Lost in love update Wednesday 28 June 2023

Lost in love 28 June 2023: Sai gets into a Anandi’s cabin bathroom via window and hides. Her hand gets injured by a broken glass. Watchman notices glass piece on floor and searches around Anandi’s cabin. Sai checks Anandi’s computer for clue. Virat, Ashwini, and Harini congratulate Shivani for becoming pregnant. Bhavani yells and curses Shivani for becoming pregnant at this age and her nephews Virat and Mohit should become a father,

Lost in love 27 June 2023

but she is giving them a cousin. Shivani gives her a befitting reply and says Bhavani is not happy with her pregnancy and roams around Pakhi wagging her tail who can’t be pregnant forever. Pakhi feels bad and leaves from there crying. Virat walks behind her to comfort her.Watchman takes a staff to Anandi’s room and says he is sure someone entered it as he saw a broken window glass outside. Sai hides behind a desk. Staff says there is no one around.

Watchman notices Sai’s blood drops on floor and shows it to staff. Staff finds Sai hiding behind a desk. Virat comforts Pakhi and asks her not to bother about Shivani’s words. Pakhi continues crying and expressing her distress and says even Virat values Sai more than her. Virat denies and asks her to not to bother about all that. He gets Anandi’s call who informs that Sai is caught by her staff stealing data from her computer. He in a shock says Sai and leaves from there.

Pakhi misunderstands and thinks Virat really values Sai more than her.Virat reaches orphanage where staff informs that Sai is caught red-handed trying to steal confidential data from Anandi’s computer, they wanted to hand her ove to police, but stopped on Anandi’s order. Virat says its his case now and he will handle it. He takes Sai from there and asks her why did she do that. Sai reveals that she was searching for their son Vinayak. Virat acts as shocked and asks why didn’t she inform him beforehand. She says she wanted to make sure about it first and requests him to seek information from Anandi.

Virat says Anandi is out of town. Sai asks how does he know. He nervously says Anandi called him to inform about Sai’s act, he is still Napgur’s DCP. Sai says then Anandi well definitely share Vinu’s information. Virat catches Sai’s tears and notices her hand injury and first-ids it. Sai says their problems will be solved if Vinu is found.

Virat returns home. Pakhi asks if he had gone to meet Sai. Virat denies and says he had gone out regarding some case. She gets more emotional, notices blood on his hand and asks if he is injured. Virat says its a victim’s blood whom he went to meet and asks her to rest now. Pakhi thinks she knows he is lying.

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