Meet in love Zee world Saturday 20 January 2024

Meet in love 20 January 2024: Meet Ahlawat slaps Masum and says how could you fall so low and you are my sister then how could you plan to take away from me, you saw me die everyday but couldn’t tell me the truth, how could you. Masum says Manushi did this and she forced me to keep quiet, Meet Ahlawat shows what did she force and she was outsider and you are my own sister and stole my child away from me. Masum says Bhai give me once chance to explain. Meet Ahlawat says we have nothing left between us and if you would tell me the truth then today my child would be alive.

Masum says I am sorry I was influenced, Mom please talk to him. Babita says I wish to slap you hard but you don’t even deserve this, whole year you made me feel guilty saying I asked Meet to leave this house, where as you were behind all this and didn’t even tell anyone, my son hates me, I have died every single day and you just saw everything happen and you want me to support you, sorry Masum this can’t happen.

Masum asks Tej and Ragini to help. Ragini says not anymore Masum because this isn’t a mistake but a crime, didn’t you see all of us in pain, get lost. Masum asks Meet to help her and says you always want happiness, and forgive people, Meet says what did I get in return, my life is a joke and you and my own sister were behind this, because of you my child, I couldn’t even see him once or feel him, for whole year I was dying to touch him and when I found him I couldn’t even see him, I know you hate me but for your brother couldn’t you tell truth, you are a mother how could you sleep peacefully, and today I would be happy if you wouldn’t have lied, we all would be so happy, I can never forgive you.

Meet Ahlawat asks Masum to leave their lives and this house and starts dragging her, Masum says how will I stay without Duggu Mom please tell him, Babita says you deserve this so that you understand the pain of losing your child. Meet Ahlawat throws Masum out and her luggage and closes the door. Masum cries, shouts and begs everyone to open the door.

Meet about to walk to Meet Ahlawat, Barfi walks to him and gives him water, and says I feel bad about what happened and be happy that she is paying for her consequences now forget the past so that your present and future doesn’t get ruined and now finish the rituals. Meet Ahlawat takes drinks water and says you are right, rituals shouldn’t stop.

Anchor says now bride will dance in this ritual, in this ritual husband will pick his wife and dance, so lets welcome the beautiful couple. Barfi says cmon Meet Ahlawat walk ahead with your wife. Meet Ahlawat thinks how can I touch Nilam, I can’t do this but to destroy Meet I have to do it).
Meet thinks will he really pick her and leaves. Nilam says she left you can stop if you want. Barfi asks Meet Ahlawat to pick Nilam. Meet Ahlawat about to pick Nilam, everyone hears police siren.

Babita asks Tej to go check. Inspector says I am here for Meet Hooda. Meet walks to them and tells them something pointing at Nilam and Meet Ahlawat. Barfi says she called police to scare us, and she hasn’t given divorce which means this marriage is illegal, and asks everyone to stop music and switch off lights.
Inspector stops Barfi and walks inside, Inspector tells them that complaint is Nilam and Barfi devi agreed to marry even after knowing the truth that he is married and so you are under arrest. Nilam and Barfi are handcuffed and taken away aling with Meet Ahlawat.

Meet walks to Barfi and asks what happened, why did you stop, Barfi realises she was just imagining. Babita asks Meet why did police come. Meet says they came to give me joining date and don’t worry no one will arrest you, complete your rituals and Barfi Kaki you look so scared which means you know all this is wrong and when you all know it is wrong soon we will know why, two more days left, go quickly or else police can come anytime, Nilam’s future will be ruined. Meet Ahlawat says stop this nonsense, what do you think of yourself. Meet says you will know anything, you never understood what love is, I would never hurt you, I will always love you because I truly loved you with all my soul and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat exercising and remembers Meet telling him how much she loves. Neeku and Barfi standing beside him. Barfi ask did that girl increased her love inside you which you are trying to forget, punishing yourself, your behaviour will notgive any solution to my Neelu’s problem I’m worried about her. Meet Ahlawat get’s up and start punching says with love I’ll remember that I lost my baby because of her which will make me more angry and won’t forgive her. Neelu stop him and ask will you be able to forget her. Barfi Devi says sometime you have to make your own path, break her trust and she will collapse after that she will give you divorce for that you have to take big step.

Masum out in market she gets a call. A man says your heroine is in jail so it’s better you
return pur money or else you will be also in jail. Masum get’s scared hungup phone. She gets another call asking for money, he threatens her say’s I’ll blacklist you in industry. Masum thinks what they will get from my house it’s not mine anymore.
Duggu reading story says it’s so boring even mom and dad are not here. Neelu walks to Duggu says I’ll tell you a story. Duggu says but I don’t know you. Neelu introduce herself says I’m your Mami. Duggu says I have two Mami and you are the bad one. Meet hear Duggu says this is not the way you talk apologies to her. Duggu says no she is bad because of her you and Mamu are fighting. Meet says I’ll handle that then everything will be back to normal just like your stories happy ending. Babita says not all stories have happy ending, she walks to Meet. Meet says I was about to tell an action story to Duggu. Babita says come Duggu we don’t want to hear anymore story and walk away. Neelu says he should have told me that they found you, I got married to him with all love, accepted him. Meet says but still you did got married, before marrying a biy you should know everything about him or else you have to suffer.

Meet Ahlawat thinks I don’t understand what should I do so that she divorce me. Babita says to servant many family members will be out for pooja so cook less. Servant say’s okay and leave. Meet Ahlawat says this is best idea.

Meet Ahlawat, Neelu and Barfi in room. Barfi says to Meet Ahlawat you mean to say that your whole family is out in pooja without caring about ne daughter in law of this house and you want me to go out for shopping with her this late. Meet Ahlawat says give time to everything will change and I want to gift her anything she want, in sector 34 my friend have a shop even he is giving offer too so whatever you both like buy it. Barfi says okay I’ll go for shopping. Neeku ask Meet Ahlawat to join them. Barfi says he has to spend tonight at hospital with his father that’s why he won’t be coming, don’t worry I’m with you let’s go and they leave.

Barfi Devi and Neelu outside. Neelu says don’t you think we should go tomorrow for shopping then tonight it’s already late. Barfi says come we will talk on way.

Meet on call with Dadi says mom condition is still same no response but still I talk to ger I feel she is listening and I feel good. Dadi says someone in this time everyone should be with you but you are all alone, is Popat with you. Meet says she went to Vadodara for her work. Dadi says you are all alone, I cannot do anything but I’m always with you. Meet says I know and don’t worry I’ll come to meet you soon till then take care and she disconnects call. Meet Ahlawat from behind blindfolde her and touch her. He grab her hand. Meet ask why did you blindfolded me. Meet Ahlawat says come with me.

Barfi and Neelu in car. Barfi says buying clothes are not big thing but he thought about you is big so you should also think about him and do as he ask you to do, a wife’s duty is to obey is husband and make place in his heart. Driver get’s call from Tej. Tej says pick me up from hospital tomorrow morning. Driver say’s okay. Barfi ask Tej is Meet Ahlawat there he told me he will be there, I’m trying to reach him but no response. Tej says he is not here he got some important work so he requested me to stay in hospital and he hungs up. Neelu says to Barfi this means he lied to us. Barfi ask driver to take u turn and reach home early.

Meet Ahlawat bring Meet to there room, he remove blindfold. Meet get’s shocked after seeing the romantic decoration in room. Meet Ahlawat get’s close to her, he holds her hand and they start dancing. Barfi and Neelu reach home. Meet and Meet Ahlawat having romantic time with eachother. Barfi and Neelu walking towards the room. Meet Ahlawat says surprise and we will do what you want, nobody will come between us, everyone is out. Meet start walking away from him. Meet Ahlawat hold her hand bring says nobody will come to stop us tonight. Barfi and Neelu see them together from outside the room through window. Barfi thinks he is not doing good.

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