Timeless love update Sunday 21 January 2024

Timeless love 21 January 2024: Priya telling Amba that the house is very inauspicious and tells that their days will be spent now as she is here. Amba sees Simmy dancing. Priya tells her that Simmy is taking part in the dance program, and tells that she is letting her meet Abhimanyu so that she don’t get any problem while filing custody.

Vidhi comes to Rao ji’s office to meet him, but employee tells that his son is here. Rao ji’s son says Mr. Devrath Raichand’s proxy and asks if she wants claps. He asks her to sit. Vidhi tells about the charity event and starts her presentation. He closes her laptop and then insults her asking if she can’t do work that she is asking charity in the name of orphan kids. Vidhi feels bad and goes. Rao ji comes there and praises Vidhi. Jai tells Shashi that they will go the event. Rao ji hopes Jai gets girl like her.

Satyavati gets hurt and couldn’t teach the kids. Vidhi comes to her and asks why she didn’t choose her career. Satyavati says due to Raichand rules. Amba imagines Dev and Vidhi in her room and everywhere. She imagines Dev telling her that they are her fear. Amba runs to kitchen and finds them there also. Vidhi asks Satyavati to accept Priya and forgive her. Satyavati promises her. Amba says I hate you both. She throws their photo frame on them, but it is just her imagination. She thinks to sell the house. Dev and Vidhi are in their room. Dev tells Vidhi that Priya got Amba’s bail. Vidhi says it is our plan so that Amba trusts Priya. Dev asks her to ask Priya to be saved from her. He says if Priya changes then get ready for the consequences. Vidhi gives her reasoning.

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