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If you were not there 20 July 2023: Abhimanyu is standing with Shugun in his hands who is unconscious, he looks towards Niyati and starts crying, Mami jee questions what sort of problem has Abhimanyu brought into this house, Karan bhai is really tensed seeing her in this house, he is not able to look Abhimanyu in the eye, he questions why did he and Niyati did this to Shugun, he mentions Niyati is an outsider but Karan is his brother so why did he do it.

Kichu Pandya questions Abhimanyu what has happened to this girl and how did she get hurt, Abhimanyu exclaims that nothing in this city happens without his will and even Karan bhai doesnot do anything without discussing with him, he assures that he doesnot know anything about it. Abhimanyu goes to Manaroma mentioning that they have sent goons to the house of Shugun in order to throw her out of the city.

Kichu questions Karan why did he do this, asking what was the need to send and threaten this girl, karan replies it was his decision and he had to do it since she was not accepting his demands, Mr Panday in anger slaps Karan, seeing which everyone is stunned, Kichu exclaims he was throwing her out of the city because she was not listening to him, he says that Karan is doing such things when he has been given some power, Mr Panday mentions that even when he has a lot of power he has never used any power for the wrong doings, Niyati tries to reveal the truth when she is stopped by karan however Niyati exclaims they just went to talk with her. Abhimanyu questions if they went to threaten her, he asks what is their problem because he loves Shugun and wants to marry her, he questions if they are not happy in his desires, he asks by what right did she go to her house, as he can understand if his family does this but what relation does she have with him, he asks if she is his wife, girlfriend or friend, she is no one. He asks why is she trying to separate him from Shugun, she stopped him many times from talking to Shugun and he tried to behave normally with her but this time she has crossed her limits, Shugun smiles seeing the drama so pretends as she has just regained consciousness, she acts as it is really hurting, Abhimanyu is really concerned for her, Karan signals Niyati to calm down.

Shugun at once seeing them both goes to Niyati mentioning she will do exactly as Niyati desires, she is going to leave this city and will not even show her face, karan signals Niyati to not do anything when she is not able to comprehend why is Shugun behaving like this, she exclaims she was leaving and did not call Abhimanyu, he tries to assure that everything is fine but she replies he is not understanding and must get away from her as everything is happening because of him, she is from a normal background and doesnot want anything from them, she informs Abhimanyu that Niyati doesnot want them both to be a couple, everyone is stunned to hear what she is saying, she thinks she needs to leave and go back to her house, Abhimanyu stops her assuring no one can say anything to her, she blames him for being the reason she is facing such troubles, she warns him to not meet him or even show her his face, Shugun leaves to walk out of the house, thinking the far away she goes with him, he will follow her and walk away from his family so the more distance he creates from his family is what will cause pain to them, she is thinking about the past in which there was a murder. Shugun walks out of the house, wiping off the tears, she walks past Dr Aanad on her way out and they both look each other in the eyes before walking away.

Abhimanyu threatens them all to understand one thing clearly, that he likes her and she is his happiness, whatever they desire would not be enough to separate him from his happiness, Mr Panday is not able to say anything, Niyati calls Abhimanyu assuring no one would separate him from his happiness, he must calm down and listen to what she has to say, he questions what can he listen to after witnessing all that has happened, Shugun got so scared because of them that she doesnot even want to see his face, he questions what does she want to achieve by separating him from Shugun and causing mental stress, is some sort of mental experiment. He feels as if she desires to see him pain causes relief, she wants to keep him in her control.

Mr Panday mentions they cannot change what happened, it will be better if he forgets that girl and he will promise that no one will irritate that girl, Abhimanyu questions the reason, Mr Panday thinks he would have to take the help of lies, so explains that she cannot match their reputation, she cannot match them in any class, he is the son of Gajendar Pandy so cannot love any girl, Abhimanyu replies he has loved her for his own desires and not his status, he questions since when has he started thinking about the different class sections. Abhimanyu mentions that he, Dadi maa and Maa have always told how they reached this position from being poor, how he without any help reached this position so he can help those in need, then he must not hate the poor, how can he forget that he was also poor one day. Everyone is standing in a restless manner.

Dr Aanad standing at the door advises Abhimanyu to calm down, he going to him asks Aanad to see the wrong which they are doing with him so he should try and inform them as his family members are listening more to outsiders then him, Aanad standing beside him assures he is going to talk but he must come with him, Abhimanyu replies Shugun has left him because of them, Aanad advises him to go and take his medicines while he will handle everything, Aanad questions if he trusts him, then taking his hand goes upstairs. Niyati cannot understand what she must do.

Abhimanyu in the room exclaims they have done what is in the movies, asking if it is wrong to love someone, Aanad exclaims it is not wrong but they just desire his benefit, Abhimanyu questions what sort of benefit is this since they first tortured him so much because of their love but then weighted his love in money, Aanad exclaims he cannot do anything by staying with his family, Abhimanyu replies he was better when he ran away from this house, he did not disturb anyone and no one disturbed him, Aanad exclaims he will not run away once again, as his family has brought him with immense difficulty and are ready to accept his every desire so he cannot make emotionally blackmail them, he goes to take out the medicine after putting this idea in his head. Aanad asks him to quietly take the medicine as everything will get better with time, however Abhimanyu is thinking if he should run away once again, Aanad standing at the door thinks he should just run away from this house and Niyati.

Karan is standing when his mother exclaims that Kichu has just crossed his limits because Karan is the eldest in this family, even older than Abhimanyu. She questions why did he not say anything, Karan replies when he was at fault then what could have he said anything, he made Niyati his sister and was not able to understand if he is doing it the right way, Karan explains he has achieved everything because of Mama jee as he has always fulfilled the duties of a father, Karan advises her to not create a fuss about it, Gajendar Panday entering the room mimics his sister, who replies that he always makes fun of her when he informs karan that she would get angry whenever he raised his voice. Gajendar informs that the power is a responsibility which should never be used for any wrong purpose, he explains that now he would not be able to go to Delhi so Karan must go and come back after finishing everything, his mother asks if he is now going to Delhi, karan replies it is the order of uncle.

Niyati is walking beside the pool thinking about what Shugun said and how she was blaming that Niyati has tried to throw her out of Lucknow. Niyati then thinks what Abhimanyu said to them all. She receives a call from the mother of Saira, she is shocked hearing what has happened so requests her to send the contact of the police officer, Niyati thinks about the call which she received and inquired about the dress of that girl, she wonders what is going on around her as it feels everything in her life is dispersing.Niyati walks into the house, she hears Amma jee performing the pooja so is drawn towards the voice, she slowly walks to sit beside her in the Mandir, watching Amma jee with her undivided attention, she questions what the meaning of this Shlok is. Amma jee replies in this Shlok, Kishan Bhagwan is saying to Arjun that he must not be afraid of dying, if he fights then he will either get to rule or win, so for this he must stand with all his strength and desire.

Niyati looks to the Mandir, Amma jee exclaims whenever she feels something wrong in her heart then she sits in the Mandir and after some time it all ends, she knows Niyati is also really worried so she should also perform this for Devi Maia as then surely she will find a way, Niyati prays that she is not able to hold around her as Abhimanyu has forgotten her, Saira is also missing and she is tensed because of the behaviour of Shugun, she doesnot know what to do, just as Dadi said she should show her the way, Niyati is praying when she hears a bell, so opens her eyes in shock.

Niyati mentions that everything is twisted and she doesnot have any string which she can hold, she prays to Maa to show her the way, she agrees to fight for the cause mentioning that she cannot let anything wrong happen, whatever she did was to protect Abhimanyu but it has only ruined the matters for worse, she has to make sure her husband gets healthy since this is the debt from her past which she has to fulfil, she is the one who has made their relation so would be the one to help her win this fight. Niyati starts walking towards the room.

Abhimanyu in his room takes out the bag in which he starts packing his stuff, Niyati entering exclaims she needs to talk with him, she questions what is the bag for but he asks her to be quiet, she insists he should tell the truth, he replies that he is running away when Niyati questions what is this behaviour but he replies that this is the truth since he cannot stay back, she can call him if she has something important to talk about, Niyati exclaims he cannot run away so starts calling but Abhimanyu taking the mobile asks if she doesn’t feel anything for him, he very cleverly places the mobile down asking if she doesnot feel anything for him even when she is his nurse, he exclaims he doesnot want to leave his family but he doesnot have any other option, he doesnot want to go away from them but they all get really troubled because of him, Niyati exclaims there is nothing to worry about since they will find another way, he opening the bathroom door pushes her inside mentioning he has found his way but she was coming in between of it, he closes the door pushing her inside, Niyati requests him to open it, Abhimanyu mentions that she really cares for him but he had made a mistake by coming back to this house as now everyone is really troubled because of him, so he needs to run away. Niyati requests him to not run away while banging on the door, she thinks of her mobile only to realize that Abhimanyu took it from her, Niyati exclaims she always gets fooled by him, she tries to open the door but fails, she thinks what she can do because he would other wise run away, Niyati sees a rod, she manages to break the lock with it.

Niyati enters the room when she sees Abhimanyu getting in the car, one of the waiters comes in informing Gajendar that Abhimanyu went towards his car with a bag, Aanad thinks that Abhimanyu has done what he desired, he is going to run away.Abhimanyu thinks that he needs to run away from the house, Niyati entering the car exclaims he can either take her or else not leave the house, Abhimanyu exclaims that she has done a degree in being stuck with him, Niyati exclaims she has made a resolution so would never leave him, she warns him to not challenge her, the entire family rushes to find him but Abhimanyu is forced to run away with Niyati, Manaroma is not able to control herself exclaiming that he has once again run away when Kinkar assures nothing would happen to him since this time Niyati has went with him.

Shugun on the call is shocked to hear that he has run away, she is surprised when she fins out that he is accompanied by Niyati, she exclaims that now she will initiate the second step of her plan after which the Panday family will realize what they are going to suffer.Niyati requests Abhimanyu to stop the car, he however leaves after pushing her out of the car, she stops an auto following him but he manages to outrun her, Niyati wonders what will she do since she doesnot even know the routes of Lucknow. Niyati gets out of the auto.Shugun asks both Sheenu and Avni to take care of Saira as she is going to the Panday Mansion, she warns them that Saira has a habit of running away, Saira tries to break free from her bonds while both Sheenu and Avni walk near her.

Gajender Panday questions how is it possible since he was following them, Kinkar is also instructing them to find him, Amma jee exclaims she will beat him when he comes back this time, Mami jee assures there is nothing to be worried about, Bua jee thinks she will understand when Karan runs away. Gajender warns them to search everywhere since he needs to find his son.

Shugun opens the door of the house when everyone gets shocked to see her, Amma jee wonders what is she doing here after creating so much problem, Shugun rushes to Manaroma apologizing to her mentioning that she doesnot have anything to do with the incident, Manaroma asks her to sit on the sofa, Kinkar provides her the water when they ask what is she saying, Shugun exclaims that last time Niyati and Karan came to threaten her, she doesnot know what they will do this time, Manaroma exclaims she cannot understand what they are facing since she are not able to stop Abhimanyu and cannot even tell him the truth that Niyati is his wife.

Shugun getting worried exclaims she never thought Niyati is actually his wife, she will never again talk with Abhimanyu but what will she do if he comes looking for her, she questions why do they not tell the truth, Gajender Panday coming closer to her informs that he is not in the mental state for them to reveal the truth because the last time when they tried they almost lost their son, he while placing his hand on her head assures he is going to make him understand, Aanad looks at them with anger.

Shugun sits down on her knees thanking Gajender, she explains that she has a request, she mentions that until the time Abhimanyu returns and they are not able to convince him so can she stay till that time, she feels if anything wrong happens then she will be responsible which is why she desires to stay in front of them, Manaroma gives her the permission assuring there is nothing to worry about in heir house, Shugun looks towards Aanad who thinks what is she planning now.

Niyati walks on the road wondering what can she do, she asks two strangers if they have seen a white car going from here when she is stunned when they reply they have not, she wonders where could have he gone, she is amazed to see the car so very excitingly rushes to the car, she sits in it mentioning she knew he would not leave her but she is shocked to see who is sitting on the drivers seat.

Niyati rushes to sit in the car, she exclaims she knew he would not leave her, but she is shocked to see that the driver seat is empty, she calls his name before getting out, Niyati starts screaming his name, but he is nowhere to be found, she spots a man walking while talking on his phone, she thinks that it is him so wonders where he is going after leaving the car.

Saira is tied when the friend informs Shugun that their men have reached Niyati and Abhimanyu, and she will soon get the news that they both have been separated after which she can leave that house, Saira manages to escape from the bonds, just as the friend ends the call, Saira hits her in the bead with a rod, hearing her cry the other friend also comes out but Saira manages to overpower her before managing to run away from the house.

Niyati running after the boy calls Abhimanyu why is he walking away, she is shocked when it is someone else, Niyati apologizes when the boy replies that if she does it then it is a mistake and he blames this is all the girls know since they then make a video to gain sympathy, Niyati apologizes once again so the person leaves, Niyati wonders where he has gone, she therefore rushes back to the car.

Niyati entering the car sees the mobile and mouth hawker, Niyati wonders how he could leave with it, she tries calling with the mobile, but it says that the number is switched off, Niyati thinks there is only one place where he could have gone.Saira is constantly running, when she finally stops to catch her breath, Saira is shocked to see that she has reached Lucknow, she thinks she needs to tell Niyati the entire truth, both of the friends of Shugun are fighting blaming each other for the reason Saira managed to run away.

Mr Panday is constantly instructing the people to make sure that his son doesnot manage to leave the city, Shugun is sitting when her mobile rings, Amma jee asks her to see if it is their Munna but she replies her friend is calling her, she walks away to answer the call and asks why are the contacting her every ten minutes, the friend reveals that Saira managed to run away and she will reach the Panday house anytime, and if it happens then the entire plan of Shugun would fail.

Mr Panday is standing when suddenly there is someone shouting his name loudly, ordering him to come outside, he is really frustrated to hear the voice when Ram along with Sulochana appear on the front gate, seeing them both Gajender gets even more furious.

Niyati reaching the hostel of Shugun, is constantly calling Abhimanyu asking him to come out, both the friends question what is she doing here, Niyati replies she is sure that Abhimanyu would have come to their hostel, so asks if he is here when they both reply he is not at their hostel, Niyati once again questions when they assure he is not with them, Niyati asks about the whereabouts of Shugun when they inform she herself has gone to the house of Abhimanyu, hearing which Niyati is left shocked.

Gajender sees Ram in anger, however Amma je is delighted to see him, Ram also walks straight to her thinking about the past moments which were spent in the village, he seeks her blessings when Amma jee exclaims that she has missed him a lot, hugging him mentions that her eyes were eager to see them both and they have made the right decision coming to Lucknow, Ram thinking about the video in which Abhimanyu is proposing to Shugun replies they had to come and not because of the love but desire to protect his daughter.

Ram turns to look at Shugun who is standing in the corner, he looks to her in immense anger, she doesnot know what to do, he walks straight towards her, Ram praises Gajender for doing the best, he first forced them to perform the Gouna of his daughter, Mr Panday thinks of the day when they brought Niyati to their house as the bride of Abhimanyu, Ram replies and now this girl, he exclaims he never thought that Gajender can stop so low, Mr Panday exclaims it is enough as he at once started blaming him, if he cannot talk properly then should leave this house, Ram exclaims how can he leave, holding the coat of Mr Panday, Ram says so that these people can do whatever they want with his daughter, Gajender warns ram to leave the coat, Shugun is really tensed.

Saira in a hurry reaches the house of Abhimanyu Panday, she confirms it from the guards and feels delighted that she has reached here safety.Amma jee exclaims Niyati is their daughter in law, so what is Ram saying, Ram replies he is telling the truth, she can ask her son, how he with the sweet words, made everyone accept because of the past duty, right made Niyati to perform the Gouna with his mental son but what did Abhimanyu, he after reaching Lucknow stated talking about love with this girl in the market, instead of teaching his son, Gajender is instead trying to calm him down, they have made this girl sit in this house, with what right is she living in this house, can anyone tell him.

Gajender is really frustrated, Ram exclaims that first his son insisted on marrying Niyati and now is this girl his next target, Gajender asks Ram to think before he speaks since he is making a mistake, Ram replies that Gajender has really wronged his daughter, Manaroma holding her hands requests Ram to calm, but he refuses to listen informing she would have found out if this happened to her daughter, he asks her to think what he felt when he watched Abhimanyu proposing this girl in front of the whole market, Amma jee questions what is Ram saying, he replies he is telling the truth as he even has a video, Amma jee asks Manaroma to also come, they are left stunned, Ram asks if they have witnessed the doings of their son, he asks them to call Abhimanyu since he needs his answer, and also call Niyati who is bearing this all, Ram calls Niyati outside. Ram replies he will not allow Niyati to live here anymore, and if she refuses to come with him then he is going to take his own life, Mr Panday gets tensed, thinking what he can do now. Ram replies but he would not allow the life of his daughter to be ruined with each passing day, now his daughter will not live with the mental son of Gajender. Aanad smiles while everyone else is tensed. Ram warns that if because of anyone, Niyati is harmed, he will not forgive anyone of them.

Niyati holding the mobile reads a contact saved as Kamna, she calls her, Kamna answers when Niyati asks if Abhimanyu returned, Kamna informs that her parents have come, Niyati recalls when Ram refused to give her the blessings, informing that the person with whom she is leaving would one day make her return to them one day, Niyati in shock asks if both of them have come, Kamna requests her to come back as soon as possible, they are really angry. Niyati prays why it happened now, what will she say about Abhimanyu as they will get even more tensed and panicked.

Niyati thinks she would have to make them understand after going back home, Niyati stops an auto.The guards stop Saira how is she going inside, Saira reveals that she needs to meet Niyati as she is her friend, she requests they can call anyone, she requests they allow her to meet anyone, but the guard says she has to wait here while he will ask them.
Ram once again calls out both Niyati and Abhimanyu when Amma je replies they are not here, Daya reveals that Abhimanyu has once again run away, hearing this they are shocked. The guard comes so Kinkar goes to him, he reveals that a girl has come who has revealed herself to be Saira and said that she is the friend of Niyati and Abhimanyu, Manaroma hearing the name of Saira orders him to send her inside, Shugun thinks what will happen if Saira sees her in this house.

Manaroma exclaims that Niyati might have called her, but Sulochana replies they had no contact with her since many days, Ram exclaims she might have come because of Gajender Panday as they say that the wealth of a man determines his ill doing, Gajender replies he has lost his mind, since he doesnot even know Saira properly, he advises Ram to think before he speaks.

Ram turning to Shugun says then brings her in front of Gajender questioning why is he not doing anything of Shugun, Ram blames that Gajo has a habit of fulfilling the desires of Abhimanyu then is he not planning to get Abhimanyu married with this girl, Amma jee is really tensed hearing this.

Gajender warns Ram to stop since he is saying a lot without knowing the entire truth as it has ended, Ram and Gajender both start fighting, Gajo says he was just quiet because of their friendship otherwise would have thrown him out, they both are quarrelling when Shugun is worried if Saira recognizes her because of this fight, all her drama would go in vain.

Saira enters through the gate of the house, Shugun sees her, when Saira calls Ram, everyone turns to see her. Aanad is also tensed. Shugun is not even able to move as she wonders what can she do now.

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