Lost in love update Monday 4 December 2023

Lost in love 4 december 2023:Sai asks Virat why did he enter plane when she warned him not to as its risky for him. Bheema says Virat is eager to meet his family, but he will not let him meet them so easily when he can’t meet his brother. He boasts how they trapped and planned to kill him and as a bonus got even his family. He says he wants to shoot him right now for troubling Ramakanth. Virat asks him to shoot then and warns that if he doesn’t communicate with his team, his team with STF will kill Ramakanth first and then enter plane and kill them all. Commissioner tells team that they can see terrorist’s position via CCTV camera fixed on Virat’s jacket and asks officers to set sniper’s positions accordingly.

Virat continues to warn Bheema that if he doesn’t respond to his team, they will enter the plane and kill all the terrorists. He gives 50 crore bag and asks Ashwini’s condition worsens due to excessive blood loss. Sai pleads to let her attend Ashwini, but Ramakanth stops her. Satya pleads him to at least let him check Ashwini if not Sai. Virat warns if his team finds out that passengers are being tortured, his team will not spare them. Ramakanth allows Satya to check Ashwini. Ashwini pleads for water. NGO lady refuses to give her water bottle fearing Bheema. Airhostess gives water.

Bheema plans to humiliate Virat by humiliating his family. He drops food on floor and asks Bhavani to clean the floor. Virat warns him to punish him and not his family. Bheema orders his aides to tie Bhavani’s hands and orders Bhavani to clean the floor with mouth. Chavans plead him not to do that. Bhavnai picks food from her mouth and drops it in a dustbin. Drama continues. Satya first-aids Ashwini’s injury. Ashwini’s condition worsens more. She requests to let her speak to her son and informs Virat that she had forced Sai to marry someone and Sai married Satya under her pressure. Virat says nothing can be done now. He asks Sai how did they enter into this situation here. Bheema’s men laugh and tell Bheema that doctor madam is ACP’s ex-wife and doctor’s present wife. Bheema then they will play a game, gives gun to Sai, and asks her to choose between her ex and present husband.

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