Twist of Fate Written Update – Wednesday 12 December 2018


Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate

Tanu and Aaliya who meet their deserved fate fight outside Mehra house whereby Aaliya blames Tanu for giving order to kill Pragya and seeing this day. Tanu also argues with her and ask each other to stay away.

There is a leap of one month and 2 days post this incident and Abhi wakes up a morning imagining Pragya by his side teasing him with a feather and as Abhi is about to grab her, she disappears and he realise it was just a dream.

Daadi comes with a cup of coffee for Abhi and Abhi asks her what does seeing an incomplete good dream means. Daadi says it indicates you to get up and complete it and Abhi hugs her. Daadi asks him who he saw in the dream but Abhi tries to ignore her. Daadi asks again and Abhi tells her that obviously it was Pragya.

Daadi becomes sad on realising that Abhi still broods over Pragya. Abhi tells her that Pragya is alive and Purabh is searching for her and he will bring her back. He tells her that it’s Pragya’s birthday and he’ll celebrate it and cut cake in place of her and also wish for her to come back soon. Also he would celebrate his own birthday today from now on if she comes back as then he would get a new birth.

Daadi comes downstairs and tells Daasi who says that this is not logical and tells Daadi that they have to convince Abhi that Pragya is no more but Daadi says that Abhi would have a break down if they made him realise that she is not going to come, so they should just do it for his happiness and hope for his wish to come true so that their hope remains alive.

Mitali overhears this and calls and tells Aaliya about this birthday who says why she did not try to stop him. Mitali says she didn’t want to be thrown out of the house like her. An upset Aaliya threatens her but she says she can’t talk any more as what if anyone overhears her, she doesn’t want to live in that tacky house of Nikhil. Aaliya gets very angry.

Aaliya and Tanu are at a tacky house which is supposedly of Nikhil but he is no where to be seen. Tanu gives tea to Aaliya and asks why she is so pissed. Aaliya says her brother has lost it when they hear a knock at the door. While they were fighting on who will open the door the Police breaks in. Aaliya asks the Inspector whom they want. He asks him why they are here as it doesn’t seem to be their house.

Aaliya says it’s Nikhil’s house who is their friend and they are here to stay for a few days. Inspector asks them who they are and Aaliya and Tanu introduce themselves. Inspector says that it’s great that they found all suspects at one place.

The police question Aaliya and Tanu about where Nikhil is. Aaliya and Tanu ask inspector if they have any proof against them. Inspector says he’ll collect it from Nasik and then he’ll come and arrest them. He suspect that Nikhil is their partner in crime and they are all the prime suspects in Pragya’s murder case. He further tells Aaliya that they are lucky that the commando died on spot otherwise they would have hung by now.

The police leave saying they are off to Nasik for search and once back they would take Aliya and Tanu too in for interrogation for Pragya murder case.

After the Inspector leaves Tanu says she has to go and clear out any clue they left in Nasik and Aaliya says she’ll call Nikhil to stay away from the limelight for a few days and ask him to stay underground. At home everyone is busy preparing for Pragya’s birthday, Purabh gets a call from Rishabh who is organising a concert for Abhi.

Purabh asks him about Abhi and the concert but Purabh says he isn’t in Mumbai and so Abhi isn’t around so he won’t be able to complete the concert. Mitali is seen eavesdropping as Purabh as he is lying to someone that he is not in Mumbai. Daasi interrupts her and asks her to concentrate on her own work.

Rishabh (from this is fate ) is introduced who is the coordinator for Abhi comes to Abhi’s house while Purabh is making arrangements for Pragya’s birthday party and is still on phone with Rishabh. Rishabh says how can he see him when he is not in Mumbai and comes in.

He insults Purabh and says that he thought he was a professional. Purabh tries to explain it to Rishabh that Abhi is going through a major problem in his personal life. Rishabh tells Purabh that Abhi has to perform for the concert as per contract and it’s a must to fulfill his commitment.

Purabh refuses it and says Abhi isn’t in a condition to perform but Rishabh says he has a contract signed by Abhi for 2 months and he can’t back out now and now he has to perform as he is his property. Rishabh adds that the concert for which Abhi agreed would get cancelled with his consistent negligence and the sponsors would file a case against him.

Purabh says that Abhi will return each and every penny he has invested and will cover up for his loss too. There is an altercation between them which is interrupted by Abhi himself as he comes downstairs after overhears Rishabh saying that he is his property and will only sing for him.

Abhi says he’ll perform as he remembers Pragya saying Abhi’s brand name is her’s now. He tells Rishabh that his wife made him a professional and he hopes that she will be back to him once she looks at him working so hard for his career. Rishabh happily hugs him and assures him that his belief will prove to be true.

After Rishabh happily leaves Purabh once again tries to make him understand that Pragya is no more asks Abhi that why he doesn’t realise that Pragya is dead and police have searched all around and her body is nowhere to be found.

Abhi says that he knows today being Pragya’s birthday, he believes that she’ll come or else she’ll give some indication today that she’ll come to keep looking for her. Purabh says what if it doesn’t happen then he’ll have to move on and leave this madness. Abhi asks him to let him practice for the concert.

While Tanu is on her way to Nasik as its her plans to destroy all the evidences against her, a girl comes in front of her car to stop the car. She has her face covered by her veil and asks Tanu to help her and drop her and a child along to a nearby hospital.

Tanu gets sceptical but she puts a knife at Tanu’s neck to threaten her. Her veil drops from her face and it happens to be Pragya. Tanu gets scared as she realizes in shock that it is Pragya but she is unaware that it is someone who looks exactly like Pragya.

She thinks that Pragya is alive but the girl who looks exactly like her behaves in a totally different manner. Pragya lookalike brings in the child and asks Tanu to drive to the hospital. Tanu drops her along with two children to the hospital. She thanks Tanu and runs inside with the child. Tanu follows them in where Pragya pleads them to cure the child and meets the doctor who calls her Munni.

Tanu is shocked since she met Pragya’s look alike in Nashik and calls Aaliya and tells her that she saw Pragya and she is alive. Aaliya does not believe and says she would slap Tanu once there so that she believes that Pragya is dead and asks her to get back in her senses but Tanu forces her to come there. She takes Aaliya to the doctor to ask about Pragya but the doctor refuses that she hasn’t seen her when she shows her Pragya’s photograph.

Aaliya gets furious with Tanu because she fails to make her meet Pragya. She slaps Tanu and asks her to come back to her senses. She further tells her she need to get treated for being psychotic like Abhi. Tanu keeps on describing her looks and language. But Aaliya asks her to stop her non sense. After proving it to Tanu that she has lost her mind Aaliya gets back in the car and starts driving towards Mumbai.

There, Munni cries and is worried about the monery required for that kid’s surgery. The little girl Chutki whispers and suggests something to earn money. While They were both returning back they face a traffic jam. Meanwhile, Aaliya and Tanu stop at a traffic jam and both get irritated, Aaliya gets down to see the reason and she is as shocked as Tanu to see Pragya walking on rope.

Aaliya decides to follow her. They reach the hospital and see Pragya talking to the same doctor who recognises her well and the doctor says that Munni has the responsibility of the children so she can leave as she has to go to the shop now. Munni promises to come back the next day.

Tanu comes there and taunts Aaliya and Aaliya asks her to stop taunting her and decides follow her to know about her. Tanu says she knows where she is going and takes her to the hospital where Pragya asks the doctor who recognises her well to do the surgery as she has deposited the money.

The doctor says that Munni has the responsibility of the children so she can leave as she has to go to the shop now. Munni promises to come back the next day.

There while Abhi is practising for the concert but feels that he is in no mood to sing as he keeps on missing Pragya. His mind hallucinates and he sees Pragya in front of him who asks him to get ready for the concert. He remembers Pragya dressing him for the concert, and he making excuses to not go to work and she convincing him to go.

Pragya had also told him that she is with him in every single word of his song. Sarla and her mother-in-law Beeji come to Abhi’s house and are confused to see no arrangements for the party. Daasi and Daadi come and tell them that Abhi has agreed to not party and he is celebrating her birthday by performing at the concert. They are shocked and pleased that the birthday party has been cancelled and Abhi plans to devote the concert to Pragya.

While Abhi is selecting clothes, Daadi comes to give him curd and sugar. Abhi who is keeping hope that Pragya will return to him now dresses up in the same jacket Pragya selected and he says today he would do everything that Pragya likes today. He says he has so much work today for Pragya birthday and says to his Daadi that he is having an intuition that Pragya will come back today. Daadi says if he is so sure then she’ll have to come back for him and his love back to everyone here who is waiting for her.

Munni (Pragya lookalike) is serving dinner to the girl Chutki who is unwell in that small house while there is a knock at the door. She angrily opens the door. Munni opens the door and Aaliya and Tanu come in, she asks why they are here. These two have a plan against Pragya once again. Aaliya shows her Abhi’s photo and Munni jokes that she agreed for the marriage.

Tanu says he is her boyfriend and Aaliya shows her Pragya’s photograph and tells her that she is Abhi’s wife and their friend. Munni is astounded to see her duplicate. Munni says she can see that there is something wrong she asks her if Pragya really was their friend. Tanu says she was actually the other woman between Abhi and Tanu.

Munni says how can she be the other woman when they were married. Aaliya tells her that Abhi is lost in Pragya’s memories and she wants him to get over her and move on. She says they want her to make such bad image of hers that Abhi starts hating her. On hearing Aaliya asking her to come to Mehra mansion with her and enter Abhi’s life as Pragya and create hate for Pragya in Abhi’s heart, Munni says she won’t do such things.

Aaliya takes out money from her bag and is about to throw it on Munni’s face but gives it to Tanu instead, who offers it to Munni. Munni still refuses to do it for any amount of money. Tanu then threatens her that they have killed Pragya and it won’t take them much to kill her or kidnap any of her kids. Munni pulls out a knife and puts it on Tanu’s neck she says she isn’t afraid of them and she’ll kill them here only. Munni asks them to pick up their one lakh and leave her house immediately otherwise she would kill her.


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