Lost in Love update Thursday 5 May 2022

Lost in love 5 May 2022: Pakhi tells her friend Neha that she married Samrat so that she can be near Virat. She continues that she is concerned for Samrat after he went missing in action and understands family’s condition, but they want her to accept Samrat, which is impossible for her. Neha asks what are her parents telling. Pakhi says she confidently agreed to marry Samrat in front of them and Samrat’s family forced her to keep vat savitri vrat for Samrat. Neha says there is nothing wrong in it. Pakhi says she can’t. Virat calls her while traveling towards home in his jeep and consoles her that nothing will happen to Samrat and he will try to find Samrat and he is also coming home.

Pakhi gets happy. Usha, Pawar and Milind rush to Sai and seeing her in a pool of blood with her wrist slit panic. Milind asks Pawar to call ambulance. Usha calls Virat from Sayi’s number repeatedly. Virat tells Pakhi that Sayi is calling her and disconnects call. He calls back and Usha informs him about Sayi trying to commit suicide. Virat disconnects call and informs Pakhi that he will call her back as he got an emergency. He rushes to Kamal’s house and takes Sayi to hospital in his jeep. Doctor start Sayi’s treatment. Virat reminisces Kamal’s request to take care of Sai after his death. Milind and his wife allege Virat that Sayi’s condition is because of him and if he had not let Sayi alone, she wouldn’t have committed suicide.Pakhi explains her ordeal to her parents. Shailesh fumes and asks what does Badimaa think of herself, how can she do this to Pakhi, he will confront her and will take his daughter from here. Vaishali asks if he has gone made, if they interfere in daughter’s family issues, they will spoil it more, so let their daughter handle her family issues herself.

Back in hospital, doctor informs Virat and others that Sayi lost a lot of blood and needs transfusion. Milind asks him to do something. Virat says he will give blood as even his blood group is AB negative. Nurse takes him and transfuses his blood to Sayi. Sayi looking at Sayi reminisces Kamal’s request. He further reminisces his first meeting with Sayi, her taunts, frustration towards her, etc. He walks out where Usha and others insist again to marry Sayi and take her complete responsibility.

He walks out and imagines his inner self telling him to keep his promise made to Joshi and accept Usha and Milind’s request. Other inner self says he shouldn’t fall for villager’s demand and think of his promise made to Pakhi. They both continue to confuse him.

Ashwini and Shivani convince Mansi to believe in tarot card reading. Shivani spreads cards and asks Mansi to speak about her wish and pick one card. Karishma clicks selfies. Shivani scolds her. Mansi asks Shivani to check card and tell if Samrat is safe and will return home. Badimaa walks in and asks what is happening and scolds Ashwini and Mansi for believing in Shivani’s nonsense. Shivani says its like Badimaa calling Bhatt saheb pandit always. Badimaa says she cannot understand how they trust untrustable people and walks away. Mansi says she spoilt all the vibes and reading card looks tensed, but when Mansi asks says she selected power card and its a good sign, Samrat will return for sure.

At hospital, Usha offers Virat tea. Ninad calls him and asks if he is fine. Virat says he is not and reminds him telling about a soldier sacrificing his life for Ninad. Ninad says yes. Virat says Kamal sir sacrificed his life saving my life and before dying took a promise, he is confused between his heart and brain. Ninad suggests to listen to his brain and if he has made any promise to fulfill it. Samrat disconnects call when Usha calls him.At Chavan Villa, Mohit gets romantic with Karishma, but she pushes him away and checks meanings for tarot cards on internet and finds out that Shivani’s card signaled danger, but lied to Mansi that Samrat will return home soon.

Virat walks into Sayi’s room. Sayi wakes up calling Aaba and seeing Virat asks if he didn’t go. He says had almost gone, but then got Usha mausi’s call. He asks why did she try to commit suicide; he had know about her intention during their last meeting, he wouldn’t have let her alone, he means he would have left Usha mausi or someone with her. Sayi coughs. He offers her water and makes her lie down; says he knew Kamal was her life, but didn’t know she would take a wrong and foolish step after his death; she shouldn’t forget that Kamal sir wanted her to become a doctor, but she is making him unhappy with her act, she has to fulfill his dreams and make him happy. He says even he wants her to become a doctor and will support her to make Kamal sir proud; he didn’t want to hurt her and he is sorry for that. She says she is sorry that he couldn’t go to Nagpur. He says he will go tomorrow.

She says life change in a second, he shouldn’t bother about her and go to Nagpur. Virat says he said he will go tomorrow, she has to promise him that she will fulfill Kamal sir’s dream. She says she doesn’t need his help and he should go now. He says he will go tomorrow after getting her discharged. She says no thanks.Milind and others are there for her. He asks if she hates him much and walks away saying she can call him if needed.

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