Lost in love update Sunday 21 January 2024

Lost in love 21 January 2024: Savi feels sad and holding god’s idol says she is pay a huge price to fulfill her dream. Harini walks to her and asks if she didn’t sleep yet. Savi says she can’t talk to badi aaji Bhavani and find out how she is. Harini video calls Savi and says she forgot to congratulate her.

Savi asks about Bhavani. Ashwini says Bhavani is fine, she shouldn’t bother about her. She shows halwa made to celebrate Savi’s college admission and asks what she has there. Savi shows chocolate she bought while returning home to sweeten everyone’s mouth. Ashwini asks her to focus on her goal and succeed in life. She lights a candle on halwa and wishes her good luck. Savi feeds choc to Harini. Vinu notices Ashwini celebrating Savi’s admission and thinks they are not bothered about Bhavani’s health, he will take revenge from Savi and her teacher Isha for spoiling Chavan family name.

Next morning, at college, students joke on Durva that Shantanu’s wife came and gave a nice ear to Ishan and Yashwanth. Durva yells at them to respect their teacher Ishan and says they are praising an uncultured villager who insulted their teacher, this all happened because of Savi and she will teach Savi a lesson. Savi passes by.

Durva says their target arrived. One of her friend snatches Savi’s bag and runs away. Savi searches for him. Class bell rings. Savi thinks she can’t miss her first day of class and rushes towards calls. Ishan walks into class. Students greet him good morning. Ishan greets them back and starts a lecture on world economy. Durva keeps Savi’s bag silently on the table. Savi reaches class and notices her bag on the table. Ishan says she came late on her first day of class and refuses to allow her in. Savi says she came early, but some boy snatched her bag and ran away.

Durva says Savi’s bag is here. Ayush says Savi came early, but when she learnt it’s Ishan’s class, she left to have tea. Ishan says she felt his class boring even before attending it. Savi says that boy is lying. Ishan asks Navya and Kajal. Durva signals them to keep their mouth shut. They lie that they just saw Savi’s bag here and not Savi. Ishan says their story seems more convincing, so he can’t let Savi attend his class. Savi walks to take her bag. Durva taunts Savi. Savi struggles to pull her bag up due to chewing gum stuck on the table by Ayush.

She uses force and things fall out of the bag. Ishan warns her to stop disturbing his students. Savi apologizes and tries to walk out when Ayush cross legs her and makes her fall. Savi fall on Ishan. Ishan holds her. Students laugh. Ishan gets alert and leaves Savi. Savi stands outside the class room. Ayush notices chewing gum stuck on his hair. Savi grins and winks at him and recalls how she stuck chewing gum on the bag to his hair.

After class ends, Ishan asks Durva to take Savi’s signature on a register for late coming and submit it in the office. Savi apologizes Ishan and says she didn’t purposefully come late. Ishan refuses to accept her apology. Friends cut Ayush’s hair to remove chewing gum. Savi walks to them. Durva refuses to give her register to sign. Savi forcefully signs the register and warns Ayush to stay away from her. Vinu meets Mandar and provokes him take revenge from Isha as she is the reason for their insult. Mandar says he tried to remove her from collge, but failed. Ashwini calls Vinu. Vinu picks call and continues chat with Mandar. He explains his plan. Ashwini fumes hearing that.

Navya and Kajal walk to Savi and warn her to stay away from Durva and Anvi as they are Ishan’s cousin and are too arrogant. Durva and her team try to rag Savi. Savi gives them a befitting reply. They refuse to let her go and continue to trouble her.

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