Destined by fate update Tuesday 27 June 2023

Destined by Fate 27 June 2023: Kanha decides to express his love for Sayuri. He visits temple and tells god that he at last made him fall in love. He wishes god’s support in expressing his love for Sayuri and expresses his heart out. Sayuri also prays god about the same. They both feel ecstatic feeling the love. A flower from the idol falls down into the lamp, revealing something bad is awaiting for Sayuri.

Destined by fate 26 June 2023

Kusum returns home lost in thought. Saroj asks if Indrani and her family said something. She says no. Saroj calls Anjali thinking she has to always provoke her against Sayuri or else she will not do anything. She continues her favorite past time of cursing Sayuri and hoping she separates with Kahna.Sayuri reaches Delhi and message Kanha that she has reached.Kanha gets busy with client at his office. Devraj tells Tej that Kanha reminds him of Balwant as even he used to work enthusiastically.

Tej says there is a lot of difference between Kanha who attended the office first time and the Kanha now, Sayuri has totally changed Kanha. Kanha addresses his secretary as Sayuri repeatedly and she reminds him. Dhanraj and Tej realize that Kanha has fallen in Sayuri’s love. Kanha notices Sayuri’s message later and replies with just an emoji.

Sayuri hopes he would have video called her at least. Kanha also feels he should have called her.At Indrani’s house, Rashmi and Pihu remind her about Sauri’s birthday in 2 days. Indrani recalls Saroj learning to prepare cake to celebrate Sayuri’s birthday. Pihu and Rashmi feel amazed hearing that. They all plan preparing Sayuri’s favorite dishes and invite Dhanraj, Tej, Nakul, and Kanha. Nakul enters and says there is no need to party here. Bhanu asks why is he saying that. Nakul says they celebrated bhabhi’s birthday,

its time for bhai to celebrate bhabhi’s birthday wherever he wants to. He further says he has an amazing news to share with them. They all get tensed and ask if Saroj, Kusum, or Anjali did something. Nakul asks them to relax and says Kanha bhai has fallen in Sayuri bhabhi’s love. They all feel excited. Nakul continues to describe the incident where Kanha in sleep talked about his love for Sayuri. They ask where Kanha must be now. Nakuls says on his desk nervously looking at phone.

Kanha grooms himself and nervously picks his phone to call Sayuri herself calls him. They both chat and start their nok jhok. Kanha imagines Sayuri teaching him and dancing on Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha… song. He gets out of imagination. Sayuri looks at Kanha’s vlog and imagines same. They both continue to feel ecstatic in love.

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