Lost in Love update Friday 25 November 2022

Lost in Love 25 November 2022: Sai asks doctor when can they meet Virat. Doctor says as soon as he is shifted to a room, they can meet him. Sai thanks Mahadev for saving Virat. Chavans also thank god. Devi says let us meet Virat. Pulkit confronts Chavans that praying is on one side and action on the other, if Sai had not risked her life and brought injection for Virat, they couldn’t have saved his life. Bhavani yells at him and asks if he wants them to start Sai’s pooja and yells at Sai to get out of here and never return. Pakhi backs her and says there is Virat’s family here to take care of him. Karishma says even top class doctors, there is no need for a medical student in their presence. Sai walks away.

Bhavani asks Mohit to inform Mansi and Ashwini that Virat is out of danger. Mansi picks call and informs Ashwini who thanks god for saving Virat and asks who got the vital injection. Mansi says Sai.Ashwini visits hospital with prasad and serves them to Chavans. Pakhi asks her to rest while she serves prasad to others. Bhavani praises Pakhi and says Pakhi stood like a true friend with Virat during his critical time. Karishma taunts even its a one-sided friendship. Pakhi frowns and serves prasad to hospital staff. Staff says they got a prasad via Mrs Chavan and praise Sai that she risked her life and brought a vital injection for her husband, they pray for Sai and Virat’s jodi.

Bhavani in her usual rudest tone yells at them to stop praising an unnecessary girl. Ninad asks her to calm down as its hospital. Sonali says she shouldn’t worry as jungli mulgi is gone.Sai returns wearing doctor’s uniform and asks nurse how are patient Virat Chavan’s vitals. Nurse says they are stable. Family is shocked to see that and yells and pass their toxic comments one by one. Sai says they cannot get her out as she is a staff here and is on an observer’s duty. Samrat asks how did she get this job. Sai remembers meeting Dr. Patil and requests him to give an observership job showing her marks sheet. Dr. Patil says she really is a brilliant student who has more knowledge than his staff, but she cannot work on Virat’s case. She pleads. He says he will inform hospital staff to give her observership job for a week. Out of FB, she says they cannot get her out of here. Bhavani says must be acting. Sai shows her appointment letter. Pulkit checks and thinks Sai is really amazing.

Ashwini thanks Sai for saving her son and requests her to go. Sai says she is doing her duty. Family continue yelling to get her out. Nurse says its Dr. Patil’s decision and they have to wait till he returns in the morning. Virat is shifted to ward. Bhavani continues arguing with nurse. Nurse asks them all to leave except 2. Sai asks nurse to follow her to Virat’s room for observation. Family waits outside Virat’s room and yell that Sai is mad. Pulkit says she is really mad to risk her life to save Virat’s life. They all demand to get Sai out of Virat’s room and continue their toxic comments. Mani asks them to stop as Sai saved Virat’s life. Pakhi asks them all to go home and let her stay with Virat, she will see how Sai will kick her out of room.

Sai gets emotional seeing Virat’s condition and remembering their happier moments and notes down his vitals. Pakhi enters and asks if her work is done. Sai says not yet. Pakhi yells that her acting will not work as family will not forgive or reaccept it. Sai asks to let her work and asks if she would have behaved similarly with other staff. Pakhi yells to stop her drama and get out. Pakhi says only Dr. Patil can order her and reminds her that Virat asked her to get out of his room last time and let his wife stay back. Pakhi continues her argument and holds Virat’s hand. Sai pulls it back.

Pakhi tells Sai that she left Virat when he needed her the most, but she didn’t leave him at all as she is Virat’s family and not Sai. She warns Sai to leave and holds Virat’s hand. Sai pulls Pakh’s hand back and says she left Virat acting according to the situation at that time; she misunderstood Virat and left him, but after knowing truth, she repented and wanted to apologize him; she left Virat and his house for her self-respect; Pakhi doesn’t know about self-respect as she is lying at a place where she is disrespected repeatedly, asks why is she staying at Chavan when she feels humiliated by Virat repeatedly. Pakhi says her questions don’t matter to her. Sai says she will not question her further as there is a difference between them. Pakhi asks why is she here then after divorce, does she want to control Virat again. Sais says she is here as Virat’s condition is because of her and she will take care of him until he gets well, she made a big mistake by misunderstanding him and will feel guilty if she doesn’t take care of him.

Pakhi says she is accepting her mistake and is so disgusting. Sai says if she feels disgusting, she should go from here and stop interfering in her work. Pakhi asks what does she mean. Sai says visiting hours are over, so she should leave. Pakhi asks what if she doesn’t go. Sai says she will call ward boy if she doesn’t go. Pakhi gets adamant. Sai calls ward boy who asks Pakhi to leave. Pakhi asks him to get Sai out instead. Ward boy says Sai is the patient’s wife and is on duty, so Pakhi should leave. Pakhy walks away frowning warning Sai that she will know her place once family returns in the morning.

Sai pours her heart out and apologizes Virat for getting into critical condition because of her and describes how she feels. She kisses Virat’s forehead and he opens eyes. She feels happy seeing that. He raises his hand and wipes her tears. She apologizes him and then realizes it was her imagination. Serial’s title track plays in the background. She falls asleep sitting near bed and in the morning asks him to wake up and show his bravery. She mimics him and says she will not let him return to duty soon, etc.

Bhavani enters and yells at her that she sent them all to spend time with Virat. Sai says she is doing her duty. Pakhi yells she is shameless and says she already made arrangement to kick her out of hospital. Dr. Patil walks in and says Mrs Bhavani Chavan doesn’t want her to be associated with Virat’s case. Bhavani says Sai is not Virat’s wife. Dr. Patil also blames Sai for Virat condition, says she cannot on Virat’s case, and walks away with Bhavani. Sai teary eyed ties to leave ICU when she notices Virat regaining consciousness, gets happy, and thinks of informing Pulkit. She asks if he is fine, is he feeling pain or thirst. He asks if she is fine. She says she is fine. He asks what is she doing here and who is she. Sai stands disheartened.

Samrat asks Dr. Patil about Virat’s condition. Dr. Patil says he is doing fine. Bhavani informs Pakhi that she ordered Dr. Patil to Sai her out of hospital. Paki says she did right, in fact she warned Pakhi last nigh itself. Bhavani what is Sai still doing in Virat’s room, enters room, and rudely asks Sai what is she doing here. Pakhi says Virat is conscious now and they should send Sai out soon before he notices Sai. Samrat also gets happy seeing Virat conscious and informs Mohit to bring whole family. Virat asks Sai who is she. Sai says she is his wife. Virat says his wife divorced her, who is she. She says she is feeling guilty after knowing truth.

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