make everyone wear one.

Abha makes everyone wear one and then goes to Karan. As she is about to make him wear the necklace, suddenly Abha experiences pain in her stomach. Karan reassures Abha by saying that nothing is going to happen to their baby, Karan assures her that he checked the sonography reports and everything was normal.

Abha is then headed to go to the basement when Priyanka stops her and says that she doesn’t believe in all that was happening. She termed them as superstition. Priyanka asks Abha if she is trying to make all that was happening up and keep all the treasure for herself.

Abha is shocked and asks Priyanka what she is trying to say. Veer yells at Abha and says that she is also supporting his wife for the good of the family. Karan tells everyone to forget it as this is not the time fot them to argue. Karan, Veer, Vimal and Jagmohan follow Abha to the basement.

Abha feels like someone is behind when going to the basement and turns to find Yashodara. She tells her to leave and not to follow them. Karan, Veer, Vimal, Jagmohan and Abha are at the basement door when the spirit tries to strangle everyone’s neck. They all touch Abha because if anyone touch her then nothing will happens to the person.

They are able to open the door and they go in and are trying to gather everything of hers but they can’t carry it because the spirit is holding it back. They try hard and one by one they pick everything up. They are about to leave the basement when the door shut closed. Everyone gets shocked but they start praying and the door opens.

Everyone runs out and Abha locks the door. Abha is not feeling to well and while everyone is running to leave she stops for a second and holds on to something. A box with some jewelry falls on the floor. Yashodara sees what has fallen and is shocked to see how beautiful they are.

Abha then picks everything up and leaves. Abha, Karan, Vimal, Jag and Veer throw everything of Vasundra in the river and pray that everything will be fine again. Abha and Karan come home fighting the next day trying to think about which letter their baby’s name will start with.


Episode ends

To know what will happen to Karan and Abha’s baby and to Yashodhra, then check out this earlier post.

This is fate Start tomorrow at the same time slot.  Read the Plot of the series here and see December teasers here


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