Titli Starlife update Tuesday 16 April 2024

Titli thinking Garv will compliment my work. Garv comes and says you don’t need to come to the court, you just record the video and send it to me. Koel sees them. She asks Titli to go and have food. Monica worries. Garv asks what happened. Maina says Monica’s makeup artist isn’t coming.

Titli asks can I help you, sorry, I heard you, I have done the course. Garv says we can’t trust you, we hired you as a decorator. Titli says trust me, I m a safe risk. Monica agrees. Titli does the makeup to her. Everyone waits outside. Koel knocks the door and asks Titli to come out. Manikant says that girl is trying to help us, unlike you. Alpa says everyone is waiting for Monica. He asks Maina to ask the decorator. Garv asks what, I told you, she won’t do the makeup. Dhrishti says she insisted.

Titli comes and says one makeup product is missing, bridal look can’t complete. Manikant asks her to hurry up. Garv says I told you, you won’t do her makeup. Koel gets angry. Maina asks is Monica ready. Titli brings Monica. Everyone smiles seeing Monica. Maina says she is ready. Titli says yes, I wanted to say just kajal is missing. Maina applies the kajal to Monica. She thinks Garv will smile now. Garv sees a servant spilling the drink. He gets angry.

Everyone compliments Monica. Koel says take this 20rs as tip. Titli says no, I did this for Maina and Monica. Maina thanks her. Titli thinks I need a loving person. Monica and Abhay get engaged. Sajna ve…plays… Garv hugs Monica. He sees Titli looking at him. He messages her and asks for video.

Titli goes to make a video. Garv dances with his sisters. Manikant dances with Maina. Koel feels bad. Titli dances with Garv. She stumbles. They have a moment. They argue. He asks did you record the video. She says sent. He goes.

Chintu jokes and teases Dadi. Dadi says I have to get Titli married. Garv sees Titli’s video. She asks him to smile. He gets angry and goes to her. He says its about my career, don’t just get after my smile, I asked you to make that video because you are the witness, did you fall in love with me.

She says no. He says that’s good, just talk about work, not anyone else, its my mistake, I expected you to help me, you need help. She falls in his arms. Garv says don’t know how will judge react in court. Its morning, Garv comes to the court. The judge asks about the witness. Titli says I m here. She gives the statement.

The judge warns Garv and asks him to control his anger. Titli goes. Garv follows Titli. She sends an audio message to her.

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