Lost in Love update Wednesday 4 May 2022

Lost in Love 4 May 2022: Milind tells Virat that he has take Sayi’s complete responsibility. Virat asks what he means. Usha says Sayi has to leave police quarters. He says Sayi will stay in Nagpur’s medical college hostel and he will take care of her expenses. Milind reminds him that he promised Kamal to take care of Sayi. Usha says he should take Sayi to his house. Virat asks how can he as he has his family stays there. Aunt says they will not let him go without Sayi. Milind says there is one way, he should marry Sayi and take her home. Usha and others back him and say it was even Kamal’s wish. Virat asks if they have gone mad, didn’t they see Sayi’s reaction, he will take care of Sayi but cannot marry her.

Lost in Love 3 May 2022

Sayi hearing their conservation walks out shouting if they have gone mad, her father died yesterday and they want him to marry his murderer today, she will never marry Virat even if he is a last person on earth; they should ask him to go back as his mission is complete. She walks and cries holding Aaba’s photo.Chavan family ladies hear Satyanarayan story from panditji. Karishma asks Saloni if she can taste prasad. Saloni scolds her. Mansi says one needs determination to keep vatsavitri vrat/fast and Karishma should learn from Patralekha. Saloni seeing Patralekha feeling weak taunts that even they are fasting and not like Patralekha. Ashwini says this happens when one doesn’t keep fast by heart. Mansi says her bahu is fasting by heart and thanks Patralekha for fasting for Virat’s safety. Patralekha falls down unconscious. They rush her home and make her lie on bed. Ashwini taunts again. Karishma brings water for Patralekha.

Badimaa angrily throws it away and says Chavan family ladies never break rules, Patralekha will complete vrat. She orders Karishma, Saloni, and Ashwini to break fast with Patralekha at night. Patralekha reminisces Virat’s promise to take care of Samrat and family. She tells Badimaa that she is fine and will continue her fast. Badimaa gets happy, and Mansi thanks her again.Virat walks to Sayi. Sayi says he was Aaba’s senior and since he is gone, he doesn’t have any work here. He says he wants to talk to her. She asks if he is determined to get insulted, she doesn’t want to see even is face. He says he wants speak to her for 5 minutes, he is going to Nagpur and wants to tell her what happened. He describes whole incident, reminiscing it, and says if Kamal sir had followed his instructions, he would have been alive with them. She says that she will not believe his cooked up story and he is telling this to free himself off guilt of killing his guru. Virat says she knows he always thought good for her and informs her about Kamal’s request to take care of Sayi and since he doesn’t break his promise, what he should do now.

Sayi cries more hugging Aaba’s phot and says after Aaba’s death, she cannot think anything. Virat says he will make her education’s arrangements. Sayi says she doesn’t want to become a doctor, especially with his help. He suggests not to ruin her career in emotions, he want to. She says his wish doesn’t matter to her. He writes his Nagpur address and phone number in a notepad and asks her to call him when needed. She says she will not call him even if she dies. He says neither of them have seen future. She stops him.

Virat writes his Nagpur’s address and phone number on a notepad and asks Sayi to call him if needed. She says she will not need it and will not call him even is she dies. He says they don’t know who need whose help and asks her to take care of herself. She says Virat sir. He asks if she wants to say something. She says nothing. He walks away. He returns home and reminisces Sai’s bitter words while packing his bag. He then sees dried rose and reminisces Pakhi and events linked with her. He burns flower reminiscing she telling that he promised to be her bestfriend always and she needs him now, he sets off fire and keeps flower in diary, then calls Pakhi.

Sai holding Aaba’s photo cries reminiscing his love for her and asks why did he leave her alone in this world, who will feed her food and will bear her tantrums. She reminisces recent incident and imagines Aaba in front of her who says he is always with her, why didn’t she have food since yesterday, why is she not smiling, etc. She says she will smile and have food if he doesn’t leave her alone. She then imagines him telling that he came to take her along, etc. She gets panic attack and sits in a corner holding her ears.Pakhi’s parents come to meet Pakhi. Badimaa tells Vaishali that her daughter is not strong, they used to fast for 4 days, but her daughter.. Shanti says she was praising Patralekha just in the morning, what happened now. Vaishali apologizes and thanks her for inviting them. Badimaa says she can do at least this for her bahu and says its time to b break fast. All ladies perform their husband’s aarti while Pakhi perform’s Samrat’s photo’s aarti. Ashwini says let us pray for their husbands’ long lives. Pakhi closes eyes and imagines Virat instead.

Sai writes a suicide note that Aaba was her life, she is giving her life with her wish and nobody should be blamed, Aaba’s belongs should go to Usha mausi after her death. She thinks Virat must have left Gadchiroli by now, but why is she thinking about him. She slits her wrist saying she is going to Aaba and they will be happy together. She collapses. Usha brings food for her and knocks door, says she didn’t have food since yesterday and if she doesn’t, even she will not have food. She panics seeing blood flowing out of room and informs Milind and others. Milind and Shiva kaka break door and see Sai lying in a pool of blood. Virat keeps his bags in jeep and thanks constable for his help.Constable says its his duty. Virat asks him to take care of Sai and call him if needed. He drives his jeep away while Sai is headed towards hospital.

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