A love to die for update Wednesday 4 May 2022

A love to die for 4 May 2022: Aroi says this can’t be possible. Arohi comes to deep and hits him. she says why are you doing this. What do you want? Why do you want to take everything I have. He says I don’t like you this way. He pours water on her and says you look good like this. I told you not to act smart with me. You lost your mom. Doyou wanna lose your dad? This chip can’t help you. Do as I ask. Arohi says you are an animal. Netra overhears all this. Deep leaves.

Arohi’s conscience says Arohi you could never do anything to deep. You lost again. Arohi says I couldn’t even save my papa. He always used my love. Deep asks his man to prepare his and wasu’s passport. He says I will leave this house. Netra says deep I hear everything you say. You wont get where you want to. Deep leaves. Netra goes after him and calls someone. Wasu hears. Someone kidnaps Wasu. Papa slaps Arohi. He says you used deep’s way. What would be difference between us and him? She says what should I then? He says we can’t use his way. Arohi says he has ruined our life. I will kill him. He says you are my brave daughter. You don’t have to use the wrong way.

Deep comes and says Arohi you have kidnapped my mom.A woman comes to bank. she faints everyone. She is wearing helmet. Arohi says I didn’t kidnap her. Deep says only you can do this. He calls in inspector. Inspector arrests Arohi’s papa. Arohi says how can you do this. Deep says you will find proofs here. arohi says my papa didn’t do anything. They find a file.The woman comes to locker. It is Netra. Netra says I willl come here before you. Ranbir comes in too. They open the locker with password. Ranbir and the technician left. Netra got the new password.

Netra opens the locker and takes out something. Ranbir comes there.Arohi says this is all lie. My papa didn’t do anything. They arrest him. Arohi says how low would you stoop? He says I want my mom back in a few hours. Arohi says I didn’t kidnap her. Deep says you have only 3 hours. He leaves.Ranbir’s secretary checks her. She says you were stealing these tapes? Netra says you idiot. Deep was coming here. He was about to take the taps. Ranbir takes the tapes from her and asks her to le ave.Arohi sees I am back written with blood. Arohi says this must be Tara. She gets a call. A man says I know where wasu is. Bring 40 lacs. Arohi says where would I get 40 lacs from.

Arohi says what should I do. Netra hears a voice from Wasu’s room. she says no one is here. Deep says Aorhi what are you doing in my room? She says I found this letter in her room. It says I am back. It’s Tara. she kidnapped wasu. Deep says don’t fool me. I know you kidnapped her. Tara is dead. She can’t come back and kidnap my mom. Deep calls inspector and says are you serving Arohi’s dad right? He says yes we are doing as you are saying.Arohi says please don’t harm my dad. Someone called me and asked me for 40 lacs. Deep says nw you want my money too? Arohi calls on that number. A guy says we never asked you for money.

Deep gives Arohi 2 money and says you have only 2 hours to bring my mom back.Ranbir stops arohi and says you look worried. Arohi says I am going for some work. she leaves. Ranbir comes in. Wasu says my mom is kidnapped. Ranbir says looks like someone from your house. He leaves.Arohi comes to the location that person asked her to come. He calls Arohi and says you called me in front of deep so he can recognize me? Arohi says I made a mistake.Netra says deep don’t worry. Ma will come back home. Deep says whoever did this will suffer. NEtra says arohi did this. Deep says anyone can do this. Why are you so scared? Netra coughs. Deep says relax.

Arohi walks in a street. She says no one is here.Arohi finds a letter. It gives her direction where to go. Deep follows her. He calls someone and says I am coming. Arohi comes to a building. She hits two guards. arohi says ma ji.She says where should I find her. She calls on that number and says you fooled me. It’s Ranbir on the other side. He says keep doing as I ask you. There is a bag in a locker there. arohi says it has currency printing slates. Someone shoots towards Arohi. It’s Tar.a Arohi screams. Arohi hits her with a bottle and tries to stop her. The girls hits Arohi. Its Netra She says deep and arohi think no one is a bigger player than them.

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