Lost in love update Monday 22 January 2024

Lost in love 22 January 2024: Durva and her friends continue to bully Savi. Anvi asks them to stop it. Durva asks her to Ayush demand Savi to kiss him and starts talking vulgar with her. Savi gives him a tight slap. Ayush gets angry and his whole gang lock Savi in a room.

Savi pleads to open the door and let her go. They seal the door with a cloth to not let her voice out. Shantanu speaks to his friend and tells him about the problems. Kajal and Navya pass by and think they shouldn’t have left Savi alone with Durva and her evil gang. They notice Shantanu. Kajal says they should inform Shantanu about Durva and her gang did to Savi. Navya says Shantanu is Durva’s uncle and will not take action against her, instead they will be troubled by Durva and her gang.

Savi notices an AC duct and climbs on chairs to reach it, but falls down and injures herself. Durva and her gang notice Shukla coming. They tell him that they made an experiment and provoked a female ghost in the building, which troubled them and even cut Ayush’s hair. Shukla gets afraid. Durva says they locked her in a room and if Shukla goes up and opens the room, he will be killed.

Shukla gets more afraid and runs away from there. They notice key bunch with another peon and steal it from him. Shantanu tells his friend that if he doesn’t divorce Isha, then Ishan will go away from. Friend suggests him to talk to Isha first instead of dropping a sudden bomb on her. Durva tells Anvi that they should pass by Shantanu to make him as evidence that they didn’t do anything. They walk to him and ask if they can accompany him to home. Shantanu says his friend has come and they have some work. Durva says they will go by cab then and walk away.

Harini worried for Savi calls her and finds her number not reachable. Kiran says she must be with her boyfriend. Harini says she knows her sister since childhood and knows she can’t do anything wrong. Kiran asks her to forget about her sister and gets tea and snacks for him. She brings snacks and tea for him. He touches hot tea cup and yells at Harini. Harini says she is worried for Harini and calls college, and when she doesn’t pick calls, requests Kiran to accompany her to Savi’s college.

He yells at first but then agrees when she alone decides to visit college. Isha also gets worried for Savi and calls her, but finds her phone switched off. Ashwini visits her and informs her that Vinu and Mandar are planning something against her, so she needs to be careful. Isha says she knows to handle such people and thanks her for informing her. Harini reaches college and requests watchman to let her in and search for her sister as she didn’t return home yet. Watchman refuses to let her in. Savi tries to reach AC duct again and falls down again, injuring herself more severely.

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