Imlie Starlife update Monday 29 April 2024

Imlie 29 April 2024: Imlie asks Sonali to offer a different flower to god. Sonali warns her to behave like an youngster when she is an youngster, she doesn’t have to learn to perform pooja in her own house. Daadi says she has to learn and scolds her for not visiting her in-laws for pooja.

Alka asks if this house belongs to only Imlie now and not Sonali. Rajni says in-law’s house should be everything for a married woman, but their daughter is staying in her parental house and is unhappy. Sonali walks away from there. Agastya walks to Imlie and asks if she is sure. Imlie says he will benefit with it.

Agastya thinks he will reveal truth to Daadi today. He knocks Daadi’s room door and asks if he can come in. Daadi asks if he wants to knock the door and run away like in childhood. Agastya and Imlie walk in. Imlie says Daadi told Skanda maata is an epitome of motherhood and since Daadi is bigger than a mother, they need forgiveness from her. Daadi sits confused.

After some time, Agastya and Imlie get ready and walk down for the pooja. Their cute nok jok starts again. They reach pooja venue. Daadi starts arti. Imlie sings a bhajan and performs aarti next. Sonali brings Imlie’s family in their original poor attire. Agastya performs with Imlie next. After aarti, Sonali gains everyone’s attention. Everyone are shocked to see Imlie’s family in a poor state. Sonali says they must be shocked to see Imlie’s family as poor, this is the reality. Daadi asks her not to create drama and says they will discuss about this inside the house. Inside the house, Sonali tells Daadi that Agastya lied to her. Daadi says she knows that Imlie is from a poor family, he loves Imlie and feared that Daadi wouldn’t accept her and hence lied to her about the family.

She reveals how Imlie and Agastya revealed whole truth about their fake marriage. Imlie pleads Daadi’s forgiveness citing her reason for lying.

Out of flashback, Daadi asks how couldn’t she forgive her children when they took Shanda maata’s oath. Sonali asks how can she forgive them so easily, Imlie is poor and also… She stops fearing Imlie will expose Imlie’s truth. She thinks she was a businesswoman and Imlie turned her into a jealous nanad/SIL, she can’t let Imlie expose Imlie’s truth. Daadi scolds Sonali for trying to ruin family’s dignity in front of the whole world. Rajni says Sonali should return to her in-law’s house and handle her marital life instead of being atg her parental house. Daadi tells Alka that Sonali is weakening their family’s roots out of jealousy and should stop it. Sonali leaves.

Titu apologizes Daadi for their lies. Daadi says he is an elder and should have stopped children from doing wrong. Titu says he was always humiliated as a poor, so he thought he should use lie to hide truth. Daadi asks Imlie and Agastya to take care of guests while she talks to Sonali and Alka. Imlie finds her family missing and calls Pallo. Pallo says they are humiliated, but Imlie is praised even for her mistake. She disconnects call. Imlie is surprised that Pallo who waits for a chance to humiliate her is silent. Guests discuss that the poor people were Imlie’s family, Daadi is not revealing truth. Govind diverts their attention by offering them snacks. Agastya helps Rajni fill juice for guests. Rajni says he never helped her. Imlie says she is training him. Their nok jhok starts again. She says he is feeling good lifting her. He challenges to lift her in front of daadi, tricks her, and carries her to room with Daadi’s permission.


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