Lost in Love update Saturday 26 November 2022


Lost in Love 26 November 2022: Virat orders Sai to leave. Pakhi rudely asks Sai if she didn’t hear what Virat said, she should get out of her right now. Virat warns her to stop interfering in his life again as they all messed up his life. Sai offers him water. He pushes her away and asks who gave her right to touch him. Sai apologizes him for doubting him and says if she had listened to Shruti, she wouldn’t have done a mistake and wouldn’t have been guilty. He says he doesn’t want to listen what she did and what she didn’t. Sai pleads to let her take care of him. He gets a panic attack. She gets worried. He pushes her away again and says if she wants to take care of him, why did she sent him away when he had come to take care of her and divorced him; though she saved his job with her divorce certificate, she said she performed last rights of their relationship; she as a medical student knows there is no reincarnation and this relationship has completely ended.

Sai continues pleading her to forgive him and asks if he doesn’t care for her anyone, why did he come to rescue her from Sada. He says he did as a humanity and says if she stays here, he will go from here. She asks if they can restart for the sake of their old bonding. He says she never trusted him even as a best friend. She says she will do anything to regain his trust. He asks her to go from there then and leave him alone. Bhavani asks Sai if she understands Hindi, she should go from here. Samrat asks her not to trouble her brother and leave. Sai walks out. Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam.. song plays in the background.

Virat tries to press alarm bell to call nurse. Pakhi tries to help him but stops seeing family. Samrat asks if he wants to call nurse and presses alrm. Virat asks nurse to send them all out. They walk out. Sai walks towards door remembering Virat’s words. Bahvani and Pakhi tongue lash and taunt her. Samrat asks them to stop their tautns when Sai is going. They continue. Sai says she took observership job to take care of Virat. Bhavani says Virat proved that she is a stranger to him. Sai says Virat proved what she is to him by saving her and she knows what she should do next, they should stop wasting their precious words on her as this is not Chavan Nivas.Sai cries sitting in a cafeteria. Pulkit walks to her and asks reason. Sai says Virat doesn’t want to see her face. Pulkit says she shouldn’t feel bad about Virat’s bitter words as he is mentally stressed. Sai says fate plays a good game, she was not trusting Virag and now he doesn’t trust her when she felt guilty and apologized him.

He suggests her to give Virat some time as he is angry. Sai says he spoke everything in conscience and said he doesn’t want to see her face again. Pulkit says Virat loves her and will realize it once his anger calms down.Bhavani and Pakhi inform Sonali and others how Virat sent Sai out. They all feel happy that Sai is out of Virat’s life. Ninad asks if they can meet virat. Samrat says they should wait for sometime. Bhavani says Virat kicked out outsider, so they can wait until his condition stabilizes. Sai continues pouring her heart out. Pulkit consoles her to have patience and leaves. Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam.. song plays in the background.

Ashwini asks Ninad if their son will be fine. Ninad says he will with her love and prayers. Ashwini says they cursed their son. Ninad says their son will understand it was situational reaction and will forgive them. Bhavani says she will organize pooja once Virat gets well and returns home. Sonali says they feed 21 pandits. Pakhi says she will prepare maha bhoj for Virat. Devi says she will sing bhajan for Virat. Nurse walks out and informs Virat is normal now. Family walks in and asks Virat’s condition. Bhavani says Virat proved the differences between dear ones and otusiders by showing Sai her place and says they are all her dear ones, his family.

Virat says a family which denied to accept him. Virat says when a dirt was thrown out of house, at least they inform, but they didn’t even utter a word when they threw him out of their house. Bhavani says he is a star of her eyes. He says a star which broke down; she imagines kaka saheb in him, but she supported Kaka saheb during his tough time but didn’t support him, etc. She blamkes Sai for all the problems. Virat says if she had trusted her, she wouldn’t have let anyone kick him out of house. Bhavani says Sai’s entrance in their house, she always trusted him since childhood, but Sai is like a lemon drop in a milk which spoils it.Virat continues confronting her, then Samrat for trying to strangulate and hit him, then Mohit for disrespectfully talking to him, then Devi for calling her a dirty brother. Devi cries and apologizes him. Sonali consoles her. Virat then confronts her that she must be feeling that her son didn’t become like him, etc. He then confronts his father for disowning him and ordering him not to perform his last rights. Ninad apologizes for his mistake. Virat then tells family let things go as they are and requests everyone to not interfere in his life. Omkar says let us forget everything and move on. Virat reminds him his words and Sonali next. He says he feels humiliated again when they ask him to forget everything and move on; he wants them all to leave him alone.

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